Friday 30th of April 2021


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Thanks fans for your support worldwide.
How to make friends and mutuals around here...? Honestly... Ive been on tumblr for sooooo long and I never interact with...
Nobody Been Look My Face When I Dey On My Own.
Pretentious fuck? You? Absolutely not. Orange-obsessed, thoughtful, intelligent, kind and beautiful human being? Fuck yeah.
Screaming Taylor swift while enjoying a apple and black current with a hint of vodka.
Good company, music and drinks yes please.
I do a lot of things for many people. People I dont even know. Idk why, maybe because my heart is big... but Im beginning to...
A friend that I found during one of my night walks over a year ago.
Platonic love is so important,tell your friends you love them.
Conscientious Decision.
It makes me so wet thinking about a gentle, casual gangbang of my all my friends. my body available for anyone to play with,...
Happy happy birthday VVV.
Wait ; ) photography friend friends elevator waiting wait photo srilankan srilanka srilanka ultrawide withgalaxy ...
Hey, hows everybody doing?
Friends Friendshipsms yaronkimehfil Mitra goldenwords shairy poem loveshairy...
Releasing Tomorrow Please subscribe the Channel Keep Supporting DesiRock.V...

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You're not dumb didi...I am don't steal my throne.

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