Wednesday 3rd of February 2021


Social Media Says

Not true. If he was willing to stand outside of a GameStop for 36 HOURS yelling ***STONKS!***, that MOFO has.
Wow, a ]gallon.]() Isn't that illegal?
That's the real story.

What You Really Think

This is unfortunately common. People use snapchat filter photos for social media, and then news stations grab those pictures when trying to find a picture to use.

Yeah Im wondering how many old people saw this on the news and thought they were real "just looks like a typical druggie to me".

Is there a face tattoos Snapchat filter?

Waiting for someone to say that! So ridiculous! Face tattoos doesnt make you a criminal.

Lol shows how crazy the world has gone, I just assumed that was really how he looked. Looked like the type of person that would do what the article says he did.

\*after 36 hrs\* "You have the right to remain silent" "STOOONKS!!!!".

This seems fake af. does PCP even last that long? could anyone get away with screaming for 36 hours without anyone putting a stop to it? someone put this mugshot through reverse image search.

"STONKS" "STONKS" "STONKS" "Hey man, I'm headed home for the night. You need anything?" "Nah. Got this to do, you know?" "OK. Take care. Wear a mask." "STONKS" *twelve hours later* "STONKS" "Wow still here, eh? How was your night?" "Not bad. I think I saw a bat around midnight." "Sweet. Ok. Gotta open up. Just let me sneak by." "STONKS" "Yup. I know." "STONKS".

I think they are trying to make him look menacing not knowing that its a filter.

Because it's a fake post about a story that didn't happen. See the WKYT logo? All you have to do is look up that news station and search for "STONKS" or "GameStop." This is fake. Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

"they", as in the person that made this image?

These are the same people who read a headline and think they are keeping up with all the news.

36 minutes, maybe. Hours? No way.

He was yelling Stonks for 36 hours.

No clue, seems like normal behaviour for a hedge fund manager.

He told them he doubled down on GME when it hit $400 and is still holding.

Hopefully we all will soon.

I mean, if he's going to jail, we know he can't sell.

Why did I count the rockets to make sure it was 21 ***nulb.

My first thought was this, makes me think bullshit. Probably screamed stonks 36x before being arrested.

Letter of the law - one may yell Stonks! Outside of Game Stop for up to but not exceeding 35 hours 59 minutes.

Because the story is fake. WKYT is a station identifier and unique to each station, so there's only one. Searching that news station for this story yields zero results to this story. Some references to a local Kentucky man who has pricey GME stocks now and that's all.

They probably did. Theres a weird guy yelling takes a couple hours. sometimes theyll not show up. sometimes theyll call back after a few hours and ask if you still need a officer to come by.

It does if you buy enough.

It was really the yelling of STONKS 86,343 that really broke the camels back.

Nah, it was 35 hours and 59 mins.

Or its a planted story to make us look bad.

I think its real, just missing a very important comma.

Its a swallow (bird) its a prison tat that shows youve served your time.