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Tuesday 9th of June 2020

As Rioters Across America Take Advantage of Protests, Some Americans Are Standing Tall in Defending Property And Lives. MRCTV's Gardner Goldsmith Explains How These Americans Are Showing Leftists Politicians That Firearms Are indeed "essential" to Freedom.

PM Jacinda Ardern this morning said she was 'angry' that the Warehouse was cutting jobs. National's finance spokesman Paul Goldsmith was not pleased with her comments, saying Ardern should 'stick to her knitting' and not criticise struggling businesses.

Ardern should 'stick to her knitting', not criticise struggling businesses - Goldsmith.
Great work Goldsmith stick to your knitting!
After some research, Goldsmith even found an example of having told NZ First Minister Shane Jones to stick to his knitting.
Paul Goldsmith is not someone I could put my trust in. He does not present well at all and comes across like a bumbling idiot. He has very little experience - I certainly wouldn't trust him with my money or life - which is what he's asking us to do.

Jacinda's 'knitting' is: -leading the country through the worst pandemic & economic crisis in a century; -stamping out COVID in 100 days, with fewer deaths & job losses than most countries; -all while juggling a 3 party govt & being a new mum Goldsmith does.. what, again?

Today PaulGoldsmithMP told Jacinda Ardern to "stick to her knitting" and the woke National Party have said they will be speaking to him about his language. ? Since when does this phrase mean anything other than concentrating in your area of expertise?

At least after the election defeat, Paul Goldsmith can get back to his knitting - writing a hagiography of new National leader Judith Collins. Working title: Crushed by an Angel.
Wait did you steal Paul Goldsmith's glasses to make this thread.
Sounds like Mr Goldsmith fancies himself with a war of words with the PM.
Goldsmith somehow keeps begging for coverage. He's trying to wrest 'stupid statement of the year' from top contenders Muller & ridges">Bridges. Needs some work though.
TBH I'd have voted Goldsmith in that electorate too. yip, youse fellas deserve better that's for sure.
Goldsmith for pm.
Wouldn't it be great if Goldsmith beats him in Epson?
I voted for Goldsmith in the last election because I thought he was the better alternative to David Seymour. Now Epsom needs someone new to run because our choices are pretty effing grim ?
Paul Goldsmith doubts PM Jacinda Ardern upset by 'stick to knitting' jibe: 'she's pretty tough'.
This knitting thing makes me think Paul Goldsmith might lose my vote but then I remember the ABCD of voting in Epsom Anything But Creepy David.
Boris Johnson is a Cultural Marxist sympathiser all day long! The Conservative Party is Conservative in name only & Westminster is an elected Dictatorship - Sugercoated Communism! Sir James Goldsmith was right all along! That's why they knocked him off even though he had cancer!

Paul Goldsmith tells Prime Minister to 'stick to her knitting' after Ardern's outrage as mass job cuts.
Really NZNationalParty? How low are you going to fall? Perhaps time for some of your MPs to stay home knitting or sewing and let new candidates come forward and help renew the party.
Paul Goldsmith got paid by Don Brash to write a book about him which nobody wanted to read. So if you think about it, he really is an expert on wage subsidies.
Sticking to knitting 'not the best phrase to use' - Goldsmith.
A bloody metaphor. Kelvin Davis Calling women 'hysterical' is a total classic - didn't hear a fken peep from anyone in Labour. NZ First MP Ron Mark telling a female National MP to "settle, petal" - no peep from any woke labour again? Goldsmith - jobs are more important!

What a dinosaur. Sticking to knitting 'not the best phrase to use' - Goldsmith.
Goldsmith Chambers reaffirms our total commitment to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion within Chambers, the profession and the community we serve. Our statement on.
Mr. Goldsmith what would your tupuna think of your remark?
Judith Collins "This is what happens when the economy is slowed to the extent it was. We are now in a battle for jobs." and Paul Goldsmith "supports The Warehouse decision to get rid of 1,000 staff"Great they have a united view of NZ situation. I would say.

What has Paul Goldsmith done lately to help anyone out? And stick to her knitting is no metaphor Ive heard of before. Disappointed in The Warehouse. Happy to take money from the government, when they were going to get rid of staff anyway. Very dishonest, and morally bankrupt.

Who TF is Goldsmith anyway.
Paul Goldsmith?
Absolutely correct the arrogance of it all.
Paul Goldsmith should "stick to his masturbating in school playgrounds" I don't mean he's literally a pervert. It's just a metaphor.
So nikkikaye reprimanded Goldsmith The NZNationalParty has been totally cucked.... Paul Goldsmith doubts PM Jacinda Ardern upset by 'stick to knitting' jibe: 'she's pretty tough'.
Pretty obvious why Goldsmith gave weird surprised face as he was announced as still finance guy under Muller. "Anti-workers is still our plan despite all of this? Awesome!!".
Love Seymour popping up just to make sure this gets another news round, even as Goldsmith tries to walk back his comments. he knew exactly what he was doing there.
Pretty weird that paul goldsmith is telling the prime minister to not comment on business, when literally all he has achieved in life is writing a book for don brash and NOT win an electorate.
Who the f^*k is Goldsmith and what century has he crawled out from?
I genuinely thought Goldsmith had a PhD, I am pleased to see he is no more qualified academically than I am (actually, probably better grades than me). BUT I have worked in the private and public sector for the last 15 years, so maybe I could call and give him some advice.