Thursday 25th of June 2020

"There is a Satanic Element in The French Revolution Which Distinguishes it From Any Other Revolution Known or Perhaps That Will be Known." --- Joseph de Maistre.

It appears the French Revolution has now come to the Democratic Party based on initial primary results from New York and Kentucky. If you had any doubts about who is in charge of the Democratic Party ALL doubts should have been removed.

People with the guns, military experience: Hey I think we should engage in debate. Let's settle this peacefully. People without the guns, no training: We are going to kill you and your families in a French Revolution style event. Folks, it's not hard to see how this ends!

The French Revolution, you say? In which rising social and economic inequality led to a democratic overthrow of a monarchy and the establishment of a republic? That French Revolution?
French Revolution dialog today is shallow, dumb and about scoring points not enlightening anyone but in an interesting way. Graham says French Revolution thinking about The Terror Left leaning folk say lol dummy it was about rights and democracy Right say Terror! and Napoleon!

People who stan the French Revolution more often than not haven't studied it.
If the left-wing of the Democratic Party is the French Revolution, I guess that makes Lindsey Graham a particularly cheap Versailles prostitute.
Some of us have than the Cliff's Notes on the French Revolution. So who plays Robespierre and who plays Napoleon in this version?
Stunning that a sitting US Senator like Lindsey Graham doesn't know the relevance of the French Revolution to American Democracy. Perhaps we should just let Lady G eat cake.
Imagine opposing the French Revolution in 2020. Like you're so rightwing that you're a reactionary by 1790s standards.
The French Revolution is bad cuz it was so bloody ? Why did the revolutionaries simply not VOTE to get rid of the king? ?

One would think they would the NYT would require a "deputy editor" to take history to learn the French Revolution brought in the "Reign of Terror" where thousands of innocents had their heads chopped off.

Blue check Tweets about the French Revolution not only show historical ignorance, but the dangers of such ignorance. If you *want* fascism in the U.S., then you'd pull some bullshit like the Reign of Terror, because that's the wave that brought in Napoleon.

OMG! MY son Eric Trump just called & says he has a NEW PLAN to get ME reelected in December! He says it has to do with Michael Flynn, Geraldo, Poland, the French Revolution, Al Capone & the Loch Ness Monster! Eric is on his way to the White House RIGHT NOW! Can't wait to hear it!

Imagine being such a bootlicker that you don't support the French Revolution in 2020. The French ppl were radicalized by literal starvation, and the indifference of the 1%. You're crying over the deaths of the 1% and cronies who thought they could force ppl to die quietly.

Most people badmouthing the French Revolution rn are probably scared of seeing real life consequences of their greed/indifference.
Sounds like Tom Cotton needs to write an op-Ed in the New York Times to teach people about the French Revolution.
IDK who needs to hear this but the French Revolution in the late 1700s was followed by the Reign of Terror and ultimately Napoleon a couple times, then they tried to do the King thing again, then...
...With the Resistance (Democrats) & revolution (Nov election), the King (Trump) and his sycophants (GOP) were thrown from power. So LindseyGrahamSC - you're right. Its just like the French Revolution, with the GOP & Trump the bad guys who hopefully will soon be overthrown. fin.

Yup, this is the sort of education level that "explanatory" journalism requires: complete ignorance. The tweet has been recinded natch: she indicated that the French Revolution created a US style democracy. If you ignore the Terror, Empires (1st/2nd), Restoration; details.

Opposing the French Revolution is literally the definition of being on the right. That's where the term originates.
Grew up in France, leamed about the "French Revolution" while in school. Extremely confused with the point you are trying to make????????
The French Revolution is what happens 6 hours later in the bathroom after eating escargot.
The point of this third-level subtweet was a response to a response to a response to Lindsey Graham comparing progressive Democrats being elected to what he considers the terror of the French Revolution. My point was that America terrorized Blacks AFTER the 1776 Revolution.

Lol at self styled "Republicans" arguing against the French revolution. ?? The irony, it's beautiful. Guess what dickweed, the French were literally "REPUBLICANS" they were fighting against a monarchy and for a republic.

Soooooo, Journo Bros do know that they would be a part of the elite establishment that gets the guillotine if we re-enter a period like the French Revolution right? Am I crazy to think that these people are 1 clip short of battle-ready in terms of mental processing?

The French Revolution was messy, but overall it was liberation for millions from indentured servitude by an uncaring, out of touch, greedy and cruel aristocracy, and is unsurprisingly referred to as a Reign of Terror by the powerful and wealthy. I wonder why?

While French Revolution is trending I recommend everyone listen to La Marseillaise.
The French Revolution was a good thing because it included the overthrow of the monarchy. You pretty much just admitted that you are an absolutist. Are you scared of what the people are capable of? You should be. Get ready to be OVEHROWN!

The French Revolution was the direct result of the 1% of that age demanding injustice beyond the point when mere justice & equality were enough & those that 1% oppressed were forced BY THAT 1% into a place that demanded revenge Today's 1% is nearing that same point.

Good lord, for as much as yall tout the value of history, you seem to not actually know anything. The French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution. Read a fucking book, Lady G.
A song.... to help us all remember.
Reign of Terror was a dark and violent period of time during the French Revolution. Radicals took control of the revolutionary government. They arrested and executed anyone who they suspected might not be loyal to the Revolution. So they ate their own......

Graham tweets about the French Revolution....usual suspects pounce...Reign of Terror is trending. Ok, maybe enough Twitter for today.
Only a rube would think prog is a derogatory term. Only an imbecile would consider the conscription of Robespierre the significant and defining event of the French Revolution. Fucking Einsteen.
Lindsey Graham does not understand the significance of the French Revolution, maybe someone should give him a hands on lesson.
French Revolution is trending. Is this permission.
If we're calling the Democratic Party the party of the French Revolution, it might be a good time to remember what Mark Twain, one of America's greatest authors, said about the Reign of Terror.
For those who went to public school: 1. History is not a story of continuous improvement from the bad past to a better future 2. American politics in 2020 can't be mapped onto any random event from history 3. The French Revolution was bad.

I really must admit, I did not expect to see the French Revolution was totes awesome AND led to American democracy everyone! I mean, it is impressive in the utter dedication to stupidity. My stars and garters.

Multiple, high-level editors writers at political news websites not understanding basic outcomes of French Revolution...seems like a problem?
Okay... so no one in the media knows anything about the French Revolution. It explains why they're cheering the social unrest and regime change now.... Have fun at the guillotines.
I love to see "was the french revolution good or not" being re-litigated by people who would have been apologists for the monarchy in 1789 the reign of terror was an inevitable consequence of a collapsing system that refused to reform itself right until the end sound familiar?

Massive levels of wealth inequality led to the French Revolution just like massive levels of wealth inequality are leading to the inevitable revolution in the United States. And the ruling class and the corrupt politicians who do their bidding will only have themselves to blame.

Ah yes, the French Revolution, that most-famous socialist revolution.
A day when politicians are tweeting about the French Revolution makes a historian like you wanna shoot yourself in the head, I imagine.
Wrong. The American revolution did not inspire the French one.
My God Yes, the Republic which was followed by the reign of terror, an economic collapse, a dictator, and 15 year long war... and ultimately the monarchy was restored Saying the French Revolution led to a Republic is like saying Romeo and Juliet led to a happy ending.

Will cain french revolution meek.

What You Really Think

Pretty sure it was in the other ones. Tougher to see in the Scottish but it was there. We're living the Scottish "enlightenment's" great terror.

...until now.

King Louis will was one of a faithful Catholic "I leave my soul to God, my creator; I pray Him to receive it in His mercy, not to judge it according to its merits but according to those of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has offered Himself as a sacrifice to God.

Ohhh! You write for the New York Post. Everything's explained.

Sounds pretty cool actually.


Absolutely spot on quote. Look who started it and you know who controls the world.

I guess that part, "that will be known", is going to be tested right now. That's why this is ultimately a spiritual war, and this country is simply one of the battlefields right now, and seemingly going down fast to the enemy. Also why revival is only remedy.

?????? ?? ??????

Alas, he was wrong.

So Les Miserables (the musical, movie, etc.) paints an inaccurate sympathetic portrait of the French Revolution?

"The French Revolution was as if the Manson Family took over the country." -- AnnCoulter, just today, on.

That Satanic Element was REPUBLIC itself. Viva Monarchy.

The Satanists were the royalists, that's the element in question.