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Saturday 23rd of May 2020


Trump is golfing today. In 2014 on Fox and Friends he criticized Obama for golfing when there were *two cases* of Ebola in the United States saying, "it sends the wrong signal" and he should have given up golf as president "to really focus on the job.".

Youre dying; hes golfing.
100,000 Americans dead. 40,000,000 unemployed. So let s go golfing.
I would just say Fuck you but out of respect to the office of the Presidency. I ll say, Fuck you, sir. Almost 100,000 dead Americans and you re fucking golfing. Trump Heads to Golf Course For First Time Since Virus Lockdowns.

39,000,000 jobless 1,600,000 infected 96,000 dead 1 golfing.
Hmmm someone went golfing today. All while 97,000 lives have been lost, million people are infected, and unemployed.
Sam. What other US Presidents do you know who would be golfing right now. Name one.
Donald, are you golfing As your presidencys devolving?... It is the fate Trump was born for, It is Americans we mourn for.
I like presidents that don t kill 100,000 Americans, then go celebrate by golfing.
Biden would be working, not golfing.
Governor Cuomo is working today, for the 84th straight day. He says he ll take a day off when Covid-19 takes a day off. Donald Trump is golfing today.
CNN photojournalist got a shot of President Trump golfing today. He says the president is moving around the course in a golf cart alone but is golfing with three partners. None of the men are wearing masks.

He s golfing while Americans die. Barf.
wHy isnT BiDEn out golFinG wIThOut a MaSk liKe TRumP?
Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the , President Obama spent the day playing golf. Mr. Trump tweeted on Oct. 13, 2014. Today, we are nearing 100k American deaths and Trump is out golfing.

Yep thats bad, but its a lame kardashian, Im more interested in how you and your federalist husband feel about donnie golfing today while ppl are still dying everyday from his mishandling of this crisis. Did you complain when Obama golfed? lets hear it!

I don t understand presidents and golfing. I d much rather blow off steam by running down hookers in GTA.
The President is golfing today while 100K Americans have died. I ll gladly not get my haircut or not play golf if it meant my actions could save a life. Most of us feel that way. The least of my concerns is whether or not a celebrity got their hair done.

Meanwhile in Virginia tRump dont give a fuck if youre dying, hes golfing!
The hypocritical left is blasting Trump for golfing at his own golf club, yet they completely ignored the fact that Obama was golfing a few weeks ago, at the height of the virus, on a closed private course that he did not own.

Look who s golfing today in my district as we are about to crest 100,000 dead because of the to Coronavirus.
Well remember this, over a tan suit. Now, imagine if he would of one golfing in the Middle of a pandemic! Fuck, republicans!
I don t have a problem with the douchbag golfing. I got a HUGE problem with him billing the Secret Service for their golf carts (at taxpayers expense) for the privilege of protecting him.
Many people have become numb to the never-ending stream of dumb shit and controversy characterized by the trump admin. But we CANT let this one go. 100K Americans lost their lives, and trump is fucking golfing. He has to GO.

Trump golfing on Memorial Day during a national crisis is a perfect reminder of Howard Sterns point that he hates the people who love him.
Evil never rests. Putin has time to spread covid-19 lies across the US, while his own people continue to suffer because of him. Meanwhile, 100,000 Americans have died under Trumps "leadership," so he spends Memorial Day golfing on our dime.

Don t worry. Donald Trump is hard at work, doing everything he can to protect ... oh wait ... he s golfing. Again. New from :.
Hes golfing so we know what church hes going to on Sunday. Its name, "The Golf Course".
Who cares if Trump is golfing today? Remember 2 weeks ago, Obama had secret service drive him 40 miles outside DC to use a course the public was not allowed to use because - virus. Trump hasnt had a day off in over two months. A day of rest is deserved.

Almost 100,000 dead Americans and this piece of shit goes golfing. Trump deserves prison and a war crimes tribunal.
He s golfing. He s at his own private golf club right now. While you re trying to figure out how to pay rent. Because he fumbled a pandemic. And the economy collapsed. And 100,000 of us are dead now. And the fucker is golfing. He doesn t gaf about any of you. Learn this lesson.

I wish people would stop commenting on whether Trump is wearing a mask. The fact that he s golfing during the biggest national emergency since the Great Depression is the story.
100,000 deaths caused in large part due to the bungling, ignorance & narcissism of . And where, this Memorial Day weekend, is Trump? Working hard to avoid the next 100,000 deaths? No. Hes golfing, which is Lazy Caligulas form of fiddling.

I ll never let anyone forget that he went golfing while Americans died. Never.
Just making sure everyone knows that really hates it when leaders waste time golfing during national emergencies or pandemics. Hes working hard right now for the American people. 100,000 dead in 100.
Wow thats a pretty thirsty tweet. He could, like all the rest of us try to fkn make a positive difference in somebodys life instead of holding the public and the media up to ridicule. Golfing and not gaf while people are dying. Got it.

As the US continues its grim march toward 100,000 coronavirus deaths, Donald Trump is spending his Saturday at one of his clubs golfing.
I feel sick about this. And I feel sick about Trump golfing during a national tragedy. Im so ashamed of what America currently represents.
100,000 Americans are dead and he s golfing.
JUST IN: Maskless Trump Spotted Golfing for First Time Since Thousands of Americans Started Dying From when youre the one thats responsible for people dying. You go and golf what a disgrace. Hey call it.

CALLING SIGMUND FREUD: Trump on golfing today: I do miss it. I havent played, really, since this problem that WE HAVE STARTED [emphasis mine]. I havent been able to play golf for a while. Ive been very " Yep, YOU started the problem, all right!

guy has already killed tens of thousands of people with his incompetence so I would actually argue that Trump golfing and not handling the response helps us, not hurts us.
I don t have faith in his cult. Haven t seen any outrage from the right to him golfing.

What You Really Think

Obama set the new standard that Trump could golf today.

Theres always a tweet.

I love this! In Trumps own words hes criticizing Obama for doing exactly what hes doing now only its much worse.

disgrace that obama between this and the tan suit, geez.

Oh the humanity!

Im sure they will pointing this out on Mondays show right ?? Right ?? Anybody ??

Hahaha this shit is way more important than some racist old woman writing a note. Disqualify and discredit the source, the test collapses in on itself like the house from Poltergeist.

Im struck by how coherent Trump sounds. He sounds like a perfectly normal boomer asshole.

So glad he wasnt in charge for the Ebola outbreak.

And what are the governors doing today? He has worked relentlessly for months on this and your hate for him could not be more apparent! Must be nice in those cheap seats (recliners)taking shots at our President.

Hey You must be really proud to see your pal trump out golfing, because what else could he be doing, right???

hey question for three stooges and chump ... remember this.

When President Obama played golf the US did not put money in his pocket for playing golf.

Their criticism should be multiplied now - at least million cases and 96k deaths. And he chooses to waste taxpayers money to go and play golf, golf. I can only imagine the firestorm that would have erupted if Obama chose to go and play golf during a crisis like this. Imagine.

Care to comment on this?

And no less than 5 golf cart rentals, in his pocket, at our expense. There goes that stimulus check. He signed it, so I guess he thinks its his.

That s great. and friends enjoy yourself.

Those golf carts though not fancy cost the taxpayers $765,000 to rent from Trump.

Every politician should have a 10 most shameful moments list that you have to watch before voting in an election including them. Trump could lap the field several times.

This should be played every day up to election day.

I guess double standards are better than no standards.

So bizzare to hear his words on the subject there are times to play golf.

are hypocrites and lying to Americans.

Who the freak are you telling the president of the US what he can and can t do!! He s work his ass off the past 3 months protecting us from the ChYna flu and you criticize him for golfing.

How do Fox viewers deny they are a bunch of hypocrites? They don t see it.

This is laughable that Trump is golfing today when he criticized Obama for doing so when we a couple of deaths. Maybe it s because Trump doesn t know what focus means.

cant burn one day, the judgement yall will face, I cant imagine it :(.

Fox and the GOP were all over Obama when ONE GUY in the US died from Ebola. Now, theyre telling us what a great job Trump is doing even though studies are telling us hes directly responsible for tens of thousands of dead Americans. Its all politics, folks.

He REALLY seemed to hate Obama.

KFile is not the hero liberals need, but the hero they deserve.

dont forget trump himself saying that when he was president he would eb too busy to golf.

I m golfing too. Gorgeous day.

This is when Trumper s blink, look away, blink again, look down, and then change the subject.

hes just trying to lead. The pandemic is over. Dont you know.

A reminder to otherwise known as the NEVER SPIT UP IN THE AIR!

Obama is black. There is a different standard in the eyes of Republicans.

Donald Trump is not a leader. He never has been. He s a con and a liar. So while I m not surprised he s golfing, I am surprised that there are still those who expect him to act with any semblance of class or integrity.

Well Fox? What s the excuse for President now?

set that shit on fire.

its so easy to make the hacks on Fox News look like assholes with their own words.

We look at this as hypocrisy, as a negative. I suspect, however, that the cult sees the double standard as a positive, a sign of strength, a way of owning the libs, an indication that the deep state is being dismantled, a signal that the mass arrests will be starting soon, etc.

Precedent rhymes with president, figures.

How many times are you gonna confront the obvious. The rules are for the black guy. The rich and powerful do whatever they want, whenever they want.