Sunday 4th of April 2021

AND STILL! JamelHerring Stopped Carl Frampton in The 6th Round to Retain His WBO Junior Lightweight Title.

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A two-weight world champion. The first boxer from Northern Ireland to have held world titles in two weight classes. The victories against Martinez, Quigg and Santa Cruz. 28 wins in 31 professional fights. Carl Frampton, thanks for the memories.

Carl Frampton shows support for Noah campaign during Dubai weigh-in.
AND STILL! JamelHerring stopped Carl Frampton in the 6th round to retain his WBO junior lightweight title.
"I was beat by the better man. Zero excuses. You should be interviewing the champion, he's the champion." -Frampton ALL CLASS. RESPECT.
Youve been a champion all your life - no truer words spoken by the man interviewing Carl Frampton tonight in the ring after his loss. He represents all that is good in this wee place. We need more like him.

Didnt know he could have vetoed the frampton fight.
Classy boxing fans: Carl Frampton is a great guy and a true warrior Me.
Congratulations to WBO Jr. Lightweight World Champion Jamel Herring, who defeated Carl Frampton by 6th-round TKO Dubai.
Down goes Frampton JamelHerring dropped Frampton with a quick right hand.
Carl Frampton, one of Northern Irelands top athletes and a top gent when we bumped into him in Lyon on tour in 2016.
Just watched Herring Vs Frampton. What a good that was. Respect to the pair of them.
Carl Frampton confirms retirement after Jamel Herring ends title dream.
Frampton, Peter - You Don't Have To Worry (I'm In You).
It was an honor to pay tribute to my good friend DavidBowieReal with the Peter Frampton Band version of Loving The Alien. Heres a story about why this one is so special to me. Listen to the track now at.

Carl Frampton announces retirement after being stopped by Jamel Herring.
Yeah, terrible. Frampton can be proud of what he has achieved. The Santa Cruz 1 fight has legendary status and he can retire content enough. F air play and best of luck to him in the future.
Boxing Pros React to Carl Framptons Emotional Retirement.
Jamel Herring defeats Carl Frampton.
The current Ring Magazine junior lightweight rankings. Deep division! We'll see where Herring goes based on Frampton performance. We'll also see if Tank remains given his issues. It's not inconceivable for Herring to be in the mix for the vacant Ring title.

All of them will lose It's called KARMA Till Frampton Saunders battered.
Me watching this on repeat has nothing to do with Carl Frampton calling me a dip shit on Twitter in 2017 .*Kathryn Hahn Wink*.
My short blog on Carl Frampton this evening. Please give it a look, congratulations RealCFrampton on a wonderful career.
[?] Carl Frampton has announced that he's now retired from boxing following his defeat to Jamel Herring tonight. Two-weight world champion goes out with historic wins over Kiko Martinez, Scott Quigg, Leo Santa Cruz and Nonito Donaire.

Thanks for the memories RealCFrampton V An emotional Carl Frampton confirms he is retiring after his loss to.
Carl Frampton retires after losing to Jamel Herring in WBO world title fight.
Love the respect between Herring and frampton.
Congrats to the champ Herring & tough one to Frampton, he tried to make history but was against a better boxer & theres nothing to b ashamed of!
Classy send off for Carl Frampton by Jamel Herring.
Herring vs Frampton Stream, Boxing WBO junior lightweight Herring vs Frampton Boxing WBO.
Same warrington that just got slapped about the ring? Guess he wasn't the same after the Frampton fight either.
My bad bro, Framptons corner threw in the towel. Herring worked him man lol.
You gotta respect Frampton taking the L like a man and not make any excuses.
Great career for Carl Frampton ! He has nothing to be ashamed of . His body type just wasnt going to translate to 130.
A two division world champion, a WARRIOR in the ring, and about as classy a man you'll find outside of it. Congrats on an amazing career to 'The Jackal' Carl Frampton.
Frampton said thats it, wants to go home and be with wife and kids. No excuses, I was beat by the better man, said.
Jamel Herring Retains WBO Super Lightweight Title- TKOs Carl Frampton in 6!
Carl Frampton went out on his shield , but I won't forget he ducked the fade with Gary Russell.
Where the hell is: Steve Hackett, Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin, Steve Howe, Richard Thompson, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Eric Johnson, Al Dimeola, Ritchie Blackmore, Pat Metheny, Peter Frampton.
Well done Herring Frampton go cry on Daniels shoulder Boo f**kn hoo.
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LakeLakey75 Davelikesarave WayneNobile davidfriend6 Big_G_09 JenkinsonLeslie RealEssexBoy Rachel_Rabbit13 GaryGra20623363 Watch "Jamel Herring vs Carl Frampton full fight" on YouTube .
Classespect/sportsmanship-3 reasons we love boxing! Congratulations to JamelHerring on his victory! Another reason to love boxing is Carl Frampton for all the thrills & excitement hes given us throughout his career!

Carl frampton is shit since he left Shane fact.
Carl Frampton retires from boxing after stoppage loss to Jamel Herring in.
TKO finish Jamel herring Vs Carl frampton boxing WBO super feather weight title fight new.
Bummed to see Frampton go out that way, but dudes had a stellar career, and is a total class act. Hope he has a great retirement.
Jamel Herring le pasa por encima a Carl Frampton por TKO en 6 rounds y retiene su titulo mundial superpluma de la OMB. JamelHerring defeats Carl Frampton TKO in round 6 and retains his WBO superfeather weight title.

Carl Frampton was the first prod I ever thought "fuck that man is me under a different flag". Best of luck to the best boxer and role model this island ever produced.
So I lost my bet.. im not gonna show how much I lost because its kinda embarrassing but congrats to Jermell Herring on the fight! And big ups to Carl Frampton for giving us boxing fans great fights over the years! What a warrior!

Framptons Moment To Pack It In Is Herrings Moment To Shine.
Jamel Herring vs Carl Frampton LIVE Fight Round by Round Commentary.
Carl Frampton. Feckin legend. Fillin up here, tbh.
Boxing is a pitiless business. The end, when it comes, is usually as brutal and clinical as it was in the ring tonight. I wrote this live report as Carl Frampton confirmed his retirement after Jamel Herring ended his title dream in a brilliant display.

Frampton confirms his retirement. Wants to dedicate his life to his wife and kids. "Boxing has been good for me, but it's also been bad for me.".
Herring rolls to TKO win; Frampton calls it career.
Herring looked prime v Frampton, especially after some people was writing him off after the Oquendo fight forgetting he done multiple training camps for that fight & got COVID. Herring already proved what he was about v Ito. Herring has improved since being with Bud Red & Bomack.

AND THE NEW! Donnie Nietes wins the WBO International super-flyweight title with a unanimous decision win over Pablo Carrillo. A fantastic co-main event, Herring vs. Frampton coming up next!
Jamal Herring beat the shit out of Carl Frampton & put his ass out to pasture. Now can we get Herring vs Shakur or Valdez?
Carl Frampton. The pride of Belfast. What a Supreme sportsman and gentleman.
] TTs UK 03:59 ] * Frampton has been the No. 1 trending topic for the last 5 hours.
AND IT'S OVER! JamelHerring puts Frampton down again early in Round 6 with a huge uppercut, steps on the gas and closes the show.
Aww! One of my favorite songs and bands. . Saw him 3 summers ago on tour with Frampton. Spectacular. Nothing like an arena full of people who are singing the lyrics and dancing! So freeing. Sent me straight back to senior year.

Carl Frampton retires after WBO super-featherweight defeat.
Such a beautiful wee family, thank you for the sacrifices you both made for all of us Frampton fans. We love you all so much.
Framptons career when downhill when he moved to the banter gym.
Peter Frampton Band - Reckoner YouTube This is my fav from his new album.
Literally tearing up listening to Frampton there. What a guy. 2 weight world champion . What a career. One of the best people in boxing V.
I like my boxing two ways. The respect showen from the Herring and Frampton family and then the complete disrespect between Charlo and Tony Harrison. No in-between.
Best performance ever from Jamel Herring. Congrats to him. That uppercut was from hell! Frampton did his best to get through it but couldn't protect himself. His corner did the right thing in tossing in the towel.

In excellent performance JamelHerring retains title, sends Frampton into retirement; MJ retains unified jr feather title. Read here but subscribe to get posts sent directly to as soon as material is posted!


What You Really Think

Congrats to the champ Herring & tough one to Frampton, he tried to make history but was against a better boxer & theres nothing to b ashamed of!

The ref was very bad. Should have been stopped much earlier and yet ref doesn't even stop it at all, took a classy fighter to stop striking to call it off.

That's my guy!!!! GREAT JOB CHAMP!!

Those uppercuts he was throwing were devastating.

He quit.

Boxing stoppages are weird...


You goin down ... down to the recycling center somebody need a raise.

Good ref, good stoppage. Gave him ample time and chances, but called it before too much damage was sustained.

What happens here? Does the corner throw in the towel? Why did he stop? The ref doesn't even step in.

The Official was on the money.

Embarassing from Frampton.

That dude didnt even look to be in the same league, at all. Wow.

That uppercut was class.

Done now Framton. Been boss over the years tho.

Wow he was classy. Could have really ended him there at the end when he turned his back and the ref didnt step through.

Good job Jamel. Good ish.

I did not see this coming. Huge W for Herring. Frampton a class act, like usual.

Shout out to Bomac...

Mixed his final attack up well.

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