Saturday 1st of May 2021

When You Just Cant Part With Your Favourite Undies.

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When you just cant part with your favourite undies.
Notepads at the ready.
Jenny upgraded notepad.
these miserable times dont think underestimate sheer C4Gogglebox Line_of_duty They make week long they continue.
feel like looking future self while watching tonights Gogglebox ***.
It's happy story today.. yeah know, well tell your fecking face.
Misha Gogglebox unbelievable.
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just don't Lee.
would just like that Davidson bent bitch been manipulated entire life, controlled forced their bidding. trauma suffered, combined with family history? Please. Leave alone.

standing there like plie-ing rolling.
wish loved something much Jenny loves "Line Duty" notebook.
Dissertation complete thank Gogglebox inspiration!!!
No matter how my weeks been, these two make my Friday night.
juding Jenny crying absolute best part
When the art performance finishes but youre not quite sure how you feel.
fancy Pete much. Dont care boxers with more holes than aero.
Siddiquis have been Gogglebox over years! From series Series
Love Gogglebox Pete holy pants frame then won't have throw them away that made thanks xxx.
Mother Jenny Hasting AC12 excuse next Steve arnott.
else thinks Giles Mary should apply FourInABed
Lads, Gogglebox tonic need weekly! C4Gogglebox GoggleboxIRL hurry back please?
Spooky isnt it nutty.
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Happy gogglebox Friday everyone.
Get Giles on Bargain Hunt!
Superintendent Jenny Hastings.
The end of April and the stove is lit. Is anyone else cold or just me. Nearly time for.
It's the closest to the 'good oul craic'.
Catching Gogglebox tomorrow peeps
Watching Gogglebox, seeing that exceptional surgeon perform, just wow. How anyone could question science, label something experimental . Err derrr??? Scientific advances in medicine/medical procedures saving lives daily and those incredible humans who develop/perform them x.

Tell me more about your mothers.
We believe you martin_compston. Also, while we have you, is the moon made of cheese?
On the run.
Channel4. Weird Gogglebox skirted delicately around refurbishment issue totally failed mention "bodies piled high" comment from said he'd rather than damage economy. Please explain your current bias. Missing Leon June.

Best episode thought choke from laughing.
love these two.
Puppy's on the way!
love Marcus Mica.
Omg! Marcus double death wish this week. Being felt ballet teacher then comparing Micas with Carmichael Mica!!
Best programme on the telly, just the right balance of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous, love it!
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Check Fiverr: will ecommerce website, website redesign Sunny Edwards Gogglebox ANDTHENEW ThisTime SaintsFC SOULEI Conlan Selby Vardy Ian John Lewis.
Just showed BorisJohnson getting away with continuously getting away with daily corruption tragic loss 150k lifes.
have never seen anything more hideous than state Petes boxers! man, chuck them bin!!
Spotless hotel with hair carpet they cleanliness invisible hair egg Surely coincidence that fuss pots white hotel owner isn't.

Me when its.
love this programme.
only catch glimpses LineOfDuty Gogglebox know it's popular looks like Pompey's police aren't fans.
What just happened. Flowers bum. people clapped.
Star reveals his shredded underwear in NSFW moment.
Sickened Gogglebox viewers unable watch 'vile' pimple popping segment.
Getting ready horror film like.
HAPPY WEEKEND what would without gogglebox fridays!!! best enter weekend.
loved it!!! happy Gogglebox shown
Hilarious tonight.
does gogglebox insist showing shit like that what world want watch someone stick their dick pot.
Just here for Line_of_duty Content!! V.
does everyone Gogglebox keep saying princephillip didn't want fuss? custom range rover commissioned armed forces personnel funeral were scaled back 700, scaled BACK 700! That sounds like quite fuss.

Quite possibly funniest gogglebox EVER tonight. Stomach muscles liquidised.
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Been tonight catching Gogglebox leegogglebox them.
actually don't mind Gogglebox. Although pretty obvious heavily edited people play camera accordingly. Maybe just weird, there would "What fuck?" "How this even programme?" They don't seem to.

That smile.
What fuck happened Von.

What You Really Think

Why is it just me that thinks this is really weird? Why would anyone wear underwear like that?

Who would do this????


Pete, ill buy ya a pair of Calvins mate . .. its all i wear and mine never get that bad.

Good god --.

I thought he said I darent fart I'm...yes because they will completely disintegrate!

Jeeez! that was so funny! The neighbours heard me laughing through the wall!

How did they get like this in first place baaaaa.

Haa throw them away there no good.

You need myoddballs They are defo past the best.

They are some well worn undercrackers them.

Shorts aron.

I see nothing wrong here, Im in agreement with Petesandiford, run them into the ground, get your moneys worth!

What a total waste of viewing time! Two set of complete T!!!S That's my IMO.

I dont understand how he is even pulling them on without ripping them.

Sophie has a deeper voice then Pete and I bet she has bigger balls then him.

If they look that bad from the back, thank heavens he didn't turn around!

Is not got long till christmas.

Mate u need a new pair.

Welcome to my world! My husband too!

Plenty of boxer shorts available handmade in.

You probably have a pair like this !

More holes than a colander ! Get rid.

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