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Wednesday 27th of May 2020

You deserved your breath, your dignity, your life. Not to die in the street, murdered by a white cops knee on your neck. You deserve our tears, our prayers, our rage, our action. We must act - for you - and for all of those were no cameras are present. We must. GeorgeFloyd.

White folks: instead of lather, rinse & repeat your tweets for GeorgeFloyd or about AmyCooper, here are things you can *actually do* to interrupt that stems from which you benefit. Compiled by white people who made the effort:.

should be alive. Instead, he was killed as he begged police for his life. The impunity of police violence is a systemic problem we must face to save lives. Police brutality is now a leading cause of death for young Black men in the US. The status quo is killing us.

Tonight Minneapolis bleeds for GeorgeFloyd.
In Minneapolis, USA, Georgefloyd is protested by police in the middle of the street with her throat pressed to her death. There are street actions in the city. Minnesapolispolicemurderdhim.
What if there was NO Cell Phone Footage? Make America Civilized for Once GeorgeFloyd.
Huge protests have broken out in the streets of Minneapolis over the killing of GeorgeFloyd by Minneapolis police.
I think Jumanji 2020 theme for May is 'Racism' 1) AhmadArbery jogging : Murdered 2) UPS NedrickPetersII : Harassed 3) FedEx Antonio & Felinzay: Harassed & Fired 4) ChristianCooper : Called the cops upon 5) GeorgeFloyd: Police Brutality The Gov is doing.

This is GeorgeFloyd speaking to the youth before he died.
His name was GeorgeFloyd. This is murder. This is not ok and we must demand justice.
Which knee bothers you more ? GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter Resist Trump 1u tcot maga kag qanon wwg1wga NotMeUs JusticeForGeorgeFloyd BLM Racism.
Last night in Minneapolis -heartbreaking ? GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatters ICantBreath HadEnough.
This man said what exactly I wanted to say. From the principle of justice I CALL For DEATH Penalty for these Criminals. ICantBreath GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatters.
The diversity in this video & the amount of people who showed up to support is amazing. Sad that people have to even do stuff like this, but this is America. GeorgeFloyd Minneapolis JusticeForGeorgeFloyd.

The big homie GeorgeFloyd was the definition of "Be the change you want to see." THIS is the man y'all murdered. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd.
I am so sorry and saddened that this bullshit is still fucking happening in 2020. We need to fight this, every single one of us from all over the world. GeorgeFloyd.
Racist USA GeorgeFloyd.
He dint start at the age of 6 like other is just gifted please try this BadboiBbk bacotsantuy icantbreathe nysc IAMANIGERIAN communicator ChildrensDay2020 GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim.

FUCK THIS!! These men should be sentenced to death ... they literally tortured the innocent man for 7 mins until he lost life! GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter.
"I can't breathe." Minneapolis police fired tear gas at people protesting the death of GeorgeFloyd, an unarmed Black man. He died after police were filmed kneeling on his neck while he struggled to breathe. The 4 officers have been fired.

magate">Obamagate is fake Ruthie agrees ...ICantBreath GeorgeFloyd MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim BlackLivesMatter MAGA.
THIS IS MURDER !!! Seeing this from Australia and it can be called nothing else but a racially motivated murder !! GeorgeFloyd.
MichaelRappaport speaks ... GeorgeFloyd died Monday night after pleading with Minneapolis police officers that he could not breathe while he was being detained. The FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are investigating the incident.

As a white guy living in West Virginia I am applaud at the level of ignorance shown nationwide when folks puke up "all lives matter." They are completely missing the point. AllLivesMatter is the dumbest fucking hashtag I've seen in my life. GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter.

Being black was not our we all have red JusticeForGeorgeFloyd The evidence is clear GeorgeFloyd.
It was the way he leisurely murdered a man with his hands in his pocket. The cold blooded emotionlessness of it. GeorgeFloyd.
So sick of this happening to our people! On top of that nothing being done about it . Something has to be done and many things have to be changed! Rest In Peace georgefloyd ?
What happened to GeorgeFloyd almost happened to ChristianCooper & has happened and continues to happen to too many black men in America brings back memories of what happened to me in August 2008 in Falcon Heights MN just 4 days after I arrived the US from Nigeria for my MPH /1.

was saying icantbreathe This is so wrong GeorgeFloydWasMurdered JusticeForGeorgeFloyd.
That cop murdered GeorgeFloyd in broad daylight, knowing full well that he was being watched and recorded. THAT is how much cops trust the system to let them get away with murdering black men. Tear it all down.

demanding the state be reopened amidst a pandemic vs demanding justice for GeorgeFloyd.
the lack of humanity in that video was so sickening GeorgeFloyd.
Happy Children's Day! ?? Ignore my dress code please ? JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Lasisi GeorgeFloyd icantbreathe.
This crime can't go away. I don't give a shit what GeorgeFloyd did, or if he resisted. When you put your body weight on his neck, & he loses consciousness & you remain there, & and then check his fucking pulse & STILL remain there, that's murder.

When thousands of mostly white armed extremists gathered at the Virginia statehouse to protest new gun safety laws earlier this year, there was no tear gas, no stun grenades, no rubber bullets. No use of force was used on demonstrators. GeorgeFloyd.

Protest broke out all over the streets of Minneapolis to call for justice in the killing of GeorgeFloyd:.
Minneapolis. May 26 2020 GeorgeFloyd.
Murdered. He was murdered! GeorgeFloyd was Murdered live on camera while the guy murdering him had his hands in his pockets like it was nothing. Appalling shit. National disgrace. Rest in peace.
Police in the US fire tear gas on protest against brutal Memorial Day murder Video shared on social media shows that GeorgeFloyd was killed by a police officer who kneeled on his neck while he was subdued on the ground EricGarner.

Action over hashtags?? I will never forget standing next to Kaepernick7 and missing out on a chance to use my platform! Speak out ? GeorgeFloyd.
His name is George Floyd. Murdered on camera by Minneapolis police, as bystanders pleaded with officers not to kill him. His last words were, "I can't breathe." SayHisName BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloyd.

This George Floyd video has me sick to my stomach. Over the next few days, look for the media to assassinate his character and broadcast his imperfections. Its their pattern of deflection in an attempt to justify murdering a man that was pleading for his.

There was no tear gas, no stun grenades, no rubber bullets in Sacramento earlier this month. No use of force was used on demonstrators. georgefloyd.
Our hearts ache. Our heads ache. Our souls ache. Our backs ache from the weight of constantly carrying this heavy load. The unyielding weight of injustice is nothing that one person or group should carry alone. GoodPeople SpeakUp StandUp GeorgeFloyd.

George Floyd was murdered. That officer needs to be charged. What the actual fuck. GovTimWalz WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN CHARGED? DO SOMETHING!!
FALSE PIC of killer in MAGA hat. Scum who posted this pic (.CBrichelleS) admits it isn't true but refuses to take post down. She is seeking to blame MAGA crowd for GeorgeFloyd's death.
Racism is real! This is 2020. I can't believe we are still having this conversation. Just look at this. Just look at. GeorgeFloyd.
? Ohhhh, Makes me wanna the way they do my GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter icantbreathe.
In case anyone doesn't get it by now, this type of kneeling is why ColinKaepernick kneels. MinneapolisPolice GeorgeFloyd ICantBreathe.
This guy should be suffocated to death by knee as his punishment. America act like they are the greatest country in the world. You are fucked up. Realise it. Change it. Turn your guns on this guy instead of kids or unarmed black men BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloyd ICantBreath.

6 years Same 3 Why? ICantBreathe EricGarner GeorgeFloyd.

What You Really Think

My heart goes out to his loved ones AND to the African American he may be gone but this incident won't die down easily. He was a "man", he had family, and people who loved him. All who played a role in killing him shall be reckoned with by God's justice.???

RIP King Sorry!

chloexhalle We need to stop standing by recording and letting this happen we are so quick to fight and kill each other daily but stand by and watch a King die before there eyes and not save his life as a people we are weak as Fuck!

CurtisB_MUFC Minnesota don't stop until the nefarious racists are brought to justice! Their blood must be white, not red like the rest of us!

This unspeakable tragedy is but another example of the systematic dehumanization of black bodies. A knee on a neck would certainly do damage to any human being. That tactic was not authorized in a police manual. He chose to kill George Floyd. That cop is a professional killer!

Check on your voting registration, and vote Blue. That will be the start of justice.

It is so sad to see a life cut short, my trust in the USA Police has gone to an almighty low now. When will they ever learn? The spiral of racism will never reduce until respect is universal.

You deserved everything. We are sorry.

He deserved to be breathing right now! Prayers to his family! Bless this!

Hype ex jug u book.

We do have the right to defend ourselves against DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TERRORISTS. Why yall so pussy?

JohnBoyega What makes this more disturbing is all we gonna do is march, hug, and forgive the cop like we always do.?????

Black men can't jog, they can't drive, they can't cash a check at a bank, they can't picnic with a loved one, they can't shop with a mask, and they can't walk down a street and we can't kneel.

The saddest thing is the firing may be the only thing that happens. Hands in his pockets as spectators watching, protesting, recording as his white privileged illuminated. He knew he could kill Mr. Floyd in front of eyewitnesses and get away with murder.

I'm disgusted and sick. They should be arrested and charged with murder. There are no words to show my sympathy for his loved ones left to deal with this senseless act of cowardice from these officers.

We really are not great at all.

TrueFactsStated He will go straight to heaven God willing as will all those wrongfully killed.

JohnBoyega Just so everyone knows not all white people are like this.

All four cops should be charged with murder and accessory to the murder of Floyd.

TrueFactsStated There are no words to describe the injustice in this country. WeAreAllOnePeople AllLivesMatter.

? Say his name, GeorgeFloyd.