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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Vic Fangio With His Three Timeouts in Crunch Time.

Can anyone tell me why Fangio didnt use those 3 timeouts? He knows they dont carry over until next gm. ***nulb***nulb***nulb.
Vic Fangio with his three timeouts in crunch time.
Vic Fangio hoping you can trade in timeouts for points after the game?
Vic Fangio is TERRIBLE in close games. He can't win them.
During Vic Fangio's 17 games as Broncos head coach, his team has allowed fewer than 17 points six times -- the second-most in the league behind the Bills. But the Broncos have also lost three of those games, the most of any NFL team in that span.

Vic Fangio has the worst mentions of any Broncos coach since ... well ... um ... Vance Joseph. And that's not a good thing.
Fangio looking for where to exchange his timeouts for a Jack Rabbit Slims gift card ...
Vic Fangio with his timeouts.
Want to hear Fangio's explanation for not using those timeouts.
The second one. There needs to be someone Vic trusts enough to help him out there in a high pressure moment. Still, it was about as obvious as it gets and Fangio messed up bad.
Vicky Fangio and his timeouts.
It made ZERO sense. I'll never understand how NFL coaches of all people can mismanage the click like that. I guarantee you anyone that was watching were either thinking to themselves or saying out loud, "why isn't Fangio trying to conserve as much time as possible"?

Clock management of Broncos coach Vic Fangio stunk. But could've 75,000 fans stopped Titans' 4Q rally that beat Denver? Silence of near-empty stadium never deader than in defeat. My column.
Vic fangio is smart because the broncos will start with 6 timeouts next week.
Fangio said he gone save them two timeouts for later like they leftovers.
I think Fangio ignoring his staff is worse. They implied to take those timeouts but he just had to have it his own stubborn way. That is not good for business or gaining trust of your men. Fangio needs to re-evaluate himself as a head coach because tonight wasn't it.

Yup. Also the possession before he had around midfield. 2 pass plays. 3 and out. Less than a minute. Probably contributed to the defense being unable to stop Titans because they were back on the field so quick. Fangio should stick to defensive coordinator.

The Good: Noah Fant Michael Ojemudia Kareem Jackson Offensive Line Josey Jewell Sam Martin Alexander Johnson The Vanilla: Jerry Jeudy Melvin Gordon Drew Lock The Ugly: Fangio situational coaching Lack of pass rush Injuries.

Me seeing Fangio trending and was thinking it was about the GOAT, Juan Manuel Fangio.
Fire Vic Fangio right tf now. Are you fucking kidding me.
Idc if its week one fire vic fangio rn.
Vic Fangio needs fires more then anybody after this weekend...
Gut Reaction: Fangio's Defense Comes up Small Again as Broncos Fall to Titans 16-14 LISTEN.
What is Fangio doing? 1:20 and you let them run a play and run it down to 31 sec.
Reminder: The Broncos plan to beat KC this year is to OUT SCORE us in the 30s. Theyve lost eight games in the last two years, Fangio said. All of those games except one, the other team has scored 31 or more points, I believe. That paints a little picture there for you.

What does time management mean? Means figuring out ways to bleed the clock in close games witu a lead, and then when to call Timeouts in close games when on Defense. Vic Fangio did neither of those things.

Fangio gonna try and use those two TOs next week like Mac trying to use the D&Bs power card at a TGI Fridays.
Vic fangio and his timeouts.
Vic Fangio is about to use his last two timeouts in this live interview with Rod9sports on 9NEWS.
Nobody: Vic Fangio.
Staying up til 1:30 just to watch Vic Fangio manage the clock like Philadelphia Andy Reid.
Vic Fangio finding out he doesnt start the next game with 9 time outs.
Alright let's head to the next quarter -Vic Fangio, probably.
Why didn't Fangio just stay in Chicago?
Vic Fangio has been in this league for 35 years and that was some of the worst clock management in league history. The Broncos leave the field with two timeouts remaining, the timeouts he should have used when Tennessee was running down the clock. Sorry but that's inexcusable.

Didn't see that first Broncos game, but looks like one in fans already want Fangio fired? Guessing on local Denver radio that even if the Nuggets beat the Clippers and advance to the Western Conference Finals for the 4th time in their NBA history, they'll get less air time.

Vic Fangio clock management is atrocious.
As a Titans fan... Vic Fangionulb.
Mike Tomlin wearing a Vic Fangio mask.
Vic Fangio spent 3 years watching John Fox's clock management as his d-coordinator. It all adds up.
Holy cow. The overreaction is real. People already calling for Vic Fangio to be fired. I have 5 letters to say as far as tonight goes. R E L A X! Heck, the Broncos didn't come in full strength and yet still made it a game. And no preseason games to boot. Chill out.

Fangio has got to go.
The Broncos could EASILY be way better if we got our coaching staff figured out. What the fuck is wrong with Fangio????
Regarding the Broncos shoddy time management on MNF, I ask you: which hypotheticals worse? Fangio ignoring assistants that implored him to call his time outs, or... Nobody on the sideline even mentioned they should take them. Cause it seems like its one of the two.

Juan Manuel Fangio on his way to victory Monza, 1955.
Juan Manuel Fangio & Stirling Moss Monza, 1955.
Kanye titans paul rudd jk rowling ariana grande ARIANAISCOMING kershaw fangio nct 2020 noah frant the broncos dr phil big hit daniel jones.
Vic Fangio trying to remember if hes the coach.
Vic Fangio will not be Broncos head coach next year. Terrible game management.
We lost the game but at least we kept our timeouts good work Fangio.
Does Fangio know that he is the head coach????? Nice job FRIEND, you saved all 3 TO's for the last :17 Just absurd.
What we learned w/Broncos Mon: -Lost 16-14 -Fangio didnt call TO 1)to not let TN get closer 2)TN stopped clock -Fangio: Lock was in command -Lock: Jeudy wanted to do well so badkind of forced some things -Bouye hurt shoulder, Lindsay hurt toe Sutton close to playing".

Jeudys drop stung. But rookies make mistakes. Its easy to explain. Fangio keeping all 3 timeouts in Titans drive is not. Game ended with Broncos with 2 timeouts left after one the most head scratching clock management displays in recent memory.

Vic Fangio really let the Titans run the clock from 1:37 to 20 in the hope they missed the FG kick . what an idiot.
Vic Fangio roasted on Twitter for terrible clock administration in opposition to Titans.
Everytime I hear the opening part of the F1 intro I hear in my head and Fangios steering has broken down. All because theyve added a stupid voiceover to parts of the intro this year.
Well...hell! Defense was decent, good enough to win the game. But the offensive play calling was shit. That's on you Fangio! Kick the field goal when you can't get it in the end zone after 3 plays from inside the 3. Oh...and great play calling Shurmur! You have a QB that can move.

Fangio continues to be terrible with clock management.
Broncos coach Vic Fangio got roasted for his horrific clock management in loss.
What in the world is Vic Fangio doing???? Hey GUY, you can't use them next week.
Not sure who is more pathetic Vic Fangio or Matt Patricia. Both were.

What You Really Think

Vicky Fangio and his timeouts.

Lol exactly the point i was trying to tell my buddies the other day about dandingo and how he really is a great kind of guy espeically when it comes to taking time outs and stuff but fandango you also save oney buuying movie tickets you know.

Challenge a three yard difference, thats what.