Saturday 12th of June 2021


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Its not like those churches are preaching the Bible anyway.
Everybody knows any celebrity account without the word real before the name is a fake. The real God knows today's worshippers will only respect His representatives if they have a stadium in their name, fly in a private jet, and put on a bang up show where they are the focal point. It's like you people think anyone worth saving is going to pay attention to some dirty hippie or something.

It doesnt have a blue check.

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Yo don't blaspheme. He might be on reddit too.

What if God was one of us.

It doesnt have the blue mark verification!!

I dont use Twitter. Is this fake?

They dont bluetick controversial accounts always.

Honestly it probably has just as much credibility as the bible.

Televangelist: "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that".

Who then can enter heaven? With men this is impossible. Rich priests in the middle ages: "No you see it was a gate. They could still enter in, they just had to leave their stuff behind. So it could get taxed. See? I paid this guy to make a rock look like it. Now give me your money so you can get in too.

Then Jesus said to his disciples..Man dont write that shit down, im high af son!

"I'm not rich, the church is.".

Or as Supply Side Jesus said, It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a poor man to get into heaven.

"Well.. I know Gawd has a plan for everyone. It says it in the Bible. I've never actually read it, but a it's all over Facebook so it must be true".

If they could read they'd be actual Christians. The Bible is fairly clear in the new testament about how to treat our fellow men.

Dunno what churches you go to. My local parish came up about ~2k short of their operating costs last month.

They were also centres of shame, villainy, Machiavellian pursuits, political ire, death, unfair practices, corruption, etc etc etc. Most churches are inherently evil in my books. Some do fantastic work. Some.

When was this?

]Gandhi put it best.]().

Ehh. Their hospitals are great, but there is still a lot that happens in the churches and surrounding their belief system.

There are good churches. But they usually aren't megachurches. No one should be getting filthy rich off of being a preacher.

Or, you know, don't. Don't rely on an ancient book, that's been rewritten hundreds of times to suit the desires of those in power, to tell you how to be a good person. Especially if it's a book that condones and commands people to do horrible things in the name of a being who claims to love everyone, but will happily condemn anyone to an eternity of torture if the don't believe in just the right things or worship him in just the right way. How about instead of that, you just be nice and tolerant and helpful to other people, even if you don't directly benefit from it. It's not hard.

Many Protestants will quote the Bible to prove their point. Believe me they read it and understand it. They just leave out the parts the dont like. Like anything that says to help strangers (immigrants, homeless) anything that scares them they just ignore and their pastor doesnt bring it up. They are paying to hear what they want to hear, nothing more. Now tithing (giving to the church), theyll talk about that all day. And thats okay because they need new stained glass windows and a new organ.

I live in a progressive city and seen this happen to a homeless camp irl. A local politician who owns some land opened it up so the homeless would have a big camp with water and port a potties. The surrounding neighborhoods (at least 1000 yds in every direction) threw an absolute tantrum and the camp was torn down 4 days after being fully set up. It's an absolute shame that the system punishes poor people because they're poor.

Same. I actually don't hate the one in our area. Sure the head pastor lives in a nice house but its pretty standard for the area around there. More importantly they have given an amazing amount of money to NPs around the city as well as internationally. I think the Christmas eve one usually makes over 2 mil that is put into pre selected orgs each year. I'm not big on organized religion but my parents attend and I go with them sometimes. I actually enjoy the sermons because he will talk about the history of the time and area that would effect the biases of how the passages are written. It's kinda like a history lesson mixed with ethics in the context of the Bible.

I support this.

How do you know what Jesus' carpentry skills were?

The real answer, and it sounds like a joke, is giving homeless people homes. That is the best way to help them.

I had a very similar experience with the church I grew up in. The pastors had to have all the mega church bells and whistles. Hired a media pastor and cut the childrens pastor position to 50%. Bought a huge piece of land to build the fancy new church but had to recently sell it. I also walked away quite some time ago.

Bootstraps, probably.

Think things like hillsong, Joel osteen, etc.

Any real church should make an effort to use its building as an outreach. Homeless shelter might not be a great one, but free day and evening school to teach children and adults real life skills (especially regarding finances) would be a way to positively impact the community without disrupting the intended function of the building. Incentive attendance with a free meal.

I have heard some bad stuff about SA too though.

They a cult. They got some weird membership rules.

The Salvation Army? Fuck those bigots. Take your stuff to Goodwill, or better yet, a locally owned donation center or homeless shelter.

The Salvation Army is not exactly a charity, as many people assume. It is a religious sect, and a fundamentalist one at that. It is part of the Religious Right and it has an agenda just as they do. Like other fundamentalists they think abortion should be outlawed.

Reddit will never hear it. They havent even heard of the LA Dream Center or the countless other Christian organizations that are making a real difference in the world. People would rather sit at home and tweet quips to make themselves feel superior even though they dont actually use their resources to better their communities.

We know about them and that's the problem, help shouldn't be predicated on religious beliefs.

And alot of bad ones, people like to see the shit parts of religion but there's are some food parts. That ring said I think the shit part don't outweigh it, so I'll stick to atheism.

>implying this is a real tweet from a real account.

Yup. As a social worker I'm thankful for those churches bc they sometimes fill critical gaps that the system fails to. I keep a couple handy in my resource book bc some of the ones near me handle food, shelter and clothing as well. Need a winter coat for a kid? Hit up the church.

If only it was that simple...

Christianity was fake all along.

I dare say the churches that fund the shelters aren't "mega" by any stretch. Maybe the catholic church in one entity could be classified as "mega" church but not these baptist-regional offshoots.

Bitch stop talking like it's 1700.

This is wittier than the downvotes are giving you credit for.


I, too, liked "Dogma".

Y'all still spending money to convert dead people so they can get into heaven? Damn. Thought that chilled out.

When I found out that the missionaries actually have to pay for the mission themselves I was shocked. In my mind it made a bit of sense that the Church would entice the missionaries by paying for it, but no, the indoctrination runs so deep that the kids have to pay for it.

Ex-Mormon here. I was very disappointed when I found out.

Want to know an unethical life pro tip? Join the Mormon church, and ask them to have their kids do your yard work for you, or fix stuff around/in your house. They straight up sends their kids at 5am on a saturday, and those kids work hard as hell. I didn't do this, but I have a family member that was in the church, and she just mentioned briefly in passing that she wanted to remove a deck in her backyard and plant trees instead. Mormons from a mile away instantly ran up to her and volunteered their teenage sons to do all the work for her, pay for everything, and pretty much begged her to let their kids do it for her. Those kids worked hard as hell, man. I went over to help, but I clearly was not needed. Had a fucking construction crew of teenagers at her house working for water. Refused money when she tried to pay them.

This is the situation where I live. There's a large homeless population but the shelters have vacancies every night. I've encountered tons of the homeless, and I don't believe I've ever encountered one that didn't at least appear to be strung out or mentally ill.

Ffs then build a mega counseling center on the bottom floor of the homeless shelter. "That solution won't work, might as well not try." Twats.

Then build the mega mental health facility and spend those millions on mental health research. Or are you gonna have another excuse for why they need mega-churches and tax breaks and private jets instead of maxing out on helping people? Any way you cut it, its not a good look for them.

Maybe if they were structured less like a punishment . . .

While there is probably a good amount of overlap between mega church attendees/megapastors and the maga crowd, for profit churches are a problem that is seperate from the political landscape.

Of course there needs to be an ass hat that brings up politics in every conversation.

Because churches already have the money to do so.

Arent you currently complaining and not doing anything yourself?

While churches are tax exempt and use their income to build disgustingly extravagant monuments to themselves, the rest of us are paying income taxes which--get this--are used for a variety of social programs such as helping the homeless. GTFO.

God is real my child. I just hope that you realise before the end.