Tuesday 24th of August 2021


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Op takes his Pizza time seriously.
Like a fresh fucking pizza, it feels good.
Tbh it makes sense for the average despicable non marvel fan the other way.

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Lol, same.

Wheres my money.

The power of the sun... in my balls!

Otto opened the multiverse. Strange fucked up the spell, Wanda gave up, Loki is outside of time.

Ahh Rosie, I love this angel.

The power of the new cgi tentacles in the palm of his hand (actually more like on his back).

Curls get the ~~girls~~ Pizza Time.

Ackshewally It does call into question how Doc is alive. Perhaps he's been nabbed mid-movie or something?

Its pretty clear hes from another universe which isnt canon.

It makes me sad that a lot of mcu fans probably havent watched the raimi series.

I dont think thats how it works. If a character from another earth come to a different earth that doesnt mean its canon.

Two dozen MCU franchise movies and we've barely even tapped the vastness of Raimimemes potential.

They'll also need to see the Amazing Spider-Man films.

Starting to hate the word canon.

I don't believe that most of the RECENT mcu viewers would appreciate or understand the original trilogy.

Not canon, just another universe.

And thats a good thing, that game was great.

Can we please get another jump scare Goblin scream scene in No Way Home.

That would be hilarious.

If I can make an addendum, if he's not Mysterio *by Multiverse of Madness* directed by Sam Raimi, THEN we riot. I'm willing to wait for the Raimi/Campbell team up, because that's as it should be.

Wait is he gonna be in this? I really hope he is.



It feels like just yesterday that I had heard that laugh in the first film. Right before he scared the crap out of my nine-year old self by vaporizing those people on the balcony with the pumpkin bombs. Its a fucking awesome cackle.

I see what you did there.

Yeah me too. But Im fine with either read. Im just so happy to see Doc Ock again.

It looks like his whole face is. i looks unnatural.

It helps maintain the *illusion*.


I think it's Strange telling peter to be careful what he wishes for before they do the spell.

Spider-Man 4.

Same, my parents told me I got up and walked out of the theater during the hospital scene.

They de-aged him.

Have you actually seen the movie?

Username checks out.

Have you watched the movie? Once Peter gets his powers, he notices that his eye sight is better when he doesn't wear glasses because the spider bite fixed his poor vision.

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