German Police Officer Stops Nazi Salute Next to a Protest.

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

German Police Officer Stops Nazi Salute Next to a Protest.

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The translated article class="u-nolinkc" href="">title kills me: Here class="u-nolinkc" href="">a policeman is taming class="u-nolinkc" href="">a Hitler class="u-nolinkc" href="">salute monkey.
> the "Hitler salute" monkey is Andreas M. (57) Not sure if that's class="u-nolinkc" href="">what was written in German, or if class="u-nolinkc" href="">Google translated things class="u-nolinkc" href="">a bit off. But "Hitler class="u-nolinkc" href="">salute monkey" is class="u-nolinkc" href="">a class="u-nolinkc" href="">wonderful insult.
Translated article into English, "Hitler class="u-nolinkc" href="">salute monkey" is my new class="u-nolinkc" href="">favorite insult.

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***Here a policeman is taming a Hitler salute monkey*** What a headline when translated.

He wasnt arrested. The article states: > The policeman takes down his personal details. The pensioner is now charged with using the marks of unconstitutional organizations.

Bild ist ein Organ der Niedertracht.

FYI although being the fastest and not always wrong you can consider "BILD" one of the worst new-sources in Germany. They are the german version of "Fox News" basically.

In America he would host a show on Fox News.

Any info on the verdict? It says up to three years in prison.

Why does it always have to be in or near Dresden...

> He was arrested. He wasn't. He got criminal charges. You don't get arrested, if there is no expectation, that you will flee or right continue unlawful behaviour.

The "Hitler salute" monkey.


In America you can do it and get a spot on a daytime TV show if you happen to be rich enough.

You can get in trouble for trying to take over the world and eradicate entire races anywhere.

Well not in Spain, where the police protects nazis from antifas.

Not so fun fact: there are currently quite many scandals regarding the police being in nazi chat groups, giving information on political opponents out to right wingers and stashing weapons.

Its actually clear-cut and easily justified by the judiciary in germany.

Did Germany learn from the American civil war? If you don't completely crush treason it comes back Ie confederate idiots in the USA.

Given that it was Oktoberfest I'd assume (and hope) that the drunk dude wasn't German. Probably thought it was a funny sketch. Pleased to hear he was taught a lesson about that.

He's lucky he didn't end up in jail. You can absolutely get arrested for doing that.

Nor should they. Good to see that even so many years later, they still feel shame and remorse as a country for the horrors they allowed. That's how you keep that shit in history books and not the news.

Its interesting how the Germans actually eradicated their awful ideologies for the most part after losing a major war over it whereas the Southern US just doubled down on it and started to call it heritage and culture.

You probably know this, but in the US we have what's called "Freedom of Speech". It's vigorously defended and basically let's you say what you want without legal action against you from the government. Unfortunately, this has led to many people thinking it means "Freedom From Repercussions". This is becoming more and more common to see people defend *every* viewpoint. Like Bernie Sanders supporters think healthcare should be a universal right and families shouldn't be bankrupted because of a random unplanned illness. Then, you have people that think black and brown people should be abused and locked in cages. These two opinions are obviously opposite each other, but they shouldn't both be promoted and given equal consideration just in the interest of perceived "fairness"...

Obviously a few of them do.

Its how we should be treating MAGAts here.

That haircut was the real crime.

That guy is definitely the Hitler dude's son lol.

The ever-popular 90s penis head bowl cut.

He looks like ]Dylan Roof]().

Haley Joel Osment hasnt aged well.

Lol. I was getting William H Macy till you said Flea. Fusk dimestore Nazi Flea.

Never go full Nazi.

You muh muh muh make me Nazi.

Ho. Ly. Shit. This is absolutely brilliant.

You muh-muh-muh make me happy.

That's clearly drunk Jeremy Irons.

I though he kinda looked like Martin Freeman lol.

I got a good brain.

Im guessing he didnot seethat coming.

]American Dad did it.]().

Odds are, he is not wrong. German Police has... problems.

]here for you malfoy]().

Ill have the dickhead cut please.

We call that the "Dylann Roof.".

German Lloyd Christmas.

Oliver tree.

The mass shooter special.

Dumb and Dumber.

I believe it was based on the Roman salute.

There's a statue of a WW I soldier doing the Bellamy Salute in Manchester-by-Sea, Massachusetts. Aged like milk.

The president of Mexico takes the oath of office that way.

Isn't actually the Roman salute, as it was use by Roman legions?

Kind of interesting that in the National University of Mexico, you do the Bellamy salute when you finish your "professional exam" and they ]officially give you your degree]().

People who sympathize with nazis can fuck right off.

"wir tun das hier nicht".

They remind me of that one meme "of course you did grandma, time to go to bed.".

Its called the Lloyd Christmas and its coming back in style dammit.

Underrated comment.

That's the right arm talking, but the left arm firmly on the shoulder is saying "sit yo ass down, yo don fucked up here, dead or alive you're coming with me".

Doing all that while being caught on camera.

They're probably wearing socks and sandals too...

The guy on the extreme right appears to be flicking his cigarette ash into his drink. Maybe hes done with it, but still, gross.

Who gets drunk, and thinks going to Dachau is a good idea? And who tf would ever think a Nazi salute at Dachau was ever a good idea?

Imagine visiting the concentration camp and then making "jokes about it". Those 2 guys are some real fucked up assholes.

"All three men involved have been given lifetime bans from the memorial site." Good. Extend that to all WW2 memorial sites. They went there drunk, probably out of pure morbid curiosity. Which is exactly the wrong way to visit these places. I would expect this from teenagers, not 50-somethings.

I'm all for bad jokes in the private company of friends, but doing this in public at a concentration camp memorial? Yikes.

That shit happens quite regularly with drunken tourists. One of my favourite incidents was in Hamburg St. Pauli(very left wing). Probably an American did it, got attacked by several people and had to be rescued by a black and a by a brown bouncer. It was hilarious to watch.

Just going to Dachau made me feel ill, there's not a lot of funny things about killing hundreds of thousands of people. Sadly, Dachau is pretty mild by comparison to Auschwitz/Birkenau, it's like comparing someone who tinkers on cars in their garage to Ford motor company. They killed lots of people at Dachau but Auschwitz was a killing factory.

What is the penis game? I seem to have had a deficient childhood.

I (as a German) would have done the same. This is just one of the things that you really can't do in Germany.

Love the look on his face on the first pic, like... cmon man, no.

Hes just moving that cunts arm so he can slap the fuck through that other cunt.

Well ashamed isn't the right word. We can all agree, that is was absolutly terrible and horrible what happened. We want to raise awareness to the topic, that it is never forgotten, because we never want any thing like that to happen ever again. It makes me, and most of Germany sick to see people like this one on the picture to praise this time. This is 2hy we have to stand up collectively and we do not tolerate anything like that.

Except for AfD.

He's American? That's almost too perfect for this story. Do you have a source? All I can find is the drunk American getting punched in a bar in Germany in 2017 for doing a Nazi salute. ]one source]().

]Prison up to 3 years or a fine]().

They do the same, Oh you mean like the officer.

It was used when saying the Pledge of Allegiance in the US until the 1930s.

There' no proof the Romans ever used it. It originates from ]this]() picture from 1784. Edit: here's a thread on askhistorians, better source than the wiki.

This is why I hate how now they tried to do it with the OK symbol. And I hate how the media ATE IT UP. It's used in many part of the world (Diving, basketball, child game with the under the belt thing) and a lot on twitter are trying to make the gesture automatically a sign of the far right. Like that one comedian woman (Kathy Griffin) who legit accused basketball players of being nazis for doing it. Like, no, its a fringe population, don't let them ruin everything just because they do it as well. LEARN FREAKING CONTEXT DAMNIT. Edit: I know its still a minority and I know its mostly made up by trolls. That's why I said "tried". My post was more criticizing the media and twitter eating it and spreading it, taking over normal usage. I've seen news media even in europe call it a hate symbol openly because the Christchurch shooter did it at his trial pictures. And it's on the ADL list of hate symbols.

>The salute was originally used by the Romans &x200B; I think this was renaissance pop culture interpretation. I think the jury is still out on whether this was actually a Roman thing.

> The salute was originally used by the Romans There is no evidence to suggest the 'Roman Salute' (hand held out, palm down, fingers together) was actually used by Romans. No Roman text describes this salute, and contemporary statues almost never show anything like it. The idea of "Roman Salute" comes from painting by Jacques-Louis David's called the ]Oath of the Horatii]() (1784).

How does the fact that the Romans used it make it less associated with violence, genocide, and antisemitism?

There isn't any evidence the ancient Romans used that salute at all.

Romans were kind of dickheads too tho.

He did get his criminal charges afterwards.

It was a protest for accepting refugees in Germany. That guy obviously refused it.

Do they scream "Heil-o there!"?

Looking at the smartphone, it's not *that* old.

Probably happened in eastern Germany. They are usually a bit behind...

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