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Saturday 25th of July 2020

My Neighbors Hearing me Listen to Folklore Again.

SURPRISE!! taylorswift is releasing her 8th album folklore TONIGHT at 12am est!!!! There are 8 deluxe CD editions, 8 deluxe vinyl editions & a deluxe cassette edition of the album that you can get for 1 week at , pre-order now!!! : Beth Garrabrant.

New album from taylorswift13 out tonight at midnight ET.
A little over 10 hours to go (!!!!) and we are waiting for folklore like !!!! Pre-add/pre-save the new taylorswift album on Spotify, AppleMusic, and Deezer here.
The Love Triangle Storyline: Cardigan / August / Betty This makes a lot of sense.
I feel so left behind but I am purposely not listening to Taylor until tomorrow when I am alone looking out of the rainy train window, wearing a mask, sunglasses and noise cancelling headphones. I will not be disturbed.

The imagery in cardigan is so raw and beautiful, definitely one of my all time favorites!
Imagine looking this beautiful.
Me pressing replay on folklore.
Good night and thank you.
Adam driver and daisy ridley for.
Peter losing wendy.
No one likes a mad woman. You made her like that. This is the energy were bringing to the next election.
: Reviews on Taylor Swifts album.
Taylor BBC talking about.
Lets GO!!
Cant wait to model our matching cadigans for you taylorswift13. Pics to come. Vnulb.
When you are Jon Snow they assume you know nothing.
The kidneys of a woman were stolen in a Chinese organ trafficking attack in the southern province of Yunnan. And her son also has eyes gouged out. This is the real China under CCP tyranny. Folklore Covid_19 ay_Swfy Lozan jm_mbrk.

4AM non stop playing since the released i cant sleep idk what to do July is the best month EVER.
Exile Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver.
Taylor swift after saying fuck you forever in mad woman and would you tell me to go fuck myself in betty.
Folklore merch giveaway to celebrate folklore im going to giveaway $50 worth of merch from taylors store! rules: -rt & like to enter -open to anywhere taylors store ships -tag someone & reply folklore for an extra entry ends in a week (7/30) GOOD LUCK!

Im still so confused how the heck did she get into that piano taylornation13 taylorswift13 we need BTS Cardigan video/s.
: a sapphic love story about figuring out, falling in love & letting go.
Can we all agree that exile is a career highlight.
I've been listening to folklore nonstop since 11pm... and it's now 5am. wow this album has my whole heart.
ITunes Songs Chart : 2. cardigan (=) *peak 1* 3. the 1 ( 1) *new peak* 5. exile ( 3) *new peak* iTunes Albums Chart : 1. folklore (=) 2. folklore (clean) ]=].
No one is doing it like Taylor.
Let's just admit taylor holding onto the piano while drowning was the most heart yet beautiful thing ever *teary eyed*.
Taylor sent me this.
Every song on Folklore fills me with a sad nostalgia for experiences Ive never had.
8th album folklore is OUT NOW!!!
No one: me for the rest of my days.
Lyric parallels: Lover (ME!): I know that I went psycho on the phone / I never leave well enough alone folklore (the 1): In my defense I have none / for never leaving well enough alone.
.SelenaGomez shows love to Taylor Swifts new album folklore: Shes done it again.
By Taylor Swift is now ranked as the 7th best album of ALL TIME on Metacritic.
Taylor Swifts surprise release folklore has now garnered 80 1s on iTunes around the globe.
Me, happily single, listening to.
*adds entire folklore album to crying playlist*.
Is my absolute favorite music video ever! The song is beautiful and Imagery is incredible! It is like a fairytale! taylorswift13 I am so proud of you!
"and when i felt like i was an old cardigan under someones bed, you put me on and said i was your favorite".
Big Mood.
I cant explain it but folklore gives me nostalgia for memories I dont even have.
I know yall are vulnerable right now but dont text your ex.
No one: taylor swift: i want you to know, i'm a mirrorball.
I think I really dig My Tears Ricochet.
The way this photoshoot i did last week is folklore tea before i even knew about folklore taylorswift13 taylornation13 Folklore TaylorSwiftFolklore ***nulb.
Thinking about her: the cab trilogy in.
From Country to Pop to Alternative. No one is doing it like Taylor Swift.
So obsessed with this filter and with Folklore VnulbVnulbVnulb.
Im in love with this music video and song, its so so so magical omg nulb.
Yesterday morning me and kyle split a vinyl order picking 1 variant each just to get free shipping and now im on the verge of taking out a fuckin loan to get all 8.
"We found wonderland you and I got lost in it." And folklore is that wonderland.
When Bon Iver sings, you never gave a warning sign and Taylor Swift sings over it I gave so many signs.
I cant believe taylor swift really said what if all too well but played in a eerie cathedral in the mossy forest for a whole album.
If you need me, ill be listening to folklore until i pass away.
You had to kill me but it killed you just the same..
Lyrics: invisible string folklore Bad was the blood of the song in the cab / on your first trip to LA / You ate at my favorite spot for dinner / bold was the waitress on our three-year trip / getting lunch down by the lakes / She said I looked like an American singer.

All 16 tracks from folklore by Taylor Swift are now charting in the top 50 of the US Apple Music songs chart.
Are there still beautiful things?
Im eating a cucumber sandwich while I listen to folklore and honestly that feels correct.
My face the whole time listening to Folklore taylorswift13 its magical.
This is me trying the 1 cardigan mirrorball illicit affairs mad woman the last great american dynasty my tears ricochet Minhas favs do.
I cant wait to listen to folklore every second of every day for the next 50 years. Magic.
Im running out of battery but Im still here watching the mv because Im obsessed with it!
Taylor swift writing betty and then saying its from a mans perspective.
The last great American dynasty: She stole his dog and dyed it key lime green Fifty years is a long time. Holiday House sat quietly on that beach Free of women with madness, their men and bad habits.
If youre out there taylor thank you a million times for the warmest hug that is folklore its so beautiful and just what the doctor ordered.
In honor of folklore giveaway time !! winner will choose a folklore vinyl of their choice to enter just follow me and rt!! ends july 28th <33.
Okay sis popped with the new album. folklore its so good go listen to it. shes also up there near 1d.
Anyone else obsessed with august ?!?!
It isn't an album, it's a healthy medicine.
Me listening to EXILE by Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift my emotions folklore.
Ok seriously can taylor see this SHE NEEDS TO I AM BEGGING.
Lyrically Chromatica can't compare to Folklore ***nulb that doesnt mean that it's a bad album. I just think Folklore is better. Sonically and lyrically.
"For you, I would ruin myself a million little times." - Taylor Swift in 'illicit affairs' but also me about Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift seemingly refers to Joe Jonas in invisible string lyrics revealing that she bought presents for Joe and Sophies baby folklore For the boys who broke my heart / now I send their babies presents.

This is me trying feels like it was made just for me... and thats the magic of Taylor Swifts songwriting.
OUT NOW: taylorswift13's new album, 'folklore' with bonus song "the lakes" available on the 8 deluxe CD editions, 8 vinyl editions, and cassette edition LSTN : Beth Garrabrant.
Vs Lover on US Apple Music (14 hours after release) folklore Highest track: the 1 (1) Lowest track: hoax (50) Song average: 22 Lover Highest track: Lover (7) Lowest track: Daylight (81) Song average.
Will officially serve as the first single from taylorswift13's folklore.
Rises to an astonishing score of 96 ( 1) on Metacritic with 11 reviews!

What You Really Think

I hope you are ok. LOL.

My neighbor already knows how crazy I am for Taylor. So they don't bother to ask.

My won't complain they listening too.