Saturday 26th of June 2021

Derek Chauvin Has Been Sentenced to 22.5 Years in Prison For The Murder of GeorgeFloyd.

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Derek Chauvins reminded court, theres stronger bond than mothers bond. Which only reminded thats GeorgeFloyd cried mommy Chauvin murdered him.
Derek Chauvin been sentenced 22.5 years prison murder GeorgeFloyd.
Judge Peter Cahill just sentenced DerekChauvin months thats 22.5 years murder GeorgeFloyd.
people Minneapolis trusted DerekChauvin protect them abused that trust murdered GeorgeFloyd. Chauvin sentenced years. The DerekChauvinSentencing disappointing places spotlight work have country justice.

Anything less than LIFE is not enough for that monster.
22.5 years isnt enough!!!
Theyre gonna sentence DerekChauvin drug infestations, high crimes decay will continue late GeorgeFloyds neighborhood. Nice distraction.
22.5 years Very Good.
fair just result. makes statement without having statement.
Georges Floyds killer Derek Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years prison. That seems light
Judge Peter Cahill just handed Derek Chauvin sentence months state prison. Chauvin other officers involved murdering GeorgeFloyd still face additional federal prosecution.
While 22.5 isn't years, going concentrate fact that life will miserable will terrorized there just like terrorized.
Sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of GeorgeFloyd.
Sentenced years prison murder GeorgeFloyd. Judge adds years Chauvin's "abuse position trust" "particular cruelty" Chauvin showed George Floyd.
Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years murder GeorgeFloyd murder. Court room just fell silent judge's words resonate.
22.5 years for Chauvin...
home isnt always culprit, however might have been. DerekChauvins mother chance show sympathy GeorgeFloyds family acknowledging their sorrow, instead displayed total disregard failed apologize world monsters behalf.

Justice pour GeorgeFloyd.
22.5 yrs!!!!?! Justice???? WTF!!! Credit Time already served??!? judge said based emotion public opinion. Saying sorry GeorgeFloyd Family. BLACK WANT SERVE LEARN BECOME LAWYERS JUDGES!

Is given 22 year prison sentence for the murder of.
good says DerekChauvin mother. supports 100% calls innocent. word GeorgeFloyd family, apology sympathy. Just selfish White woman sees sons public lynching murder Black nothing.

We are abolitionists, but as long as there are prisons, DerekChauvin should rot in one of them. Justice in the name of GeorgeFloyd!
22.5 yearsregardless, street justice been served.
Derek Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years prison murder GeorgeFloyd.
Fuck Derek Chauvin's mother white tears Your racist murderer.
Judge sentences DerekChauvin to 270 months in prison for death of.
Sentenced to 22.5 years for killing.
judge sentences former officer, Derek Chauvin 22.5 years prison murder
22.5 years start. Let's make police accountability thing 21st century. Enough.
Hopefully hell be convicted on those as well.
Derek Chauvin will spend least years prison murder GeorgeFloyd. Its. Not. Enough.
All of them. Conscious, egomaniacal, under the color of authority, premeditated murder.
Gets half years. That's roughly fifteen half days every second GeorgeFloyd neck. sentenced today: policing structures that defend THAT going hell sentencing hearing.

News this everyone please take moment remember GeorgeFloyd those have been victims police brutality America. have long
USAmbPyatt from Minneapolis Greece, fuck police!
ain't never heard anybody getting added their sentence.
Dont stress over Derek Chauvin sentencing. might have gotten 22.5 years life expectancy prison maybe month. nature take course.
Theres people serving longer periods prison cannabis possession. mans life should worth more than 22.5 years.
Former police officer Derek Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years prison murder GeorgeFloyd.
22 1/2 years, not enough for taking the life of.
watching Derek Chauvins talk about him.
22.5 years isn't enough killing GeorgeFloyd Full justice hasn't been served.
Derek Chauvin being sentenced 22.5years murder George Floyd
Murderer DerekChauvin gets 22.5 years for killing GeorgeFloyd. He shouldve gotten more.
Derek Chauvin just been sentenced years prison murdering George Floyd!
Officer enough enough. years justice. Just imagine what buddies will get. hoping still more cases year hadn't heard that before.
justice today. 22.5 years equals years serve Murder.
described neighbors, nephews, cousins faith leaders good, present, loving father. DerekChauvins co-workers, friends, family besides mother refused support him. Dereks mother showed ZERO compassion Floyds death familys pain.

half years. long time. George Floyd will gone forever. What theft life waste another.
It's ppl doing more time for weed smdh but this is AmeriKKK.
This 22.5 year sentence is too lite for killing GeorgeFloyd. Other offenders have been sentenced to more for lesser crimes. This is crazy!!
Meanwhile derekchauvin sentenced years georgefloyd murder!!
Judge sentences former Minneapolis Police Officer convicted killing GeorgeFloyd years. fox5sandiego latest.
Now they can breathe.
Derek Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years prison murder GeorgeFloyd enough!
NEWS: Dereck Chauvin been sentenced 22.5 years prison. Judge Peter Cahill says decision based emotion public influence abuse authority cruelty showed GeorgeFloyd.

CHAUVIN SENTENCING: Derek Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years prison George Floyds death.
Derek Chauvin sentenced 22.5 years death
En tchou aw !
Judge Cahill sentenced Derek Chauvin 22.5 years prison murder George Floyd.
TONIGHT: The world was watching Court TV as DerekChauvin was convicted for the murder of GeorgeFloyd. Today the former police officer learns his fate as the cameras are live in the courtroom. Watch on CourtTVUK on Sky179 / Freesat177 tonight at 1am.

Chauvin chance sorry didnt it.. because racist Racist.
Former Minneapolis police officer DerekChauvin sentenced 22.5 years murder GeorgeFloyd.

What You Really Think

Hopefully the rest will get the same.

I've seen cases of a black man doing 40yrs for drugs!! This wasn't justice. He'll be out in 10-15yrs.

A joke.

How much time did Floyd serve?

Free Chauvin.

Should have been life A life for a life.

Justice was served.

Not enough.

Cellmate are waiting already probably.

Hell only serve 15 years due to time served. Definitely not enough but also better than nothing.


More than I thought theyd give him tbh.

Good riddance.

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