Friday 14th of May 2021

German State TV Channel Dwnews Says it "regrets" Airing This interview About Gaza. What do You Think? Full Video.

Social Media Says

Cowardly German state media dwnews apologized interviewing removed interview. also being smeared German yellow press (Bild) anti-Semite. Theres free speech Europe about fascist Israels horrific crimes.

time people Germany German elites stop making Palestinian children Gaza Strip crimes German people against European Jews." AliAbunimah German state broadcaster.

Russia, Russians didn't consider Russian Jews Russian. resultpogroms. Germany, Germans didn't consider German Jews German. resultthe Holocaust. Trump Newsmax pals don't consider American Jews American, Israeli. It's antisemitism, it's dangerous.

Battle Lawrence (1942-1944) only time since 1812 that enemy ships inflicted casualties Canadas inland waters. German U-boats sank ships came within 300km Quebec City.
Every single German team wondering they import Alem4oR6 Europe.
Expulsion senior Jewish managers Nazis persistently hurt German firms stock prices profits, demonstrating that discrimination against qualified business leaders causes first-order economic losses, from Huber, Lindenthal, Waldinger.

This German True Crime Mini Series Will Your Next Binge.
this years ago, early hours 1918, Olympic (while serving Olympic) rammed sank German submarine U-103.
German press icing Zverev vibes class that decided completely ignore went restroom comes back silent classroom.
German Jewish refugees Elly Renate Reutlinger boarded Louis 1939. Denied entry Cuba ship forced return Europe. Elly Renate were detained Netherlands until they were able immigrate five months later.

Schnorrer (shnarr; spelled shnorrer) Yiddish term meaning "beggar" "sponger". word Schnorrer originally occurred German language describe freeloader frequently asks little things, like cigarettes little sums money, without offering return.

German people halt ney.
Male, white German Shepherd Dog 9 weeks old.
Like German left it's fault.
German media company Deutche Welle removes Abunimah's interview calling remarks "anti-semitic". Let's retweet see.
can't just german talking about something completely unrelated force nazi comment you're clearly throwing shade germans simply being german that point.
horny groomer alone kennel with equally horny German Shepherd. Suddenly finds herself beneath beast, getting bred first canine! eBook today!
have collected applications that make jobs easier delight customers based
German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) published report which says that shift towards plant-rich diets reducing food losses food waste have largest climate mitigation potentials.

Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., says Jan. Capitol attack looked like normal tourist visit. probably thinks this photo German sightseers enjoying Paris.
German Government like...
Ludvig Munthe March 1841 March 1896) Norwegian-born, German landscape painter "Blomstermarked", <1896.
Your forefathers killed many Jews. Don't think it's shameful German?Don't think German soil full sindyags.
Love that German presenters never away from just honestly saying have clue, gonna answer that during q&a.
reminded some other normal tourist visits from past. There that time some German tourists visited Poland 1939.
Germanys Jewish community called upon German government Tuesday step protection Jewish institutions throughout country after Israeli flags were burned front synagogues.
Among the languages MSPs will use today as they are sworn in are BSL, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Doric, Scots, Gaelic, Canadian French, German, Welsh, Orcadian and Zimbabwean Shona. Eclectic or what?
Watch: German "regrets" airing this interview about Gaza.
German state channel dwnews says "regrets" airing this interview about Gaza. What think? Full video.
Anyone that ignorantly defends Israel... defending genocide, apartheid ethnic cleansing Palestinians. There ignorant German 1945 doing exactly what youre doing unwittingly siding with Nazis. better.

ALBUM REVIEW German metalcore veterans Caliban switch things up this week with their 11th album, 'Zeitgeister' released on centurymedia Read.
german considering shared vaccines with countries like Portugal Greece bundeswehr even helped Portugal when they were dire straits weird that theyd green list would still sensible just numbers.

DuHaime German "good German"?
Would criticize this garbage cant understand German.
German state media dwnews apologized interview with AliAbunimah says removed cowards refused defend press freedom. WATCH video below know what they hide from Germans.

Someone: "hey they added pronouns to Instagram" Me: *cries in German*.
English: price German: Preis (noun).
Reiner Fuellmich have been admitted Germany California years. have been practicing primarily trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations such Deutsche Bank. Im also members German Corona Investigative committee.

Yes, mine too. stayed boys boarding school left letters them about replied! wrote while. ended doing German Level wish kept might think doing course revise it.

Currently doing german homework while listen anime openings.
Plus still have Britton coming back, Abreau Nelson have potential someone going Severino comes back- possibly German. Yankees dont need rotation playoffs they have Cole, Max, Sevy, Kluber pitching well.

Following influential 'Rethinking Diversity' report, svanlente explains German publishers, booksellers activists have been sharing strategies make book industry more inclusive.

perfect! Excellent German term. Right there schadenfreude. Fits many conservatwats. "Someone puts breaks evolution their very existence, which embodies much stupidity slows advancement human species down.".

It's rare German elections exciting market-moving events this year exception with Greens with chance become largest party power.
Female male, black German Shepherd Dog 8 weeks old.
want LearnGerman? Here's everything need know about: German language worldwide three genders Difficult words more facts about GermanLanguage.
This from German ambassador Israel. know what have heard from MarcGarneau JustinTrudeau anyone Canadian government. SFA. Aren't proud Canadian?
Arabic, British Sign Language, Canadian French, Doric, English, Gaelic, German, Orcadian, Punjabi, Scots, Urdu, Welsh and Zimbabwean Shona... Fun day at the swearing-in ceremony at the Scottish Parliament!

isnt bluffing. Lets much German exporters really care about Irish border issues.
German speaking Customer Service Agent Malta Sliema Malta Translation Jobs.
Latin, German, Polish Russian have hand in determining current British preferences.
"Testimony" title online educational session devoted Franciscan friar Maximilian Kolbe imprisoned murdered German Nazi Auschwitz camp years ago. 16.00 18.00 CET Programme registration.

Fake news Arte french german channel explain yesterday "desintox" totaly fake.
People German book happy Hanayo [?][?] best girl blessed
should Palestinian children crimes German people against European Jews? AliAbunimah thumbs noses Germans with naked truth!
World secretary German rocket pioneer Wernher Braun died Alabama, where spent much postwar life.
His nickname means german, he doesnt speak the language tho.
typos sound like broken English hear from from some European models. like though, gets point always cute even from roughest German accent.
April 1960, German city Essen hosted extraordinary gathering some jazzs legends. Tenor saxophonist ColemanHawkins joined pianist BudPowell, bassist OscarPettiford drummer KennyClarke extraordinary performance citys jazz festival.

Also, German delegation gave EVERYTHING could've wanted Don't Feel Hate.
Facing rise extremists threats authority, German government deploying more more extreme measures. time great upheaval uncertainty strong leader prophesied rise.

From 1956 German emerged American-backed Gehlen organization. official history questions whether Germanys spies were good.
NEWS FLASH have this stunning vintage century ceramic lamp with original lamp shade. What statement piece. more details follow link below.
It's Throwback Thursday! Tomorrow 76th anniversary surrender U-858 Fort Miles. this picture, German crew (left) being escorted temporary holding area what Youth Camp space.

German government agreed travelers have been vaccinated against COVID-19 recovered from infection avoid testing quarantine when entering country, unless they come from areas where variants concern prevalent.

Bundesliga clubs will meet 19th vote deal that could value German soccers overseas broadcast rights 2bn.
Me knowing we're 4/5 german.
Terrorist settlers planning pogrom Jerusalem Haifa 7:30 Jerusalem they plan starting Zion Square Haifa German Colony.
1939 German Sinti girl, Anna Reinhardtm born Niersbach. Zigeunerlager (Gypsy camp) Auschwitz II-Birkenau from March 1943. No. Z-4763 Date death: 1943.
Lmaoooo Saint German this lirru sex?
German content, follow.
German Health Minister JensSpahn called "GlobalReset" preparedness fight against future epidemics. Spahn made appeal meeting Wednesday affirmed possibility emergence diseases viruses.

2-month-old German shepherd puppy displasia needs loving home. Address: 194, pitampura village near shiva market Delhi 8076865569
many stadiums German national team use? 2004 Schalke, 2012 Munich, 2015 Berlin.
misinterpreted German range part. bad.
Namrata, engineering graduate quit banking career pursue Development. MEAN stack path learning Angular right now. also learning German. love learning things meeting people. Feel free hi.

Very secret account normal German boy.
World winner, Euros winner, Champions League winner, Bundesliga winner, saying Hansi Flick isnt good manager? also sacked Bayern, obviously have knowledge German football suggest dont talk about it.

doing watch along German today.

What You Really Think

I never understood how Germany was paying Israel for the crimes against humanity it committed when Holocaust survivors in Israel and elsewhere were reportedly starving. How does one spin Germany's supply of deadly weapons to Israel as reparation for the murder of 6 million Jews ?

They are dummy in israel hand.

Powerful and true and obvious to anyone with two brain cells. Not just Germans but the British & their long tail the Americans, who started the whole horror show, allowing Euro Jews to move in & occupy land & continued to weaponize them and support them financially & militarily.

Great interview, my mom loved it!

Truth stings.

Course they do, they the media don't like honesty when it doesn't co sign their deluded narrative or as the man said, supporting the Israelis out of guilt on their own past atrocities '.

Let me guess the reply from the interviewer: But what about Hamas? Am I far off?

On the bright side: this shows how desperate, how scared Zionists their apologists are of the truth, of criticism that would expose them as NAKED liars. Earlier this week EmpireFiles posted their Gaza film for free on YouTube. This is what happened.

Too close to the truth that it hurts?

This was typical Ali laying it down, a fantastic blast of outrage and truth.

Great for once their audience get to see the truth...

No Muslims systematically persecuted Jews over the centuries. Europeans and Americans have, culminating in the Holocaust. And now its the Palestinians paying their price.

He just said the truth.

It's weird for a NEWS channel to regret facts or at the very least a story. Unless it is a government propaganda network and not a news network.

They should regrets making the Palestinians suffer for their past mistakes..

The true essence of western media is about manipulating the truth, hiding facts, to spread propaganda and falseness. I can understand why they regret airing the interview, it against the purpose of their existence.

I think I regret ever paying GEZ.

If DW said it regrets airing that truth, then it is evil and has self-declared that it is wilful disinformation for the German state and for Israel. And everyone should then know that it cannot be trusted, as it has declared itself to be an enemy of the truth.

Never trust the west.

.dwnews needs to give itself a good talking to after it gets in the bin. Israel is an Apartheid state - being on the wrong side of history once is terrible enough, being on it twice?

Boycott Deutsche Welle.

Regrets? Why?

It's also worth considering that it's not necessarily 'guilt' that motivates the actions of the german government, and that perhaps its government having been dominated by the US and by literal 'former' nazis and their successors for decades plays a certain role.

I am pretty disgusted they regret airing the truth of the matter.

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