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I'm pretty sure Washington DC didnt even exist yet either. The Capitol was NYC, then Philly, then DC in 1801.
Nope it was a literal swamp at the time.
> didn't get the right to tell the next dozen generations how to run the country They didn't even want it. They created a legal framework for the country's existence and expected it to grow and change with time. That's why there is a built-in mechanism for revising it. Jefferson wanted it to be rewritten every 19 years so that each generation had the opportunity to make changes.

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Some of them even felt that way. Jefferson said the constitution should be rewritten every 19 or 20 years. There's a reason we have the ability to amend the constitution. And I rarely talk about Jefferson in a positive way.

I find it funny that the same thing is happening in my country just like in US. They take the words of the founders as the only thing thats true and there's no way they can be wrong at anything. If you believe that god is the only thing that's omnipotent, then you have to accept that human is flawed, even the ones that build your country.

The founders: "What the devil is Ohio?".

I don't disagree but the fact is that the founding fathers were truly progressive. They expected future generations to mold and change what they started as human progress advanced. Jefferson expected there would be relatively frequent constitutional conventions as society changed and old ideas needed discarding and new ones adopted. Changing things as times changed was exactly what the founding fathers expected we would do.

They only did it at the time because states were much stronger than the federal government was and they didnt want a single state to be able to hold power over it. Obviously none of that is the case anymore.

And thats how they would feel too.

They made their laws and we make ours, seems pretty fair.

Ditto...I mean maybe we shouldn't really pay so much attention to what people say who also thoughts it was okay to own other humans. Maybe?

If people love the founders so much why dont they go be with them.

From jefferson himself, one of the patriarchs of the anti-federalists (who included Patrick Henry). ]The course of reflection]() in which we are immersed here on the elementary principles of society has presented this question to my mind; and that no such obligation can be so transmitted I think very capable of proof.I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living:]2] that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it. The portion occupied by any individual ceases to be his when himself ceases to be, and reverts to the society.

They were probably the right people to start this country, but definitely not the right people to be running it now.

Taxation without representation is the entire reason for the founding of america. DC not having statehood is an afront to our founders intention. It's time for them to join the fold.

I think another point is, if they were really worried about it they'd make it hard to add it as a state. It obviously isn't so why worry about it?

Yeah I was gonna say the gop is happy to reverse that, too.

If conservatives truly had their way, they'd make ISIS look like a bunch of enlightened hippies.

You're allowed when your white, male and middle aged. They would love to add a minimum income to be required to vote, so they could exclude the poor.

Waaaaaay too quickly. Like the first thing that comes to their head quickly.

What do you think again in make America great again is.

Like the good old days when Texas was part of Mexico?

Actually funnily enough back in the day (pre slavery war ofc) the Democratic Party was the more Conservative party.

Shut your dumb ass up lmfao if you think half the country is divided on race alone then youre a complete clown.

Georgia: Hold my beer.

To be fair, Republicans are really stupid.

You're a good writer. Just thought you should hear that.

Well said. Thats the brilliance of the constitution after all. Updates are the feature.

Jefferson made this argument multiple times; that future generations should not be bound to the laws of the dead.

The founders also literally wrote a mechanism into the constitution to alter the constitution. The founders knew things were going to change.

Well, they didnt intend for the majority of US states to become states. This argument is monumentally idiotic.

The key parts to what the founders wanted is when it comes to the government infringing on our rights. But weve thrown that out the window and the government infringes on our rights constantly.

Also seems weird that the founders specifically were against a two party system and not one GOP voice speaks up about that shit.

The founders were very anti-space travel and also wrote a long essay on the dangers of atmosphere terraforming!

The founders never intended for a personal income tax: time to hike the corporate tax rate!

Daniel Tosh has a great take on this: > The point is the record books might look a little different had our country not founded by racists, thats all. And I love that in 2010 youre still not allowed to shit on the founding fathers. Why not? Screw them. Theyre a bunch of racist fucking pigs with a handful of good ideas. I just hope that when they were signing the declaration of independence, they shot each other a glance, all men are created equal, you know what we mean. Now get me some hot coffee boy.

"I'll be dead in cold, cold ground before I recognize the state of Missourah!".

Including the state Loychik reps Edit: forgot the word state.

The day Alaska became a state, ]Charles Cotesworth Pinckney]() must have been turning in his grave.

Manifest Destiny?

It is still a capital offense. Someone would have to charge a crime and have a trial.

Well, god and currency are both man-made things that provide for a certain level of control over a population so its natural they be lumped together.

Where it should have remained.

Or WEST Virginia... they'd be all "where?".

Two too many, if you ask me. ]*shakes fist at sky*].

Except that times change so much faster than they did back then. 20 years of change today is closer to 100 years back then.

While we're at it, return West Virginia to Virginia, too.

Guys yelling at someone born 300 years ago about how everyone in the world did slavery and they alone should have stopped it instead of compromise like the country is built on.

>Also, it wasn't just black people who couldn't originally couldn't vote, it was only men who owned land that could vote. All women, and poor white men weren't intended to vote either This doesn't make it any better.

The federal district would still exist. The federal land that would be under the full control of congress would be shrunk down to the federal buildings.

Fair enough.

Probably the layout of some twitter reader app? If those exist? I usually can't even read a twitter discussion so I'm honestly guessing, but the s should mean twitter so yeah.

]The source is Twitter.]() My guess is that this is a screenshot from an app or website that puts the reply below the original tweet (which seems more logical to me I always think Twitter always looks backwards), but I couldn't tell you which app.

Guy telling black people how to vote/think is calling others racist. cant make this up.

D.C. would be tiny in both landmass and population so I don't really understand the argument for statehood to begin with. It's clearly just to get two more democratic votes in the senate but I've yet to see a logical reason beyond that.

And yet, just as true now as when you found racial issues novel.

Because every citizen deserves representation.