Saturday 26th of June 2021

George Floyd

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Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 years in prison. As he should. But honest to God? He probably won't make it a year. 2 things I...
Derek Chauvin Gets 22 1/2 Years in Prison for George Floyd's Death.
This dude seriously gave condolences to the family of the man he murdered? I hope Derek Chauvin fries like bacon.
Maybe someone will kill Derek Chauvin in prison.
Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years.
1 down, the entire police force to go.
May he fucking rot in there.
Derek Chauvin sentenced.
Juez en Minneapolis condena a Derek Chauvin a 22 anos y medio de carcel por asesinato de George Floyd.
Mister George Floyd did NOT receive justice today. The Floyd FAMILY did NOT receive justice today. My heart is with them and the...
George Floyds murderer got 22.5 years. Is it enough? No, he deserves life. But its a start.
Good. Now lets work on abolishing the police. You cant reform this shit.
Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years in jail for George Floyds murder.
22.5 years for killing a man? what the actual fuck. this just doesnt sit right with me. i am once again livid that the american...
22 and a half years. Thank you.
According to reports, DerekChauvin has been sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of GeorgeFloyd. Chauvin was...
The bitch got 22 years instead of the max 40. Hooray.

What You Really Think

Agreed. 40 was the proposed maximum.

Should have been longer.

Hopefully no parole.

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