Friday 16th of September 2022

FedEx Cuts its Sales Forecast by Half a Billion Dollars as Demand For Packages Tumbles. The CEO Says The Slowdown Portends a Global Recession.

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FedEx cuts sales forecast half billion dollars demand packages tumbles. says slowdown portends global recession.
'FedEx cuts sales forecast half billion dollars, warning slowing economy FedEx shares plunged premarket trading Friday after warned last Thursday that slowing economy will cause fall $500 million short revenue target..'.

FedEx cuts sales forecast half billion dollars, warning slowing economy breakingnews politics news.

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Joey ?

Wait so they decide not to deliver Amazon packages and now are shocked there volume is down???

Maybe companies are starting to listen to customers. Fed Ex sucks. Maybe they are just failing. If they get your package to the right neighborhood they think they are successful. Customer service is laughable. You have hunt your own package and have been told to do so.

Will be interested to know if anyone observes insiders buying on this dip. Whether it was orchestrated.

People are not using FedEx because they suck as a carrier. I know from first-hand experience.

CEO need to shut up , lot company are still making good money .

My package better not be late.

Hmm will packages be cheaper to send then?

Its because the prices to ship are to high.

That's odd. They are constructing a huge 250,000 sq ft distribution center right here in Mercer Co. Pa. Hope they have some boxes to distribute! Lol! ; )~.

Have they tried not losing people's packages.

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