Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Is Now Available to Stream on HBO Max.

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EXCLUSIVE: GodzillaVsKong director Adam Wingard is set to direct Thundercats for Warner Bros.
Vibing to.
Director Adam Wingard is taking on ThunderCats at Warner Bros ( DEADLINE ).
Watching GodzillaVsKong on hbomax tonight! Cant wait!
Happy Godzilla vs Kong Day!
Review; "A Borderline Unwatchable Bore Of A Movie Whenever The Titans Aren't On Screen".
Godzilla VS Kong without spoiling the movie.
For all the people that thought Kong would beat Godzilla.
Is the story of two ex besties who had a falling out and their journey to find each other again. Right? That's the plot? Read on to find out HERE.
Is now available to stream on HBO Max.
Did you know... Garnet Gorilla wanted to be in the GodzillavsKong movie? Team Kong of course. But he'll settle for watching the movie with his friends. Geminose / AnimalPopstars /.
The pr team says: Im TeamKong all day every day! I cant wait to see GodzillaVsKong. Which team are you on? Click below to choose your side and get a reminder to get your tickets on March 30 to see GodzillaVsKong in theaters March 31! I say: funny monke go brrrrrr! >:)).

: Dawn of the MonsterVerse.
I love how the GodzillavsKong poster is a gradient between the colors of each of their solo movie posters. Give these designers a raise.
I cant even enjoy GodzillaVsKong until this weekend man.
FULL Movie Upload in War_machine2 Telegram Channel English And Tamil FULL HD (*James Rhodey 2 )- Group name.
I guess GodzillaVsKong isn't exactly breakfast programming so maybe I'll wait a lil bit.
I hope I'll be able to bring cookies and candy corn with me to the big screen.
THE HYPE IS REAL, GUYS! ---------------- GodzillaVsKong Godzilla ^.
It's a good day for a grudge match.
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You said it. They're all different. All, great experiences. Just watched GodzillaVsKong . Loved it. It's got a kind of 'Jules Verne' feel to it. If you've seen GvK, you'll know what I mean. And it's incredibly beautiful.

Happy GodzillaVsKong Day!!
- "EPIC BATTLE" A Two larger than life creatures fighting it out & finally taking out the central enemy.. The film is filed with huge, chaotic, crazy & adrenaline rush moments particularly the last 20 mins which is a proper Visual extravaganza.. SPECTACLE WATCH.

God keeps all convenant may surprise you and I :) ?
Godzilla post game.
Imma be on HBO all day at work today!
Here is my nerd_cage Rapid Review of GodzillaVsKong Warning. Unpopular Opinion.
It Saddens Me Why They Made Godzilla The Villain *********.
Fashion Spotlight: Skull Island Athletics, Dark Kombat, and Shining Visions.
Did you guys know that DartChristian is actually the voice of Godzilla in the new movie GodzillaVsKong ? Check it out in this clip by TheRealDJCHIMP and.
Warner Bros should go back and double their checks, cause these two carried the human parts of the Monsterverse on their backs.
On TV Tonight: Back LaundryGuy GodzillaVsKong KPopEvolution RedTableTalk premieres ResidentAlien AmericanHousewife TheCon Riverdale finales.
Happily reliving my childhood today while...
Godzilla and Kong at the end of the movie like.
Im going off the grid til after I see GodzillaVsKong . Text me if you need me but if you text me spoilers imma take you out.
It's official day for GodzillaVsKong release on HBOmax, I want to do a quick artwork to support my bigboy. Finally everyone can watch it. Please support the movie on cinema if you can because the monsters battle is the best on big wide screen.

Happy GodzillaVsKong Day! Letttttssss Get Ready To Rumbbbllleeee!
Is now out in the US! We caught it last week in cinemas and it was fun enough.
Has GodzillaVsKong only just come out in America?
Godzilla at the post fight press conference like .
TONIGHT: GodzillaVsKong TOMORROW: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.
I'm not afraid to say it, but GodzillaVsKong is a ton of fun. Sure there are issues & some strange choices over plot exposition. For the most part though it hits its marks - and who doesn't want to see two titans bash the hell outta each other? Full review coming later!

I skipped to the last 30 mins of GodzillaVsKong and my mind was blown!!! Ok, this flick is worth my time.
Leading conspiracy theory: they made GodzillaVsKong so bad you might want to revisit your opinion on Tom Cruises Dark Universe Mummy.
Is having its biggest NFT drop with the exclusive GodzillaVsKong NFTs today, getting into mainstream media since it's the first blockbuster movie launch to have it's own NFT collection! This is bullish af! I'm not selling my $TVK!

Todays the day! GodzillaVsKong Drop in chat TeamGodzilla or.
Time for GodzillaVsKong lets go.
Taiwan Box Office 30 -Mar. On TUE , GodzillaVsKong $374k (-20% MON ) .Total Stands at $6,13M At the Same point : ( 7 days) WW84 $285 k/$4,43M Lifetime gross $8,9M.
What am I seeing??? GodzillaVsKong or Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part- 2??
Godzilla and Kong really said.
Im TeamGodzilla for life! I cant wait to see GodzillaVsKong. Which team are you on? Click below to choose your side and get a reminder to get your tickets on March 30 to see GodzillaVsKong in theaters March 31!

Okay so GodzillaVsKong . was great!
A cinephile and a filmbro take their daughters to see.
(2021) perfect movie everything it was supposed to be and more the child actor did a good job the other actors mostly fine in between giant monster chaos. Amazing to finally see it and enjoy it. Epic action lots of fun I highly recommend.

Now watching.
It is time.
Kong & Godzilla at the end against Mecha.
Today is GodzillaVsKong ... my grandson is out of his mind about this movie. I'll see it when I don't have to pay for it. No, really, I'm surprisingly not that into monster movies. TeamKong, tho.
It's officially GodzillaVsKong day!!!!!
Wait!! There's a GodzillaVsKong movie??!? And HongKong gets trashed again like the 1st PacificRim and Transformers !?!?
Did I get up and start watching GodzillaVsKong at 7:45am??
This was the best movie Ive seen in such a long time !!!!!!!! THANK YOUUU Adam Wingard EricPearson and.
I'd give GodzillaVsKong a solid 8 out of 10. It's a slow paced/informational movie with some action.
So this is what the center of our planet looks like F'in cool. Seems Kong knows where he is, but where's Godzilla ? Stay tuned.
King Kong 'bout to slap that lizard's head so damn hard we'll have to call them Demi-Godzilla!
// spoiler for godzilla vs. kong - - - - oh my god, they fucking did it.
Step aside college basketball...
Tomorrow Cinemark is safely bringing us and our friends together once again for a PrivateWatchParty to witness a battle for the ages! So excited to finally see GodzillaVsKong on the big screen! A Cinemark in Plano, TX rolled out more than a red carpet.

Tomorrow, the rematch 59 years in the making will finally take place.
Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash Speedlite Flash for Sony DSLR Camera.
We've been more than ready for this day to come. GodzillaVsKong is in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBOMax* TOMORROW. Get tickets: *Available on HBOMax in the US only, for 31 days, at no extra cost to subscribers.

Im TeamKong all day every day! I cant wait to see GodzillaVsKong. Which team are you on? Click below to choose your side and get a reminder to get your tickets on March 30 to see GodzillaVsKong in theaters March 31! Monke will come on top because he knows how to use rocks.

People ask me what I love. As of right now I love. The one thing. That's the foreshadowing that went on during both sides between Godzilla & kong. Bravo to the ladies rooting for there heroes.
Anyways enough of Quavo and Saweetie Im ready for Godzilla vs Kong at midnight.
Was clean.
Tomorrow, two of the most powerful forces in nature will clash. Godzilla vs. Kong is in theaters March 31 and streaming exclusively on HBO Max at 12:01am PT/3:01am ET.
I'm impressed V.
Prime 1 Studio has unveiled their new GodzillaVsKong 30" tall Godzilla Bust. The bust features light-up eyes, dorsal fins and lava and will open for pre-orders on March 31 at 3pm JST for $1,599.
Will watch later on hbo max ^_^ can't wait.
Is NOW PLAYING! In theaters and streaming exclusively on HBOMax* now. Get Tickets Now *Available on HBOMax in the US only, for 31 days, at no extra cost to subscribers.

What You Really Think

The film is way too short and rushed but at least you barely spend time watching the dumb ass boring humans.

My vote is still Godzilla.

I cannot wait for this MonsterVerse mash-up.

If only they hadn't wasted screen time on this stupid lil girl who kong likes it slows the movie down and she has no purpose other than to waste time in the movie that was the only stupid part of the movie they made her important eventhough she had literally no purpose.

We all know that the lizard won, cause come on it pukes laser beams.

I don't know why they even brought millie back.She just stands here and there.

Its just like BVS. Good movie though.

King kong is winning no matter what :).

Godzilla alir.

Anyone know where we can watch this in the UK?

Is this the last monster movie.

I have HBO Max but I dont want to watch it on it...Im gonna hold it up for theaters!

Whens it out in England.

Kong thicc tho.

Seen it 2 days ago.

Im watching it tonight.

*cries in Germany.

Has some great items in connection with the movie. I like the posters (24x36)in both English and Japanese .

We gotta check this out maybe!

Too short. So much detail that glossed over. Should have made it two movies similar to how Infinity War/Endgame was.

If they went five rounds Kong woulda had 3/5 Im mad they let him get his ass beat in round three tho.

Show must go on.

Batman won this battle, get ready to see him win!!! Godzilla and Kong didn't even see it coming!!!

V Try this it's free and Thank me later. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Lets go!!!

You know who made these artworks? :D.


It's a must see.

That lizard getting smacked the fuck up.