Saturday 1st of August 2020

Giannis Was Unstoppable When it Mattered Most.

Giannis cleared for takeoff ( nba).
Giannis was unstoppable when it mattered most.
The refs clearly just broke the rules to keep Giannis in the game. That's pretty insane.
What a shock officials openly didnt want to foul Giannis out of the game lol.
Giannis had 36 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists in the Bucks first game in the restart. Milwaukee improved the NBAs best record to 54-12 and moved within a victory of clinching the top seed in the Eastern Conference for.

Not saying giannis isnt great but KD has him slightly beat in my opinion.
Fensty was one of the terms of the re-start that my fellow Giannis cant foul out? Asking for anyone who has functioning eyes and watched the game.
Giannis really just be running to the hoop and pressing square.
Giannis should have fouled out 2 times. Instead he gets 2 and 1s and the Bucks are up 6. Also a clear goal tend that took 2 from the Cs. This is TRASH.
Apparently, had the refs originally called a common foul and not a flagrant then Giannis wouldve been done. Seems like a rule that should be fixed in the offseason.
Every single coach of young athletes should teach sportsmanship with examples of Giannis.
Tatum with the block on Giannis.
"It was a scary moment." Marcus Smart feared he broke his shoulder on a second-quarter collision with Giannis Antetokounmpo.
How lucky is milwaukee to have Giannis_An34 ?
Marcus Smart on the charge being overturned: The excuse was I was late on the charge. ... Quite frankly I think we all know what was about. Giannis (would have had) six fouls.
Giannis had a great game: 36 pts, 15 rebounds, 11 fouls.
Giannis is the best player rn, but him getting Lebron calls is still annoying, Ive never understand babying stars but whatever.
So Giannis gets to just punch Theis in the dick and stay in the game? Those refs need to take their asses back to cream city.
Giannis puts up 36 PTS, 15 REB, 7 AST, lifting the Bucks over the Celtics! WholeNewGame Khris Middleton: 18 PTS, 8 AST Brook Lopez: 14 PTS, 6 BLK.
Didnt Giannis foul out multiple times?? Refs.
Well yeah because that means then Giannis would have fouled out and they couldnt allow that.
Nobody: Refs when they see Giannis do a goal-tend on Hayward.
The Celtics got screwed by the refs!!. Giannis gets away with murder! People have to start complaining!!
"We have the momentum right now. The whole world has the momentum right now. We can't stop, we gotta keep going until we make it right." Giannis speaks on the NBA's actions in social justice.
Informed of Marcus Smart's postgame comments about Giannis staying in the game because the refs didn't want him to foul out, Giannis said that's his opinion and then went on to praise Smart and speak at length about how much he respects him and his game.

If Giannis stays in Milwaukee, there will be a bucks v Mavs Finals in 2-3 years...
Someone on the Celtics bench loudly fake-sneezed Ah-Choo!!! while Giannis Antetokounmpo was on the free throw line in crunch time. It carried through the quiet gym but proved unsuccessful.
Could the refs call these last four minutes for Giannis more?
Nba refs when giannis is about to foul out.
I know drafting players isnt a sure thing but the Kings have had a chance but passed on Luka,Klay,Giannis,Damian Lillard,Trae Young, and other stars players. You think the front office would of took a chance on at least one of those players. Being a Kings fan is depressing.

Giannis has 36 points, six coming after he fouled out for the second time.
Youre a beast out there, man. Sheesh.
Jayson Tatum had one of the worst games of his career, Giannis stayed in the game with 8 fouls, and the Celtics only lost by seven points. I dont care what anybody says, Boston can hang with Milwaukee.

Celtics fans (and apparently players) *really* think the NBA wants to fix games for the Bucks. Really... You think the NBA wants Giannis to stay in a small market and the NBA wants this market to win a championship over Boston/LA/Philly? Thats the theory youre gonna go with?

The way this announcer pronounced Giannis last name.
Giannis has 36 points and 14 fouls.
Ahh the 1st Giannis mean mug in the bubble.
You said the Celtics arent that good? We are neck and neck with you. Okay Middleton wasnt great? You know who was AWFUL? Tatum, our best player. What are you talkijg about? Also it helps when Giannis gets 8 fouls.

Giannis couldve done this to Theis in the 4th and it still wouldnt have been a Hostile act according to these refs.
He moved his feet while Giannis was already mid flight, I see why they overturned the call.
Well see about that wont we We will never go back to our old ways regardless of Giannis staying or leaving. We r the most well run franchise in the sport rn. But he will stay.
Parallax effect. But more seriously you cant kick out your leg like that giannis got away with several that werent called.
My wife left me Giannis, she told me if you responded shed come back.
Jayson Tatum woke up feeling dangerous 32 minutes 5 points 2 assists 2-18 shooting 0-4 three point shooting 2 turnovers.
Not even the playoffs yet and giannis already getting extra fouls. Wait til the playoffs they will make sure he gets 20 free throws a game on top of that!
That was a clear block btw, Giannis feet already up in the air the shot too, no room to land, wtf is he supposed to do? Actually flagrant on Marcus Smart aswell... jokes aside the picture from that angle is manipulative af, Smart also slided his foot out of the restricted area.

Bucks fan, but at least you tried to say something relevant.
You act like you didn't watch Giannis_An34 tonight.
GIANNIS WENT OFF 36 Points 15 Rebounds 7 Assists 1 Steal 1 Block 70 FG% 16 4th Quarter Points Gets the dub over the Celtics.
They didn't think it was a foul, but considering the flop they assumed Giannis hit him in the nuts so they stopped to review. Turned out he didn't and it was a total acting job hence no foul call.
= Watch Giannis Antetokounmpo and the top-seeded Bucks face-off against Jayson Tatum and the 3 in the East celtics tonight at 6:30 PM ET on ESPN!
Must be nice to not foul out on a review of a flagrant foul.
Smart and Giannis had a pretty animated conversation near the Celtics bench after the overturned call. Giannis was telling Smart how much he admired him as a defender and Smart told him "don't patronize me, you know what that call was about.".

Giannis Antetokounmpo got the calls, 36 points, leads Bucks past Celtics.
Its weird theyre still letting Giannis play with 8 fouls.
Here is a better look at Gianniss 8th foul, he was allowed to continue playing.
For Giannis Fav for Giannis.
Shouldnt have come to that play. Giannis gut punched Theis the play before. Dominos dont fall if you dont line them up. Refs just loved lining up dominos tonight.
I was stunned and also ecstatic they overturned that dangerous undercut he had. 99/100 giannis gets the charge there but People who dont watch the bucks think giannis gets all the calls.
Giannis, He's overrated. Milwaukee will never even make to the NBA Finals.
We gotta stop starting off slow against them n play with better pace n more AGGRESSION FCHWPO jaytatum0 gordonhayward smart_MS3 dtheis10 EnesKanter stop settling n ATTACK n cut hard n just make Giannis shoot over us n not just run right 2 the rim.

GIANNIS you hv no skill whatsoever. all you do is run and dunk the ball. and also. get a jumpshot. hope this helps.
Instead of their players saying GG they on social media crying about the refs. Meanwhile from Giannis .
Giannis Antetokounmpo tonight 36 points 15 rebounds 7 assists 70% FG (32 minutes).
Giannis' 36 PTS, 15 REB, 7 AST powers the Bucks W! WholeNewGame Final in Orlando: celtics 112 Bucks 119.
Giannis casually has his entire arm above the rim on this slam.
What a restart to the season. Giannis still the MVP. Bucks still the best team in the NBA.
Refs when they have to foul out Giannis.
Celtics guard Marcus Smart on overturned charge on Giannis, Quite frankly, I think we all know what that was about. It was Gianniss 6th foul didnt want to get him out. Lets just call that spade a spade.

Have the Celtics ever experimented with tacko fall against Giannis?
Giannis to the ecf.
Nah its ok to try end Giannis career.
Giannis had 15 rebounds and I bet U13.5 $115 down the gutter.
So you saw Giannis foul Theis but didnt call it cause you didnt want to.
Giannis and Marcus Smart next game trying to passive aggressively out-nice each other.
Thats the second time a call was changed to keep Giannis in the game.
YOu tHinK GiaNNis gEts SupErStAr tReatMenT, idk bro you tell me.
More about Giannis already being in the air while Smarts moving more than anything.
All of these Giannis points should not exist. Never forget that.
Giannis will leave after he realises u got not direction. Then ur back to ur old ways.

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Giannis with the gyro step.


Live from DeWitt Clinton High School.

Lol you show that play.