Thursday 31st of December 2020

Family Planning.

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Grandbabies will be legendary and imaginary.
I know this thread is humorous but there's actually legit reasons to think so. As a parent, especially with your firstborn, you can never trully appreciate the sheer joy and awesomness that is having a child. The fear, the insecurity, the constant struggles of "am I doing everything right"... it all adds up to a ton of stress. Oh and, just when you think you have things under control *snap* your kids are already in high school. As a grandparent though, you get the best things about children. Your kids get all that stress and shit and you're left with the best time ever. You can properly just enjoy your time with them. The added bonus is that these are the kids of your kids. Think what you love the most in life, squared.

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Grandkids are a chance to put in to practice all of the things you learn while parenting, with the added benefit of not giving one single fuck if you spoil the kid. Its like a do-over with none of the raise them right responsibilities that parenting has.


J U A N.

H O N S E.

Plot twist: The nice girl his age laughs at the same thing. *Cue stereotypical rom com*.

I don't think you get any.

Mom: ***I missed the part where thats my problem.***.

You can choose to fap to 2d girls alone in the cellar. Being shame to your family. My preferred option.


Check the trash can.

Hah, I told my mom whether we can have a dog and she told me that she already has one "dog". Edit- asked.

Now i can't clear this piece of information from my mind.

Well that is true IF the girl likes you cause even in arranged marriages she has to like you or you can have a rich family both works tbh.

Somebody give this comment a reddit honor.

All marriages are arranged, if you include destiny.

I guess thats good because now i have a back up plan if i dont find anyone.

All marriages are contracts, arranged ones are with the help of professionals.

Post this on r/showerthoughts.

And the alarm start ringing...

Yeah like thats ever gonna happen .

If you bought one with 1000 bucks, that would make it a grand baby.

I think it's more of a Hispanic thing. First I heard the term was a PKA video where Kyle told a story about a cell mate named "Snow".


Looks like we have same mother.

Ah she's a poet.

Can i have your mother? Mine makes sure both me and my sister knows that the only hope for her to have grandchildren is my small brother.

I'm sorry what.


It literally says finding a girl tho.

R/alabama is leaking.

Adopted granbabies :).

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5 points for creativity 10 points for deception.

Thank you good sir.

Making marriage jokes when your kid is talking with/about his female friend is not very "wholesome", most people find it very uncomfortable.

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