Wednesday 26th of April 2023


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Is it me, or does SW fashion goes a bit backward...
Old Republic everything is where its at.
Really needed Old Republic factions in the Star Wars Battlefront remakes. The MMO is still popular, so it would have drawn in some of that crowd.

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Id pay way too much money for this.

Not a guy but I also want that armor.

Og ark trouper armor.

Dude. Wear it. dress like an old republic trooper, a Jedi, a Witcher, a vampire, a fucking anime character. Just do it. At least add some accessories somewhere you want seen (arms swol as fuck? Wrap them in chains or something.) Or a vest or something.

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A culture's teachings, and most importantly, the nature of its people, achieve definition in conflict. They find themselves or find themselves lacking. Too long did the Republic remain unchallenged. It is a stagnant beast that labors for breath and has for centuries. The Jedi Order was the heart that sustained its sicknessnow the Jedi are lost, we shall see how long the Republic can survive.

For the republic!

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Clonetroopers didn't choose anything.

We will watch your career with great interest.

Keep going bro. For the Republic!

Same, but its phase 2 from special painting cardboard by using reverse-engineered templates that are meant for foam. That means i can produce them like kaminoans did: 200,00 units ready, with a million more in the way.

Im doing a mix of this and 3D printing pieces.

Teach me your ways and the sources you get your EVA foam and such please.

You can literally buy clone trooper Armour. Nobody is stopping you.

Men only want one thing and it's disgusting NODDERS.

I so wish cloaks would come into fashion. They'd be so fun to wear on the rain.

Why not both? Drapery to hide the hardware until it's action time.


A real functional one, that fits perfectly, is bulletproof (yet light and enables good movement), has a built in AR set (and night vision), functional weapons and a filter for toxic gases is going to be expensive and a custom order.

Just a couple silly anecdotes about comfort: My old roomie was a background storm trooper in a Star Wars series once. He said it was exhausting to wear and extremely difficult to sit down. He is not a weak dude. Having worn an armor type costume myself, I can confirm his struggles. You cant do anything. Couldnt even drive with it on, you dont fit in the seat. Fun for conventions, though.

People who say they want this for daily wear have never spent 18 hours wearing a helmet and body armor (even without plates). And given that helmet also covers the face and supposedly seals- they've never spent 30 minutes in a full face protective mask. Let's put it this way- Iraqi soldiers in 2003 were *convinced* that US troops were all wearing air conditioned suits, like NASA has developed. Their evidence- all the white stains around the edges of the vests from the coolant leaking out (which they thought must be a milky liquid of some kind). In fact, the white was from the salt in the soldier's sweat left behind when the liquid water part evaporated.

And while you walking to the grocery store you hear FORRR THE REPUBLIC and Ill come down a hill also in the same armor ive been living in.

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Nobody is stopping you.

You would need way too much money too!

I can hear the music already.

You don't have to, you can just buy one...

A man of culture.

If guys were walking around in this, I would have trouble concentrating...

Who tf want to dress like that, man or woman.

And no fashion company is selling the fit in the image to regular people lmao, they just don't understand how fashion shows operate. You aren't gonna put someone on a runway in vans, joggers and a hoodie, you're gonna make some eye-catching, ostentatious look that gets people to pay attention to you even if nobody would ever wear it outside of Christmas photos when they're 5.

Well duh it's sealed so it has environmental control.

You definitely see men wearing designer clothes.

I dunno man, it does look pretty cool.

Lack of taste. Though I'm not sure I like this armor either. I prefer the clean, minimalist look of ]Phase II clone trooper armor]().

I cant handle this level of idiocy first thing in the morning.

The Cloths looks stupid imo. But what you said sounds like you're afraid of your own sexuality.

You know, you can always find another clothing company. There are ones that cater to men who do things. Duluth Trading Co is an excellent brand for people in the trades and outdoorsman. There are also numerous tactical clothing companies if that look more fits your style.