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Friday 8th of May 2020


RT If James Comey should be prosecuted and charged for what he did to General Michael Flynn!
Finally justice has been done in the case of General Flynn.
Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his illicit Russian contacts. His lies do not now become truths. This dismissal does not exonerate him. But it does incriminate Bill Barr. In the worst politicization of the Justice Department in its history.

Trump calls Flynn innocent man after DOJ drops case against former national security adviser. , now can we finally go after those who perpetrated this ? is in on it, and so was .
We need an Attorney General whose loyalty is to the Constitution, not the president. William Barr must resign.
Jensen statement today: Through the course of my review of General Flynn s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case. I briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions and he agreed.

(AP) Justice Department is dropping criminal case against ex-Trump adviser Flynn, according to court filing obtained by AP.
Wouldn t it be hilarious if President Trump fired Wray and made General Flynn the FBI Director.
Obama at the center of the cabal.
DOJ lawyers of integrity will be tempted to resign over today s motion to dismiss the Flynn case. My advice is to please stay. We need you instead of those who might replace you.
You re such a clown Bill. DOJ unearthed smoking gun docs showing FBI framed Flynn. It was fake investigation so even if he lied it wasn t criminal. Docs also showed DOJ lied to judge in plea agreement by omitting secret agreement not to prosecute his son if Flynn pled guilty.

Snap a smart salute to General Flynn! Sir! Yes Sir! Snap a smart salute to this fine lady Sidney Powell You both deserve The Presidential Medal Of Freedom!
Seems to me that the judge should investigate why this very well-regarded prosecutor withdrew from the Flynn case. If what DOJ did here is so up&up, they should have nothing to fear. Let them explain it to the Judge and hear this prosecutors side, too.

There was never evidence that Flynn offered to undo sanctions against a foreign adversary. Even if there had been such evidence, it would not have been a crime - stupid policy, but no crime. The point of Obama s Iran deal was to undo sanctions against a foreign adversary.

The devastating IG report & the new documents on the Flynn probe and your role, specifically suggests that the DOJ is cleaning up your mess.
William Barr s Justice Department (but not the prosecutors on the case) told a federal judge it doesn t believe it can prove a charge that Mike Flynn HAS ADMITTED TO IN OPEN COURT.
The Deep State scum destroyed a man on their way to destroying a presidency. All this because a drunken, lying, corrupt hag didn t get her turn. Now with exoneration will the tables at long last be turned? When will true justice prevail?

WAIT!! Charges dropped against.
Good news. Mueller/DOJ prosecutor Brandon Van Grack - who went after Flynn, threatened his son, and withheld evidence - is gone from the Flynn case.
Obama knew details of wiretapped Flynn phone calls, surprising top DOJ official in meeting with Biden, declassified docs show Fox News.
They should use all the Liberal to fix California s water problem.
President Trump doesn t care about you. He doesn t care about your health. He doesn t care about your family. He doesn t care about testing. He just cares that his cronies are taken care of.
Adam Schiff: Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his illicit Russian contacts. His lies do not now become dismissal does not exonerate him. But it does incriminate Bill Barr. The worst politicization of DOJ History.

. : "What should Americans take away from your actions in the Flynn case today?" AG Bill Barr: "I want to make sure that we restore confidence in the system. Theres only one standard of justice.".
2) FBI was hot on its Logan Act theory, but never opened an actual investigation on that basis. It instead used an open counterintelligence investigation (in which theyd found nothing on collusion) as its excuse to interview Flynn on completely unrelated points.

This has been a epic 24 hrs. Adam Schiff s status as the biggest fraud in congress has been confirmed. The collusion hoax has been entirely decimated, along with the lunatics promoting it, & Comey s war on Gen. Flynn is over w/Comey completely humiliated. And the media sucks too.

Trump and Putin talk by phone on the same day DOJ drops the case against Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying about his discussion with Russias ambassador. "Were the most powerful nation. Theyre a very powerful nation. Why would we not be dealing with each other?" Trump asks.

This was a plea agreement that made Flynn s other crimes go away, as well as those of his son. In dismissing the agreed upon crime DOJ now says nothing about Flynn other crimes, like violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. This smells rotten!

Obama knew details of wiretapped Flynn phone calls, surprising top DOJ official in meeting with Biden, declassified docs show // Remember all the weasels hooting and hollering when Trump accused Obama off wire-tapping his campaign?

How exhausting it must be for the left to keep on losing. They lost the Presidency, the Supreme Court grows less liberal, Russian collusion blew up in their faces, impeachment exploded in their face and now, the left s tour de force, the framing of General Mike Flynn. BOOM!

Can you even begin to imagine if Trump put General Flynn in charge of the FBI? Dear God in Heaven heads would explode.
I think you mean Justice dropping the Flynn charges.
Speaking exclusively with the Attorney General on the decision to dismiss the case Herridge: Are you doing the Presidents bidding? Barr: I am doing the laws bidding.
Holy Shit! The left has EXPLODED in a river of tears! Why? Because yet again, they have been exposed for what amounts to more corruption! This is better than Christmas Morn! Liberals MELTDOWN Over Flynn Exoneration Dan Bongino.

People who believe the FBI s tactics in interrogating Flynn were wrong would be SHOCKED to see how, oh I don t know, literally EVERY OTHER CASE is done If this standard is used by the DOJ in all cases, then they will have to release half of all federal prisoners It won t be.

No "lawyer of integrity" would be "tempted" to resign over the dismissal of the Flynn case. Any prosecutor that would be so tempted is the definition of lacking in integrity, and they should resign.
James Comey better have a good lawyer. I hope Michael Flynn sues him for all he is worth and more.
Judge in Flynn case should investigate why DOJ prosecutor resigned from the team as they moved to drop charges: Ex-solicitor general.
DOJ now says 2017 interview of Flynn was unjustified DOJ now says it had NO probable cause to spy on Carter Page in 17 Transcripts now show exculpatory evidence on Papadopoulos/Page w/held frm FISAcourt Someone remind me y we needed $30M+ Mueller collusion investigation?

Does anyone else find it a little odd that the defense of Flynn is based on the premise that the man chosen to defend America from the most sophisticated foreign intelligence services was completely bamboozled by a couple of mid-level FBI agents?

BOOM: Michael Flynn is totally exonerated. joined The Charlie Kirk Show to give his insight into the FBI s disgraceful, corrupt actions Remember: if this can happen to a Three Star General it could happen to anyone.

The Justice Dept.s decision to drop the case against is welcome news, but Congress still has a responsibility to get answers about the FBIs conduct during its investigation. More on how & I are leading the charge for an explanation.

A perpetuation of principal. When you see a wrong you must stand up to it. Trump is wrong with his actions, wrong with his beliefs, wrong for America. He earned impeachment, Flynn is a traitor and confessed to lying. Finally the Murller Report documented Russian interference.

What Flynn did is akin to Susan Rice taking checks from Iran and not telling anyone about it, then lying about it to the feds when caught.
Tom Fitton: Next step in justice is prosecution of Flynn s persecutors.
The bottom line from DOJs filing today is that its dropping the case because it doesnt think Flynn should have been investigated in the first place (or at least that it should have been closed sooner). Ive never seen DOJ take that position in any other case, ever.

How does it feel to be a Dem today knowing everything you ve been told by your political masters was a lie? -Collusion was a hoax -Spygate wasn t a hoax -Flynn did nothing wrong -Honest Adam Schiff isn t a real thing -Believe all women was a lie -The media isn t doing journalism.

Wrong again, Comey. DOJ lost its way when self righteous leaders at the top of our justice system thought they could play Superman and dictate the will of the American people.
BREAKING: Justice Department is dropping criminal case against ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn, according to court filing obtained by AP. The prosecution has been a rallying cry for the president in attacking FBI Russia investigation.

1) On the substance of the Flynn withdrawal: What separates our FBI from, say--ahem--Russian secret police is the requirement that they articulate the basis of an interview--an alleged crime. They cant just wander in an ask anybody anything.

Let s not forget this the day Flynn is let loose. Do we value accountability anymore? This is worse than a pardon.
My dream tonight will probably be this ... Smiles and I cruising through the countryside in France - we both just had a croissant - and we re both celebrating the exoneration of hero Michael Flynn.
Transcript AG Barr exclusive INTV It was an easy decision, yes. I think- easy because- once I saw all the facts and some of the tactics used by the FBI in this instance and also the legal problems with the case. It was an easy decision.

On the latest news on Michael Flynn: So Judge Sullivan will basically take the DOJ s reversal under advisement, correct? That s what the federal rule says: It requires his sign-off either way, ex-federal prosecutor tells me.

Here s the video footage of James Comey bragging about setting a perjury trap for Michael Flynn.
Katherine Herridge Are you doing the presidents bidding in Gen. Flynns case?" AG Bill Barr: No, Im doing the laws bidding.".
YES!!! Today is a FANTASTIC day for , his family and friends that stood next to him this difficult and unjust time!! This man was dragged through the mud, disgraced and lied about for too many years!! The best is yet to come is happening NOW!!

William Barrs DOJ Is Now Covering Up Crimes for Trump in Broad Daylight.
the efforts of the Obama/Biden cabal of corruption is being dragged into the light, and now that General Flynn has been fully exonerated, who should award a Medal of Freedom to?
Reading some of these Flynn write-ups and, well, its a good thing Brady rules dont apply to journalists because theyre not mentioning hardly any of the exculpatory evidence for Flynn.
This man has no shame! Panic and fear are terrible emotions to experience. Comey sounds like a SCARED RAT that will soon be prosecuted!
Of course he did. Obama knew details of wiretapped Flynn phone calls, surprising top DOJ official, declassified docs show.
THREAD. The AG dropping the case on Flynn turns the entire purpose of the Special Counsel regs on its head. The SC is appointed *precisely* to insulate an investigation from influence by a political appointee, namely, the AG. 1/.

General Flynn has been officially EXONERATED. Justice has finally been served.
Thank you all! This is a victory for Truth, Justice, the President, and millions of Americans who want the Rule of Law restored across the land. Let Freedom ring.
Deactivated my account bc I was so upset about the deadly (lack of) federal response to COVID-19, but the implosion of the Department of Justice with the Flynn dismissal has brought me back. The once proud DOJ is now nothing but a political arm of Donald Trump.

They lost with Mueller. They lost with impeachment. They lost with Flynn. What did their insatiable zeal to kneecap Trump accomplish?
General Flynn was the beginning of the ball rolling down the hill to rhe avalanche.
Should Gen. Michael Flynn FILE SUIT against any and all people and ENTITIES involved in the plot to FRAME HIM and COVER the tracks?
What a magnificent day it is for such a long awaited prayer to be National Day of s answer is always on time timing is perfect! God bless you, General Flynn & your wife & family!
Morning Patriots! Flynn exonerated! Now this.
good grief this was an awful piece of journalism CBS gets Barr exclusive, Barr rewarded w/ softball coverage apparently CBS couldn t find one Dem to interview re: Flynn fiasco embarrassing stuff.
Its about time Justice is falling onto the shoulders of the crooks!!! FLYNN CASE DROPPED!!!!
STATEMENT: USA Jeff Jensen who reviewed Flynn case. Through the course of my review of General Flynn s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case. I briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions, and he agreed.

This is why people who arent very smart dont get Comeys slight of hand: Comey doesnt say Flynn lied, Comey doesnt say he believes Flynn lied, Comey says I don t know. I think there is an argument to be made he lied. It is a close one. A 100% non-committal answer!

BREAKING: The Justice Department is DROPPING its criminal case against General Michael Flynn Total Exoneration! Now is the time to go after the corrupt, disgraced DOJ officials who entrapped and tried to destroy Flynn and Trump RT for JUSTICE for Michael Flynn!

If you ever lose recommend to just read our his date KNEW/KNOW!!! The exact date of General Flynns freedom date! Love Entheos!!!
So let me get this straight: Michael Flynn is getting zero jail time for lying to the FBI, undermining prosecutors, and betraying the country while countless Americans are dying of coronavirus in prison because they were jailed on technicalities or parole violations.

I mean the media hasnt apologised for the spreading the Russian collusion hoax and how much money was wasted on Mueller "special counsel" investigation? Did the media apologise for running a fake story has anyone? I noticed Q said watch the news right before Flynns.

Flynn is a will not be dropped.
Breaking: Congratulations General Flynn . !!! . is dropping the case!!!! It s finally starting . GET READY.
The party of law and order and America first let Flynn off the hook after he admitted that he lied to the FBI and sold his country out to foreigners. Yeah, they ARE the Death Star but the rebellion is coming for them.

James Comey Andrew McCabe John Brennen Lisa Page Peter Strzok They tried to frame General Flynn and ruin his life. They should all be prosecuted. RT if you agree!
In just the past 5 hours: -DOJ drops Flynn criminal case -Declassified docs prove Obama knew about wiretapped Flynn call -Biden accuser has first sit down interview - says shell testify under oath - A 1996 court doc surfaces showing she told her husband about the harassment.

Just yesterday I saw a CNN host and Daily Beast guy mocking Fox News for covering the previous breaking news on the Flynn case last night. It is reprehensible what disservices those outlets have done to their readers and viewers on this story.

Flynn was bankrupted by an investigation repeatedly proven to have zero evidence. Still took 3 years for DOJ to drop the case. You married your brother, gave husband no. 3 money from your campaign, and havent once been investigated by the FBI. Somali Democrat privilege at work.

What You Really Think

This is the Trump administration in a nutshell. The ignoring part.

Teri it to the judge, Andy.

Barr released the receipts already showing this is a blatant lie. FBI wanted to close case on Flynn cause they said nothing was there but Strozk stopped them & told them to keep open even though case agents said there was nothing.

Well he is a proven liar so who really gives a shit what he has to say?

Uhm, talking to the Russian ambassador during the transition?

Keep in mind that you are a tool of corruption and your credibility outside of the liberal idiots is in negative territory.

If talking to the Russian Ambassador is a "considerable national security risk" then a bunch of Democrats should be under the microscope too.

The actual documents say otherwise. And this traitor set a GoFundMe and libs paid him.

Andrew McCabe The man who lied to the the Andrew McCabe who conspired to overthrow a duly elected President Andrew McCabe who was fired from the that Andrew McCabe.

Covering his A$$ again. They are all down soon.

Haha! That is clear case of CYA.

Dear Andrew McCabe: Youre full of crap up to your gills. Signed, 80MILLION + Trump 2020 VOTERS.

So anyone in the Obama Administration who contacted a Russian was also a national security risk? How about Hillary Clinton s red reset button? Or Obama s flexibility comment to Medvedev? Or Bill Clinton being paid $500,000 for a speech to Russians?


How many times have you slept with Andrew McCabe for a story?

Oh yeah. Mr. Honesty. Hes credible. Catch up Natasha. Youre 3 years behind. No wonder youre nicknamed Fusion Natasha. Ther fools incriminated themselves with their emails, texts, messages, etc. Stop choosing obtuseness.

McCabe. LOL.

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