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Saturday 5th of September 2020

And There it is. Fox News Confirms The Story That The White House Has Been Denying All Day. This Thing's a Done Deal.

Even Fox News says youre a Liar. OAN and Qanon lunatics may be the only rats left on this sinking ship.
And there it is. Fox News confirms the story that the White House has been denying all day. This thing's a done deal.
Fox News confirms realDonaldTrump disparages our troops.
Whoa. Fox News reporter JenGriffinFNC confirms almost all elements of the Atlantic story. Kudos to Jennifer. Will they let her report this on air?
Fox News confirms Trump did call soldiers who died in war losers and suckers. Trump is the biggest traitor in US history.
.PressSec - how utterly childish, but then, what are you 15? None of you republicans gave a shit about sources when you were slamming Hillary. Your bullshit signs have been debunked by no other than FOX FUCKING NEWS. Pathetic. Just gd pathetic.

FOX NEWS confirmed the story. Youre all trash.
Fox news now confirming. start packing.
Tucker Carlson is the only thing keeping Fox News from turning into CNN. Without Tucker, Fox News would cease to exist.
When Fox News confirms the story that the you've been denying all day.
Even Fox News has confirmed the story as accurate. Fox News!!!
The last nail in his coffin, stick a fork in him, he is done. Fox News just jumped off the Titanic into the life boat. Gee it only took 5 years lol.
Fox News Correspondent: Two Top Officials Who Were on France Trip With Trump Confirmed to Me Key Details of Atlantic Report.
The Atlantic reporting is confirned by multiple sources. Trump has a big Fukking problem. WeRespectVets TrumpResignNow TrumpHatesOurMilitary Watch and pass it on. Video from Fox News Channel.
Dear realDonaldTrump: Multiple news organizations, including Fox News, confirm that you disparaged veterans & American servicemembers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. You need to apologize. Also, when will you condemn Putin for paying Taliban to kill US troops?

Fox News has joined the Associated Press & The Washington Post in confirming shocking details from the bombshell report in The Atlantic on President Donald Trumps contempt for American troops in which he called fallen soldiers losers.

So Trump is a disgraceful douchebag, and now people who watch Fox News know that? That what I am hearing?
The Atlantics story has been confirmed by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and Fox News.
Remember Pat Tillman? The guy who gave up millions to serve with his brother in the military and died by friendly fire in 2004? I remember watching this for days on FOX news describing what a hero he was. Trump considers him a loser. Where is Fox News now? Defending Trump.

I called out the hypocrisy of the right, again, in their attacks on Speaker Pelosi getting her hair done without a mask on. It was an unforced error, however their leader denies the reality of COVID19 while over 186k have died. From Fox News last night.

Now that a FOX NEWS correspondent had confirmed The Atlantic story about Trump disparaging veterans, his followers will have to find a way to say its either fake Fox news or to justify what Trump said. Not sure which will tie their brains in little knotzies more.

Even Trump/Fox News confirms that he did all those things! Call Mr. President youre the loser! This nation will not be suckers and reelect you! Youre out come November! Who havent insulted in this country!??? Oh yeah, white supremacists and Ku Klux Klan people & Putin.

News from Fox News. Confirming JeffreyGoldbergs story about realDonaldTrumps contemptuous comments about American military personnel.
The question a reporter should ask Trump now: Do you think a President who says and believes such things about US service members as reported in The Atlantic, Associated Press, Washington Post, and Fox News should resign?

The president's response to Fox News confirming his remarks about veterans will be interesting.
Going on Fox News a little after 7pm ET. Hope you'll tune in.
Fox News confirmed the reporting in the Atlantic. Trump called our soldiers "losers" and "suckers" Fox News confirmed the reporting in the Atlantic. Trump called our soldiers "losers" and "suckers" Fox News confirmed the reporting in the Atlantic.

These companies support lies on FOX NEWS ProcterGamble Tampax Always MyPillowUSA Disney hulu Depend.
Fox Faux News needs to stop campaigning for Biden!
Fox News national security correspondent confirms Atlantic piece by JeffreyGoldberg that Trump so furiously denies.
Yeah, this really happened. Now what's America gonna do about it?
Bad news, shithead. Fox confirms you hate the American military.
Fox News confirms the Atlantics reporting.
Here's Fox News Channel confirming details of the JeffreyGoldberg article. Trump would say about American veterans: "What's in it for them? They don't make any money." On including wounded military veterans in a parade: "That's not a good look. Americans don't like that.".

FOX News of all places.
Sorry Melania. You didnt write this. Alyssafarah must be behind this. Its not working. Trump said it. Fox News and others confirmed it.
Even Fox News is abandoning Trump. It's about time.
On Fox News, PeteButtigieg is asked why he thinks Atlantic story on Trump is true. Mayor Pete: Fox has confirmed some of the details itself!
I guess if you say it or claim someone you can't identify said it ... it MUST be true. So here it is! Anonymous sources and Fox News has confirmed Joe Biden has had numerous homosexual encounters and has slaves chained up with him in his basement!

Since when grandma? Fox News is your official state media? What are you smoking?
Fox News confirms? Heads explode.
... Fox News' Paul Ryan has confirmed that Mitt Romney has determined that the anonymous sources are indeed anonymous.
Tonight petebuttigieg hit CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Thats a go everywhere strategy in action...
Fox News Corroborates That President Trump Insulted Veterans, Fallen Soldiers and John McCain.
.TheAtlantic story is true. It has become a very dangerous time when Trump is in power & numerous reputable sources verified by Fox News are finally telling Americans what we have seen with our own eyes Republicans & Fox News confirmed Trump is unfit.

And the AP story is not true. And the Washington Post story is not true. And the Fox News story is not true. And all of those actions taken by your husband, including glorifying war criminals and dissing generals are not true. Please go away.

Fox News has now also confirmed the comments the president made about our military yet you remain silent, JohnCornyn. Texas deserves a senator that isnt afraid to defend our troops.
You know its bad when Fox News is forced to admit its true.
FOX News now confirming what we all already knew.

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Thank god.

Yet, people who were actually there and willing to put their names to it, deny the story.

Anonymous source! John Bolton was there, he said it never was said! He said they didnt go because of weather, by direction of John Kelly!

In this video, she states that the anonymous sources said that the suckers comment was made in reference to Vietnam, not WW1 veterans. I think a lot of people would actually agree with that. This country was suckered into a stupid conflict that was not going to be won.

So, I'm sorry to be the Debbie Downer in the room, but do you all ACTUALLY think this will move the needle in a significant way? I'm not being facetious, this is a real question. He has survived a million scandals that should have ended him. Why/how will this be any different?

There it is, folks. So what is the defense for this?

Why do ya'll act shocked, sounds exactly like something he would say. He is selfish and doesn't have a spot of empathy. To all of our current military and veterans, my apologies. Thank you for your service.


FoX nEwS cOnFiRmEd It.

I dont believe this. President Trump has always been so careful about what he says to other people and almost never makes verbal gaffes that offend people. Also, both of his sons were in the military.

Trump has more than a "character flaw.".

Yesterday, you didnt think Fox was worthy to host a debate. Suddenly theyre THE most trustworthy. THE final word. Huh. Weird.

Holy shit, this is bad...

Thank god!

And people like trump. Makes no sense.

So, a named source? Or is it still Scaramucci in hiding?

President Scum and yet his supporters love him.

Well Fox said it so it must be true. They are the only real news right.

I never trust anonymous sources.

More anonymous sources, huh? This confirms nothing.

So more anonymous sources? GTFOOH.

You are naive.

Former? As in one of the liars that got fired? Nice believable source...

Watch a soldier's father speak out Haunting... "It didn't have to be - but for Donald Trump.".

He is such a small man. Petty and vindictive.

He wants ratings? The military dragging him out of the white house in January will be ratings gold.

My gawd trump is Lucifer on earth . I just cant.

Again, as I've said before, everything Trump said is consistent with American values. What he said is repugnant precisely it is consistent with American (i.e. social Darwinist) values.

So Sarah Sanders was actually there and said it didnt happen; whats your point?

Donald Trump is the worst president of all time!

Heard that plenty of times before. A cult is a cult and those folks are all in, no matter what he does or says. I heard he's standing on 5th Ave with a pistol, as we speak.

Wait a minute, so let me get this straight. Someone on Fox said that she has a source that confirms that SOMEONE ELSE possibly heard Trump say something is there PROOF that Trump said it? You people are insane. This is government HIGH SCHOOL hearsay...

1. Doesnt matter if there was a video of him saying it. The Trumpiots would find a justification on why he said it and why nothing is wrong with what he said. Remember they own the monopoly on patriotism and religion. They will tell you what is patriotic and what is Christianity.

I smell desperation from you and your Democratic friends Brian...

Still an unnamed source. Wtf ever.

Good on Fox. Theyre changing their culture in reporting. Its a step in the right direction. Keep it up!

What more will it take to arrest him?

After all these painful years of disinformation and outright lies, I commend Fox for reporting the networks reporting. Truth is near!

Lets just take Trump straight to prison ..if the conservatives still support Trump after this, I am not sure what to say .it saddens me that a president would disrespect the men and women who served our country and some gave the highest form of sacrifice.

Well, It's All Over But TRUMPIAN Machanachins. Does Big Daddy Putin, Realize His Horses Sheer STUPIDITY, Set His Plans For Term Two Back? Becoming DIFFICULT? Whats In STORE 4 POOTY/TRUMP COLLABORATION? Tune In Tomorrow 4 Another Installment Of "Trumps Mouth Is How Big?".

Shes got NUTTIN. Nameless sources. TEN sources go ON the record, saying TheAtlantic story and all subsequent stories stemming from them are abject lies. Yet FOUR sources who REFUSE to go on the record, those sitting in the bowels of Washington, are to be believed?


BUt, bUt..hEr eMaiLs.

Getting another reporter to confirm what another reporter said about anonymous sources confirms NOTHING! How stupid do you have to be to fall for this BS?

He's going to lose his shit, not his beloved Fox News.


If you don't have the stones to go on record, it's bullshit. Plain and simple. Anyone can say anonymous source.

Than FoxNews (something I never thought Id post).

The way they talk about him, he sounds like a little kid "why do i have to do two?".

She doesnt confirm anything!!!