Friday 21st of August 2020

Dear Lord Please Let Canucks And Flames Meet in The West Final And we Will Build Many Churches in Your Name.

Fans right now.
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What. A. Start.
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Cam Talbot, Milan Lucic, Tobias Rieder... This Flames playoff run brought to you by the 2018-19 Edmonton Oilers.
Legit ask me how many god damn dirty looks I got wearing my Canucks mask on the Red Mile tonight.
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This reaction by Flames Matthew Tkachuk says it all.
Well that was a tough way to end the season for the Flames .. Think they have some good pieces but wouldnt surprise me if we see some changes. Should be an interesting off-season.
Not like the Stars were world beaters tonight, Flames just couldnt get a save when they needed ine. But theres no way I would pin this on Talbot. Lets face it hes the only reason this series went to six games.

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Let's check in on Matthew Tkachuk, folks.
I need tequila ASAP.
When you see Geoff Ward pull Cam Talbot, the Flames best player this series, rather than call a timeout.
Leading in the playoffs... go behind game 5. Then leading 3-0 in game 6... Lose 3-7 ... whoops.
Snapshots: Unfair fate for Flames workhorse Talbot, Tkachuk frustrated, change coming? more coverage as Calgary Flames eliminated from NHL playoffs.
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My game partner.
Matthew Tkachuk cant watch anymore.
Thank you TEAM LAYCON for the VOTES. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Keep supporting.
Winning is all we do.
Allow seven straight and lose game six 7-3. They had a 3-0 lead. An unreal collapse with their season on the line. Still not sure what I just saw. Stars win three straight, take the series 4-2. To call Calgarys coming offseason franchise-defining is not an exaggeration.

The GoStars make the 2nd round for the 2nd consecutive season. This was their 2nd playoff series win since 2008. The Flames have yet to make the 2nd round since 2015 and since their last cup in 1989 they have only won 4 playoff series.

This sums up my reaction to the utter collapse of the Flames tonight. * * * * * * yyc calgary calgarylife.
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Ive lived and DIED with the Flames for 35 years. Literal blood, sweat, and TEARS. Tonight is the END. Im not renewing my NHLFlames seasons tickets unless this team trades that QUITTER Matthew Tkachuk.
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Dallas Stars has NOT scored 7 goals in a game ALL Season UNTIL TONIGHT. They scored 7 straight after trailing 3-0 to eliminate Calgary Flames in 6 games.
Matthew Tkachuk is all Calgary Flames fans.
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Sad night for Flames twitter - truth hurts and changes are coming. Just be thankful this series is going to force the GM's hand instead of living in mediocrity I guess?
Calgary Flames 3 Denis Gurianov 4.
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If Tkachuk doesnt get injured the Flames win this series. If the rest of the players on the Flames had HALF as much emotion, fight & will to win as this guy then theyd be a cup contender. Its why hes my favourite current Flame. All the guy wants to do is win hockey games.

Nothing depresses me more than knowing that the post iginla-rebuild has led us to becoming the new-age Minnesota Wild- perputual mediocrity. I'm all for tanking and accumulating draft picks at this point. The Flames high draft picks during the rebuild weren't franchise changing.

Genuinely think the Flames missed Tkachuk on the ice. Everything went downhill after his injury.
Robert has to be my favourite Fan960Steinberg Overtime caller.
When the Flames were destroyed in 2015 by the Ducks that should have been a learning experience. Instead, it was foreshadowing. Pathetic group.
What A STA for the NHLFlames! They've scored two in the first period.
Well, that escalated quickly. 6 minutes and 34 seconds.
This is the 13th playoff game in Flames history where they have scored 3 goals in the 1st period They are 11-1 in the previous 12 contests.
Cam Talbot is pulled in a game for the first time since joining the.
Matthew Tkachuk can't take anymore.
Fall to 17-29 all-time when facing elimination with a -36 goal differential.
Calgarys season officially comes to an end on August 20th. Never thought Id write that sentence.
GAME 6: GoStars 7nulb - Flames 3nulb Denis Gurianov nets 4 & Dallas 5 in the 2nd to coast. DallasStars nulb Conf. Semis.
- Tkachuk contract hold out - Brodie collapses on ice - Fired racist coach - Global pandemic - Whatever the heck tonight was Thank goodness this Flames season is over.
7 flames 3 final.

What You Really Think

Love you for saying this I wanted this series too!!

Would be a miracle for either to beat Colorado or Vegas.

No we want the flamers to get bounced tonight lol.

Im here for Western Canada rivalries.

I get pandering to an online fanbase that has hated you for being objective and reasonable in your takes, outside of the typical homer bubble...but we are just going to ignore Vegas and Colorado, to vastly superior teams?

My DIL is a Flames fan (we forgive her because she was raised in Calgary) and we are hoping that they meet in the WCF too! The friendly chirping in our house would be almost as entertaining as the series itself!

Assuming BOTH advance, then the Canucks would have to beat the Golden Knights and the Flames would have to beat the Avs. If ONE of those 2 things happened it would be a massive upset...both would insane!

If the Canucks beat St. Louis who do we play ? In the bracket looks like Dallas or Calgary.

And we can have our daily "sarcastic player profiles" back.

Canucks win, Albertans must stay in Alberta for the rest of the year; Flames win our border stays open.

Too bad the Flames aka the Lames won't be making it past.

Imagine that series. Holy shit.

Can you also ask him to schedule a Canadian team playing on Saturday night?

Neither plz.