Sunday 13th of September 2020

If This Flag Really Causes You Distress I Suggest Working Out Why. I Have Some Theories.

Revisiting this always makes me a little nervous. But excited to finally see the finished product tonight. I hope you enjoy.
If this flag really causes you distress I suggest working out why. I have some theories.
Some nights here you remember that some things never change. Some attitudes never change. Not only did Cathy Freeman give this country a gift that night, Aboriginal people give all non Aboriginal people a gift each day by allowing us to share in their culture.

Rethink this.
After subjecting her and all Aboriginal people to lifelong racism, the whole nation watched on and looked to Cathy Freeman to bring us all together. What pressure.
Brilliant. What a legend. Anyone else confused about the level of sophistication and research with the suit only to then pin the huge number on it! So much for aerodynamics!
Sharing this piece on my memories of CathyFreeman winning Gold in 2000, in the lead up to tonights screening of Freeman on.
No sportsperson in Australian history carried more expectation or pressure into a single event than CathyFreeman did 20 years ago ... in the space of 49 seconds she lifted an entire nation to its feet & put tears in countless eyes ... tonights doco, FreemanABC was superb.

Anyone else feel like we just ran the race of our lives alongside Cathy? Vnulb If you missed tonights epic documentary FREEMAN, you can watch it here on iview.
It was a gift. She gave us all a gift Outstanding documentary about this truly outstanding woman. Vnulb.
If youre not watching FreemanABC change the channel and start watching immediately!! Amazing human.
My family wasnt even that political and I was only 12, but god we adored Cathy for flying the Aboriginal flag at the Commonwealth Games, and immediately agreed Arthur Tunstall was a being a racist POS.

So... what did you all think? Did you enjoy reliving Cathys story with abctv?
Possibly the best hour of Tv this year.
Wow the Stawell Gift footage FreemanABC on now.
I love to see a staute of CathyFreeman A Powerful moment in our history that inspired us and generations to come.
20 years on...I held my breath again. CathyFreeman What a sporting moment, what an athlete and what a role model.
HONESTLY we dont want this to ever end. Goosebumps from the first minute. CathyFreeman a true Australian hero.
You couldnt script the story and myth of CathyFreeman into existence, and FreemanABC this unexpectedly beautiful marriage of dance, sport, history and politics really does it justice. Goosebumps.
Ok last one... None of the replies to this say what Murri nation's land they were on. It's like they acknowledge, celebrate even, Catherine's Murriness, but disconnect that entirely from land rights. That's not reconcilation.

Watching freemanabc reminded me how inspired I was by CathyFreeman as a 6yo. I was determined to be the fastest in my class. At the athletics carnival I ended up winning the 50m sprint because the guy in first tripped over just before the finish line. Dreams really do come true.

Huge congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked on FreemanABC - that was tv at its best. And thank you CathyFreeman for sharing all that with us.
Where were you when Cathy Freeman won?
A year after Sydney 2000, CathyFreeman went to Redfern Oval in Nov 2001. 1000s turned out to see her. Imagine the impact she had on these kids who'd now be in their mid 20s (and so many others). Was a great source of pride and inspiration to generations.

Freeman lighting the flame at the 2000 opening ceremony was such a special moment. You realise it when you watch it 20 years later and its just captivating. I dont think Australia has ever felt as optimistic as it did at that moment.

The critics are always right. The only way you shut them up is by winning. Next fixedmatch 100% are Saturday message me for more INFO.
Thank Christ for You Tube. I could go and watch the glory of the race, unbroken by over-ambitious non-sports people. It stands alone as a truly magnificent moment. It needs no such embellishment. Great show up until then though. But I knew they would bugger it up.

The "Aboriginal flag" CathyFreeman is wearing is owned by a private company and even indigenous people must pay for the rights to use it. Unfortunately it's no different to a having a flag with Mickey Mouse or the Nike swoop on it.

Shes a symbol of what we can be as a nation.
The "Aboriginal Flag" is owned by a private company and people (even indigenous people) who wish to use or display that flag need to pay for the rights to do so. Unfortunately, it's no different to a flag with Mickey Mouse or the Nike swoop on it.

As soon as I was home from work in ICU, watched this FreemanABC usually cant settle, but fully absorbed & invested in this story. Leg bouncing with nerves. Story well told.
I was at Mums watching the tv, less than 10km away from the stadium. Windows open. As she came around that bend on the wind, the crowd noise rose so much, we couldnt hear the tv anymore. She gave us all a gift. Watched the show with tears in my eyes.

I feel like Im being protected. My ancestors were the first people to walk on this land. CathyFreeman Sobbing now.
Such an inspiration!I still remember the opening ceremony of the Syd Olympics and how moving it all was. You need to be a special kind of person to make an entire generation feel like they have won the most important race of their life. Thank you.

Look at me. Im black and Im the best! CathyFreeman FreemanABC And yes you are Vnulb.
If you missed it or just looking to relive the action, FREEMAN is now available on iview: FreemanABC Daniel Boud.
Whos ready to watch FreemanABC?!?! We cant wait!
How fortunate we are to have had Catherine represent us all. So many memories in this film.

What You Really Think


A flag is only an identity marker. Of a community, an organization, a nation or a country. None challenges or displaces the other. I see no reason why anyone should object. After all, identity is a fluid concept and cannot be reified.

This all has a long history ...

Perhaps ask Indigenous Australians to redesign the national flag. One we can all get behind on Australia Day which could be held in October because there are no holidays in that part of the year.

I love it Vnulb.

The "Aboriginal Flag" is owned by a private company and people (even indigenous people) who wish to use or display that flag need to pay for the rights to do so. Unfortunately, it's no different to a flag with Mickey Mouse or the Nike swoop on it.

The fact that it's simultaneously a national flag and under active copyright enforcement has always bothered me. The national flag (and officially, that is a national flag) should be free-to-use.

You are a puppet.

Not only does it not cause me stress I genuinely believe it should be Australias national flag!

Best flag in the world and should represent our country.

Love it, always have.

I feel John Howard along with the IPA flogs hated seeing Freeman succeed getting the Gold Medal, the LNP have always seen or made ways to continue inequality for ASTI people. Keating made huge strides in improving ASTI relations, redfern apology, land rights, then LNP stopped it.

Wish it was our national flag, we're not good enough for it sadly.

WOW, I cant believe this beautiful flag bothers people. Seeing the video of Freeman draped in both flags at the end of her winning the Olympic 400m still makes me emotional. Such a special moment and such a beautiful flag.

I will never be proud of our flag while it has another countries flag in the corner.


Who does it distress?

Its really that simple.

Love it!!

Just remember timsmithmp not only has a problem with one of Australias official flags, The Aboriginal Flag, but also called BLM protestors bong smoking hooligans. Hes doesnt come close to representing Australias values or its people. Vnulb.

My only respected flag !

Its beautiful imho.

Its one of the most beautiful flags in the world.

I can hear Pauline Hanson falling to the floor gripping her chest in pain as she reads this post.

I've always liked this redesign but we seriously need to push a new flag... It's time...