From The New York Times, I Agree This Would Have Sounded Unbelievable Years Ago.

Monday 27th of March 2023

From The New York Times, I Agree This Would Have Sounded Unbelievable Years Ago.

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Their poor so thats their own fault, politicians watt of thinking probably.
As long as there aren't any drag queens at the meatpacking plant, I don't see the problem.
Thats basically what ]The Onion posted]().

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You'd be surprised at the number of parents that *want* their own kids to do this kind of work.

Actually, that is not entirely true, there are parents out there pushing their teenagers to get jobs and would push their own for meatpacking jobs.

Well, yeah, those other kids didn't make the right choices. They should have chosen to be born to upper-middle-class white parents.

The only moral child labourer is not my child labourer.


That's accurate. The Jungle was published in 1906, which exposed corruption in government and business. Like we need to go back to an era with poverty, a lack of social supports, harsh living, and hopelessness. Though its a shame readers were more concerned about the unsanitary practices in the meat-packing industry than the treatment of workers.

No, they just want it like the 50s and 60s I think. Whites rule. Nobody else matters. If youre not straight youre hiding it. If youre not Christian you dont say it. That kind of stuff. Totally not bigoted at all No big deal.

Nope thats after the civil war. They want 1853.

Are they going to say immigrant kids are stealing their jobs now or will they hold the businesses accountable for the exploitation?

This should be way higher up in the comments. Not only that this is nowhere new. It has been reported on for at least 5 years. And the punishments for the law then was just a small fine. One reporter was supirized that the owners/managers of the plants had no caution or qualms about talking to her about this. Because it was ok by the people in power.

And child pregnancy and child death from preventable diseases. For a group that claims to do what they do to protect kids the seem really anti children.

Republicans want to enslave their constituents and they will gladly vote for their own enslavement like poor battered and beaten children. The party of Stockholms syndrome.

Child labor *without workmans comp* There are too many injuries in the Tyson plants. They cant be expected to be on the hook for every maimed child! Not when theres a fresh new one waiting to replace ole Timmy no hands.

And child brides.

No, no. Its conservatives worldwide tbh. Its a common trend with conservatives (right wing), theyre very anti-human rights. Women are a pair of tits to be grabbed, kids need to be slapped and taught to work the little shits. Etc etc, its a worldwide right wing view. Fuck them all.

Yep pro life just so they can make more drones.

At the very least this makes sense in relation to their stance on abortion. They're putting unwanted pregnancies on a pipeline to factory work lol.

Exactly, but it pisses me off because they try to act like this is what we're arguing against. They'll discuss, all rosie-eyed about the paper route they had as a kid, or how they saved up money from mowing lawns. No! That's not the same as working graveyard shifts at meatpacking plants, you ghouls!

If teenagers really want to work part-time jobs for money, I have no problem with that. (Gas stations, retail sales, fast food, call centers). But DANGEROUS jobs like a meatpacking plant, and fulltime, is NOT acceptable at all.

This drives deeper than that. Adult income poverty isn't enough. Households will take advantage of this *by necessity* because the kids can help make ends meet. It's about the cruelty. It always has been.

I had a paper route back then, it's a shame that it's a job that's dead now because it was perfect for kids to get used to responsibility and working.

I grew up in freakin shoe repair shops. My dad owned a few of them. I started taking care of customers and working at age 6. Shit definitely doesn't build character. All I got out of it was some alcoholism and a opioid problem from always being sore. I was regular at a bunch of bars while I was still in high school. Then I turned 21 in the ICU and was never supposed to walk again...

Yes Ill support that message.

Stop sanitizing it. The only politicians passing these laws are Republicans. It's strictly, exclusively, and objectively a Republican led shift. Do not give them any wiggle room to make this a fault of nebulously defined and grouped "politicians." That is what they want. Both/all sides rhetoric only serves to benefit the aggressors. Speak deliberately and clearly. Republicans are supporting child labor and any Repiblican acting toward that end or not opposing it needs to be tossed out and forced to work those jobs. Ftfy.

I live in an area that has been developed all to hell for wealthy people to move here. It's become a place of extreme income inequality. It's been interesting seeing people with luxury vehicles suddenly start living out of them. Bet they never thought they would be become technically homeless.

No, they know. They watched it happen to millions of families literally 3 years ago or sooner. They don't care about other people enough to save themselves. Covid really should have been an obvious wake up call. Anyone can be shoved onto food stamps and unemployment in this shitty country. Something needs to change. But we're all just happy it's "over" so we can watch the new Marvel movie or whatever. We didn't learn.

"]If they're going to die] they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population." - Charles Dickens, *A Christmas Carol*, published 1843.

It is no concern of mine wether or not your family has what was it again? Uh, food?

Where's General Sherman? I have plenty of matches to contribute to his cause.

It's also worth noting that 3 conservative presidents in a row really expedited our path into the depression. So they want for a time long ago, that they historically were responsible for ruining. The US was avoiding the depression in a lot of ways, but a decade of poor economic decisions really fucked us. Its obviously more complicated, but this ISNT an unreasonable analysis. The US had a good standing to observe the depression sweeping Europe, and respond to it accordingly. FRD would actually combate this by funneling money into the economy. It sounds like a tool for inflation hell, but throwing money at people to have and to spend boosted the economy. The conservatives that led into the depression basically were taking all money OUT of public spending. Which is not what you want when your economy is in a nose dive. I hope there's a historic economist who can expand on this, because it's been a while since I had access to resources on the topic.

> Since when does a kid want to work A lot of 14 year olds want money. I started working at 14 to have spending money. Its not that shocking that teenagers might want extra cash to spend on themselves.


Id disagree. Id cut lawns and shovel driveways of my neighbors when I was 10-11. I started washing dishes in a local cafe around 13. But, it was a few hours on weekends for extra money for video games and comics. It wasnt a necessity so my family had a home and food.

I worked summers with some weekends to save up to buy my first car and have spending money. My parents werent broke but I wanted my own.

I disagree I got my first job at 13. I loved it. It was only part time so maybe like 10-16 hours a week. It wasnt in a meat plant, but a green house. I felt so proud getting a pay check and buying my own video games and snack food and bought my own tv. My parents didnt have a lot of extra income. To be fair I would want to work in a meat plant.

It is and it won't change for the better until individuals like you and I band together and make change happen ourselves.

They won't. Because they're fing morons. Also, so terrified of being branded anti-business.

It's evil when Muslims do it, but if Americans marry teenage girls it's just their culture /s.

Finally a *reasonable* comment and plan.

You keep repeating this lie. No nine year olds can't work normal jobs in Arkansas. The only thing that the recent Arkansas law changed was not requiring permits for 14 and 15 years. No changes in legal working ages, industries, or anything else. The law is literally two pages long you can read it for yourself. The ONLY mention of nine year olds in Arkansas labor rules is in the break rules for entertainment industry (meaning child actors). These jobs still require permits, and have no age limit as even newborns can work on an entertainment permit.

There it is, they're trying to cover their asses, legally, for what they're already doing. no one wants to talk about border control, but they're going to set us back 50 years. It'll be white people in the 90s all over again, being proud of their 9 dollars an hour and shitting on anyone who disagrees. BeCaUsE I cAn HaVe aLl tHe oVeRtImE I wAnT.

Wait until you hear about how it's no longer a choice in many states.

That's not true though. They could easily find a proper workforce if they paid more. But they can get kids to work for low wages, so they do.

Your dad letting you sit in his chair isn't working.

But we ARE talking about children. They want laws that remove the obligation of verifying ages of workers. Then we'll hear the excuse that Republicans are so used to saying- I thought she was of age!

> We are not talking about actual children here, we are talking about teenagers. I've got some news for you.

I personally would have preferred my parents getting paid reasonably so they could give me a 20 dollar allowance to go to the mall with my friends instead of working at 14. But hey, if you liked getting in on the capitalism grind early, good for you. I think it's a slippery slope that will lead to the same shit over and over.

Your childhood was stolen from you by billionaires who want to make a buck and instead of supporting social systems have taught you, you need to work to have value. Are we now letting 14 year olds do what they want to now, just because they want to? I can't believe we're arguing about whether or not a 14 year old should be working. In general humans are more productive than ever. How much more does the average worker produce over their lifetime than they did 30 years ago? But capitalism can't sustain a retirement age of 62 and needs 14 year olds to work.

When I was 12, my parents sent me down to say that there was no money for university. They knew I would be going and wanted to give me as much time as they could for getting a plan together. I would be able to live rent free and get free rides when they were available. Food would be free. Internet. They would cosign loans if that would help. I had to work to get money though. I worked a lot to pay for school, starting at 15. What ended up happening? Well, my grades were very good, but not great. Not great enough for the kind of scholarships that would allow me not to work in university. Again, I did very well, but not well enough for a full ride anywhere. So when I went to grad school after taking time off to make some money, we were very poor, and I said we, because I had to move in with my partner who was just my boyfriend then because Id run out of money. this was a risk that paid off, but sometimes I think about how if my partner and I didnt get along, what a train wreck that wouldve been, and completely because I didnt have enough money despite working. In grad school, they paid us a pittance as a bursary or whatever that we had to work for, and we were not allowed to work outside of that job. Because they wanted us to focus on our studies. If we worked outside the University or took on extra work on at the University, they would remove whatever extra we made from our scholarships. They also taught us how to apply for a specific scholarship. Only two of us in our year would get the scholarship. Part of it would be based on grades from undergrad and part on the quality of the project we were proposing. Well, the two students who got scholarships ended up being from rich families. Their projects were not good, but their grades were. They had had the time because they had the money to study with focus. They werent burnt out. Anecdata, of course. But I dont know why we dont think of school as work. Even when we call it schoolwork. Reminds me of how we call assault in a school setting bullying. Kids have jobs. In fact, Id be fine paying kids to go to school. At each level of my education, my classmates were richer and whiter. This is how we end up with a disconnect between the elite and the hoi polloi and why politicians often just dont have a clue and find it pays to not have a clue about how hard it is to live in late-stage capitalism. This also bakes the myth of meritocracy into the system. I know Ive taken your comment down a bit of a rabbit hole based on my personal experience, but I dont want us to be increasing economic and social divisions. If every kid was presented with the same level of opportunity, I wouldnt be worried. But we clearly arent presenting each kid with the same level of opportunity.

Exactly right. If a teen WANTS to work in a gas station, fast food, retail, a call center PART TIME, have at it. I had a retail job in my teens for extra $$. But no way should they work fulltime, overnight, in dangerous jobs.

They do it with everything now including taking part in high profile murders and whatever is hot at that moment. Times have changed big time. Wouldn't surprise me if some of their sources is reddit.

Not according to the law in Arkansas. Were going to hear a lot more I thought he/she was 14!!! They told me they were 14! because kids will be paying rent as young as they can get away with hiring them.

Uuuuuh, got bad news for you: once the GOP overturn child labor laws, it won't be illegal anymore. And they *are* trying to overturn child labor laws. Please don't be dense.

How do you stop bad parents from forcing their kid to work?

Jesus christ haha "if 16-34 don't want to work for shit wages then we'll just recruit the people who are easier to take advantage of" dumbass take.

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