Wednesday 16th of December 2020


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You work under the assumption they believe what they say, but drinking their own kool aid would be bad for business.
"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."".
Mega church pastos: "Miss me with that hobo Jesus".

What You Really Think

Or you dont really believe what your saying, but are more than happy to reap the rewards (Kenneth Copeland).

If their point was to get rich quick, I think they hit the nail on the head.

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. That passage changed my life. It moved me to start putting my riches towards a worthy cause. And thats why I established the Heyward Foundation. The Heyward Foundation, For The Development Of A Way To Make It Easy For A Camel To Pass Through a Needles Eyes.

Have you seen the prosperity gospel churches. If you dont send,e more money than you can afford you wont get into heaven. Those men of God should be shot.

Im not religious but I would kill to see Jesus come back and go apeshit on these mega churches like he did to the market back in the day. Flippin tables, smashing shit, yelling YOU MOTHERFUCKERS DONT TAKE MY DADS NAME IN VAIN.

In the largest megachurch in my country, mebers have to send 10% of their income every single month If you trying tho quit, they are going to follow you everywhere and harass you.

Kenneth Copeland has joined the chat.

Use the mansions to get the homeless back on their feetmailing address is needed to get a job/bank account and the shelter is a basic necessity. If I was rich Id have like three of these going at least.

WYM thats god "rewarding" them for spreading the word. Duh. (/s...obviously).

Dont forget they dont even pay taxes!

Very few of them actually believe anything they are preaching (I'm talking about mega-churches, not churches generally... a solid majority of ordinary preachers/priests do believe a solid majority of what they are preaching).

Or... maybe that's been the point this whole time? It would explain why 2000 years isn't enough time to solve a single problem.

I think they got the point. Religious people don't ask questions, they'll just give you their money. It's a business to them.

I think the point is to get enough money from people to buy those things, and boy does it work.

They could really need bailout money to keep those jet and mansions running.

There is no such thing as a rich Christian.

They know something their flock doesnt. God isnt real and theyll never be punished for their actions.

That was exactly *the* point Im afraid.

The point of all religion is duping foolish masses into giving you power and privilege over them. So yeah, he kinda got it.

Beautiful song. ]Gregory Porter - Take Me To The Alley (1 mic 1 take)]().

$100 Billion fund? That can't be right? That's like 3 times the market cap of Ford.

I used to live a small village in Cambodia. They brought in glasses, wheel chairs, and food to those in need without requiring any religious commitment. I think they are at least trying to help people with the funds they have.

I mean, I was one of those 7.8% in Utah during that time and the LDS church paid for my food and helped with rent. They also paid for counseling for my wife.

Not every large church is supporting a Joel Ostein with two mansions and a jet. Most do massive amounts of outreach and charity work. My local mega-church, for example, has been providing free COVID testing in the projects. If your local churches are actively swindling money to make their pastors rich, they aren't acting as Jesus instructed. But I wouldn't judge them *just* because they have large buildings.

Got a mega church outside my house and yet 5 miles down there is a tent city. People can't help, but fake.

Are the churches abandoned? bc housing a tent city requires more than just a building. people, volunteers, planning, security, gov regulations, testing, mental health, nursing staff.

We have some mega churches here too. I have no idea if we have a homeless shelter at all. And tbh I really doubt we do. I despise seeing these new monstrous churches being built. And more are still coming. Honestly how many churches does 1 town need?

How do you know that? Its possible that a homeless person could thank someone that got them out of a dark time by buying them a Cadillac.

Im not doing it unless i get some money from it!!1!1!!1! /s but seriously, jesus says that you should help the helpless, yet they wont do anything good for people unless they get profit. theyre insane.

But but but they meant a camel sized gate in the wall not a needle! Everythings perfectly fine...

Im not really sure theres a difference between Mega and MAGA.

As a Christian, I like you.

Because God makes it clear in the Bible that there will be no more Words from Him until He returns. Revelation 22:18-19.

Tax evasion/ money laundering.

As someone in the Deep South Bible Belt, we talk about persecuted Christians all the time. We have offerings multiple times a year that go directly to people working with these persecuted groups. And it's not just my church, it's our entire denomination. To imply American Christians are just about money shows you don't know much about American Christians. We're far from perfect and we definitely have our issues, but we don't blatantly ignore our brothers and sisters suffering overseas.

Everyone already knows that Christians are the most persecuted people in the world, it's not new. politics don't allow foreign intervention. The united states have a separation of church and state and thus cannot have political interventions based on a religious basis. I don't think your that familiar with politics because if you followed recent politics, the main reasons that we took so little refugees is because republicans wanted a guarantee that Christian refugees would be sent and protected but congress would not approve favoritism. Many syrian refugees have come over and our local churches house and feed them(along with a lot of other religious groups ofc), the vast majority of those refugees are Muslim but here in America we do not show favoritism based on a persons religion or creed.

Theres a mega church near me that was my voting place for a while. The first time I walked in it was a shock. There was a cafe, more than one store (book store and gift shop), and a damned waterfall in the main lobby. It was gross.


> A really good model for shelters, however, is the use of church rectories. My church does this through a program called ]Family Promise.]() They aren't a religious charity, but realize churches have the space and are willing to help.

A lot of homeless people dont want to abide by the rules of shelters or are mentally ill and unable to make responsible decisions. You cant detain someone like they used to with the asylum system (which had a lot of issues) to provide them with a healthy and stable living situation, guaranteed to be free of illegal drug use, so you have this alternative.

>Charlotte, NC theres about 18 homeless shelters or places for the homeless for emergency situations.

Don't forget Kevin Copeland.

Ew no. He looks like a dollar store ken doll.

> I dont know about you, but I'm pretty sure all of the homeless shelters in my city are run by religious organizations. Yeah look up who runs homeless services in your city or refugee resettlement. While there are secular organizations, you will notice a lot of "salvation" and "St." and "mission" in the names. There are plenty of churches that spend money on extravagance, but it's pretty likely your city is outsourcing a ton of social services out to religious organizations because that is who is willing to do it. In my city, there is a secular nonprofit that is an affiliate of ]Family Promise](). They run temporary shelters for families. And guess who offers up space? >However, because of the religious communitys mandate to serve, and the fact that they typically have space available during the week, Affiliates who use a rotational shelter model, utilize houses of worship from all faiths as shelter space for families. Many members of host congregations serve as volunteers for the Affiliate during their congregations host week. By working together in a network, an Affiliates congregations are strengthened as people of different faiths unite to work for a better community for all. This is a program I never heard of, until I started going to a church that was a member. I bet everyone shitting on churches for never opening their doors to the homeless have zero idea such a program exists.

Don't try to use our facts and logic against us, church bad! /s.

I came here to say this. Im a terrible Christian. Many of the things that Jesus said or just frankly hard for me to do. Or even to understand. However, many of these mega- churches that I know of are doing the exact same thing that the commentor is accusing them of not doing. Like you said, theres just a lot of in accurate assumptions here. If they want to go after Joel Osteen directly they shouldve just done that. I will not defend him.

This one \^ There are folks in this thread pointing out that mega churches *do* engage in a lot of charity work, and because they have such huge congregations they can pool a lot of money together for wonderful causes. But I can't help but think how much bigger that impact could be if the church didn't have so many other huge expenses. If you want to worship, just do it, you shouldn't need to be seduced by a materialistic spectacle...

It's the equivalent of a Christian safe space and place for group worship.

Im religious and i 100% agree. these are fake Christians just like homophobes are.

At least the cathedrals were pretty :(.

Just say it's a daily bible quote.

Really? Like Biily Grahams kid who cons people for money to this day.

Congrats on earning your edge lord atheist badge today. You should be very smug.

Jesus, man. Why leave those struggling in the cold dark without even a candle to hold onto? Why not give those who need it a community to care for them, whether it be the FSM, Jesus, or a group of bug enthusiasts, etc, let people find solace where they can. I hate the big mega churches, but a lot of small friendly religions provide great benefit for their communities.

Megachurches are typically protestant and cathedrals are typically catholic.

Hey I make a ton of money off of the sufferings of others, there not Christians who cares about them. Said ever single Modern Christian.