Monday 27th of April 2020

General Flynn

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BOMBSHELL: Mike Flynn was deliberately setup and framed by the FBI.The government withheld exculpatory evidence, which could have proved his innocence.They covered it all up.All charges against General Flynn should be dropped immediately!RT!.
Pretty unbelievable to think that three Americans, myself, General Flynn and Paul Manafort were deliberately framed by our own government to try and overthrow a duly elected President and forever taint history with fake stories. Reflection..
Everyone behind the coverup against General Flynn should be fired, and prosecuted.If this can happen to a former General, it can happen to any of us.Who agrees?.
If General Flynn is exonerated in the coming days, it will be the most epic win for Trump supporters since November 8, 2016. The Kavanaugh confirmation will pale in comparison. I cant wait to see the look on Rachel Maddows unhinged face.God bless America!.
So many journos were clearly, grotesquely wrong about both Kavanaugh and General Flynns treatment-And now that we see the truth of the schemes used to almost destroy both men, we should never forget the frauds in the press corps who abandoned all decency to ruin them.
Barack Hussein Obama is the most corrupt man to ever serve in the White House.Just ask General Flynn.ALL ROADS LEAD TO OBAMA..
General Flynn being exonerated confirms the deep state and democrats actually tried to overthrow the United States of America..
General Flynn and Admiral Rogers - Heroes of the 2nd American Revolution.
For two years, everyone has associated FISA abuse with Carter page. Now theyre going to associate his with General Flynn.Would love to see the Flynn FISA applications declassified.Ted Cruz missile incoming?.
4) General Flynn was attacked because he had evidence that could be used against corrupt people. Therefore, they needed to neutralize him.The patriots working with President Trump anticipated Flynn would be attacked and developed a role for him outside the White House..
Devin Nunes-Why is General Flynn Important? Because He Was Framed By His Own Government!!.
If you think Democrats are freaking out now--wait until General Flynn is exonerated, and AG Barr starts indicting Obamas cabinet.Its coming..
What they did to General Flynn was a disgrace to our Country! The top of the FBI are human scum!Now the tables are turned is the greatest General of our time!.
EXCLUSIVE: Was Obamas Former AG Eric Holder Directing Attorneys at His Law Firm to Obtain Dirt on President Trump and Withhold Info from Their Client General Flynn?.
" Being By Political Operatives?" - Rep. Devin Nunes: General Flynn Was Framed by Our Own Government (VIDEO)via.
General Flynn should be immediately appointed FBI Director..
Breaking News: sources tell me will be completely exonerated this week. It was a total fraud. A Set up. More tomorrow - Lord I hope this is true. General Flynn is an AMERICAN ! We are praying for you and your family !.
Q posts 2 lanterns - Watch the waterQ posts 2 lanterns lit in Old North Church - Watch the waterThat Q post had Flynn news attached.Dec 1st 2017 Flynn plead guiltyDec 1st 2017 Comey tweets The General is known for Watch the water..
Donald Trump and General Flynn were so squeaky clean they had to create crimes to get them.Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were so incredibly corrupt they had to hide crimes to protect them.And its all coming out now..
Imagine Being Framed By Political Operatives? Rep. Devin Nunes: General Flynn Was Framed by Our Own Government (VIDEO)The Walls Are Closing In On All You Lousy Yes You All Know Who You FBI, Obama,Brennen,Clapper,Rice and HRC.
General Flynn expected to be fully exonerated this week, after over three long years of his life and family being destroyed by Obamas criminal Medieval torture is the only plausible punishment for the traitors who did this to him.Then firing squad for them all..
Everyone now knows General Michael Flynn was framed. This is America. We now have our own "Dreyfuss Affair". But heres my question: Will the people who set up and framed General Flynn ever be held to account for their crimes? If not, expect this sort of outrage to happen again.
Arrest ALL the traitors who framed General Flynn..
General Flynn getting case thrown out.
Gen. Michael Flynn to be "completely exonerated this week," according to About Time !Give General Flynn his job as National Security Advisor immediately.
The first Trump associate to be investigated was General Flynn. Many of the allegations against him stem from false media reports that he had an affair with the Cambridge Academic Svetlana Lokhova that Lokhova was a Russian spy..
Once General Flynn is exonerated next week Mr President, bring him back into your administrationLiberals heads explode in.
General Flynn will be completely exonerated this week!.
Lets run Comeys comments through the Im an Asshoe Translator:Im the traitorous scum who helped setup General Flynn for a perfectly legal phone call instead of investigating why he was unmasked and his phone call illegally leaked and Im smirking like it was genius.
"It Was a Total Fraud - A Set Up" - Gen Flynn Will be "Completely Exonerated" This Week: Maria Bartiromo WTF! Complete Exoneration is not enough for what this man was put through! He needs to be paid for all of this: his time, attorney expenses, !.
When General Michael Flynn is exonerated - because the case against him was FAKE, phoney and false - WATCH OUT!Payback is gonna be a LOT more than a bitch!.
The Obama/Clinton Cabal Knew They Had To Stop General Mike Flynn First! OR They Would ALL Be Locked Up By NOW!.
General Flynn to Be Completely Exonerated This Week?.
The lawyers for General Michael Flynn, President Trumps former national security adviser, say they have previously undisclosed evidence that proves that Flynn was deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI..
Gen Breaks Silence After Gov Releases Brady Doc Showing He Committed No CrimesAtty fighting 2get hands on Brady Material since took over caseDoc filed under seal,but said it reveals did not.
It Was a Total Fraud A Set Up General Flynn Will be Completely Exonerated This Week: | Published April 26, 2020FREE GEN FLYNN - God.
Absolutely pathetic ... Mueller must be nailed 2 the Cross 4 his sins against General Michael Flynn and the United States of America ... not to mention all those swept up in his darstedly hoax such as Svetlana and so many convenient others in their criminal effort to take down 45 ....
Stunning evidence that proves General Flynns allegations of having been deliberately set up, and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI - human scum.
Let me be the first to fully endorse distinguished patriot and three star decorated General Flynn for the position for FBI Director in Trumps second term.
" Being By Political Operatives?" - Rep. Devin Nunes: General Flynn Was Framed by Our Own Government (VIDEO).

What You Really Think

This clown Schitt needs to go up the river..

Time for you to be exonerated also, Svetlana!.

Youre right about all of it but I really like the last part..

Nothing will change until this tinny SOB is held accountable. He has done so much damage to our country..

The dossier was Sinister Hillarys brainchild and Traitor McCain peddled it! Its really that simple.

We watched the Cover up in real time during this process.

Ive been screaming to the rooftops since December 2016 when Barry and his filth threw out the Russians on BS! I was on holiday SCREAMING!!.

Oh Herzl that brings back some heated memories. To this day, people I trust insist things are not as they might seem to be when it comes to Mueller himself. Your guess is as good as mine what that means..

I want to see Robert Mueller in handcuffs 5:30 in the morning perp walked with CNN outside force to film.

Peddlers of lies..

I pray that your name is cleared right along with May God bless you for the future..

Been going on long time Svetlana.

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