Friday 20th of August 2021


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I like trains.
She gets *RAILED* I'm^^so^^sorry.
Joe Biden begins a bisexual love affair between his wife and head of security?

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What a simpler time in American politics.


The documentary ]Weiner](\(film\)) is incredible and highly recommended.

And he liked to send pics of his wiener.

Wait till you hear about Vienna.

I want a last name like that.

I think you mean minors.

Only the ones who loudly protest LGBT rights. The quieter ones just bang hookers and do blow in motels with hourly rates.

Have you already forgotten about Matt Gaetz?

But not their spouses', apparently.

Shes gonna have to pull herself up by her bootstraps and fuck their husbands.

Somehow, some way, right? Its her livelihood.

Real talk, isn't Only Fans about to shoot themselves in the absolute d!ck and just give their Monopoly to another company?

Oh how I wish the husband liking that tweet.

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Ask Anthony Weiner.

If you have you ask, you cant afford it.

Yes but if you ignore that, you can tell other women youre going to fuck their husbands and get tons of internet points.

No it has nothing to do with religion credit card companies are pulling out of the site because its being used to distribute porn. Its all legal finance.

Like virtually everything it's about money. You are correct.

Nah, this woman just wanted to be trashy on Twitter to gather some attention.

Yeah I don't know what the evangelicals have to do with this, I thought it was the money.

No, self righteous leftists just love bashing Christians at any turn while simultaneously pretending to be the "inclusive" side of politics.

Because exodus cry is behind all of this. It's literally evangelicals.

Yeah as far as I'm aware (from articles I've read) the reason they made this change was to attract investors. Seems less like outcry from evangelical women and more a bad decision made by an out of touch businessman.

The company says it is making the changes because of pressure from its banking and payment provider partners, though a BBC investigation found that the company had been lenient on creators who had posted illegal content.

The reason is because OnlyFans is run like a startup instead of like a porn company. The founders want to cash out, to do that they need investors looking to buy in, and eventually an IPO. Most banks and a lot of venture capital won't touch porn, so they weren't able to get interested investors for their latest round.

No. OF is owned by a Ukrainian who wants to cash out while it's ranked 16 in the world. Same guy also owns MyFreeCams, so it's not like he doesn't already have porn sites. Investors are all too happy to buy the 16 site in the world in some twisted belief they can make a competitor to existing social media, but they can't buy it until the porn is controlled (ie, mostly gone) because the investment and banking industries are full of hypocritical prudes who talk about family values while jerking off to Pornhub during lunch breaks.

Why not just buy in as a means of diversification?

I would question what porn companies have that much capital. Yeah porn makes a lot, but like is thete no big porno?

I saw it was the banks the company preferred having a problem being involved with something so susceptible to sex trafficking etc Investors or no its like a pizaa place decided to stop selling pizza.

The banks and payment processors they work with are pressuring them, according to OnlyFans. Higher fees for payments would cut into their profits, and they're actively looking for investors at the moment. Investors wouldn't be that likely to jump in with a big risk like that.

Yea i bet its to protect them selves from lawsuits. Look what happened to pornhub.

It never ceases to amaze me that people spend money on porn, not trying to judge the world, but it's crazy to me.

How? they aren't publicly traded. You would have to offer stock to them directly.

Has no one actually read the statement that OF put out? They're not removing 99% of the porn from the platform, just cracking down on some of the more hardcore stuff.

My guess, they know they have a bunch of under 18 creators on their platform and other CP that can be purchased.

Its the reason pornhub went straight; they were threatened with $0 by the banks. Having worked at ISPs Pornhub wouldve gone to court for violating copyrught laws for being an ISP that harbored content they needed to take down by legal request, so they switched to verified members only.

Nah bro, they want more investors to grow their platform to have a SFW side like Tumblr (but with podcasts and shit) but they cant get any new investors to sign on because OF is a porn site. The idiots at OF made a few billion last year alone and its on track (wellwas) to do more this year. The CEO, CFO, and COO are on that Tumblr level stupid. This time next year, OF will be shoved to forgotten part of the internet. Theres no coming back from removing the content that made your site what it is. I personally cant stop laughing at these twats on the executive committee who thought this was a good way to go. I feel terrible for the content creators (or amateur porn stars if you will) but theyll have a way better time surviving. If Reddit was smart, theyd start their own porn site, semi-independent of this Reddit. A lot of people come here for porn anyways, and a lot of OF girls have Reddit profiles.why not link them? Dont promote it on this Reddit but make it known theres a paid OF type Reddit? Thats what I would be pushing for if I was in the Reddit executive level.

Last year there was an investigation into PornHub by someone from the New York Times. They found evidence of videos on PornHub with underage people, rape, revenge porn that the uploaders didn't have consent to post, etc. This spiralled out. Mastercard and Visa immediately dropped PornHub. To this day, PornHub now only accepts Automated Clearing House payments or Crypto. PornHub also immediately removed most of their content overnight, literally. On a Sunday, they have 13 million videos, and the next Monday morning they had less than 3 million. They removed all uploads from unverified users and no longer allowed unverified users. Now OnlyFans has come up to bat. They have always required all performers to be verified before posting, but that doesn't verify everyone that appears in their content. A lot of porn is being produced in less than female rights friendly locales now, especially Eastern Europe. There are massive questions about who these models are and what hold over them someone else may have. There's questions of age, of consent, etcetera. So now OnlyFans is getting hit by the banks too. They do have the option to branch to other content and keep their banking partners; Obviously PornHub would not ever be anything other than porn so they didn't really have that choice. The end issue is probably even bigger than the money issue: The legal ramifications of commerce in illegal pornographic material. The banks don't want charges for knowingly being involved and neither do the platform holders. They were happy to feign ignorance before, but they could no longer once it became public knowledge. Their best move forward would be a massive overhaul with so many checks on content and users (including random and automated checks of streams for people/faces not verified in their system) that no court could say they hadn't done their due diligence. Until now they've swept this all under the rug, but now they have to shape up or leave the business. PornHub is supposedly trying to do the former, whereas OnlyFans is choosing to do the latter.

My guess is all the people who push chargebacks and refunds and the rampant scamming causing some significant pushback from their processing companies.

No need to guess. Visa and Mastercard have been waging war on adult industry for two decades now. From forcing associated banks to close accounts for sex workers and condom companies to leaving companies entirely without mainstream payment options(like pornhub) or forcing them to change(like patreon). Why they are doing this, I have no idea but they are behind every every one of such events.

I think you might have a point there. Production, content and who gets paid is something alot of industries try to guard and OF definitely throws a wrench in that.

You said that, though? You called your wife a bitch?

I dunno if this is supposed to be a negative or positive or what.

I mean lets not pretend a happy and fulfilling love and sex life ever stopped a cheater from cheating. Scum is gonna scum.

As an ex spouse I can certainly say that this is not always the case.

Cheaters will cheat; regardless of how often or how good you are fucking them.

Swing and a miss there bud. Getting cheated on isn't your fault.

Someone needs to tell my wife that.

Thats a weird way to ask someone to fuck your husband.

Its because underage girls are selling sexually explicit content of themselves to grown men. They get fake ids, they get on the platform, they sell illegal content. This is a real problem that needs to be addressed and while I hate Anne Wagner, shes right on this one. Btw, shes calling out Anne Wagner because shes the one leading the legislation.

People are completely ignoring the real reason for the shut down, its because the banking partners and investors in OF dont want to be associated with a company that is so susceptible to child pornography and sex trafficking. Tumblr and PornHub are currently proof of this change.


The fuck? Does every job contribute to society? Do CEOs down companies and laying off hundreds at a time contribute anything? Sex work does contribute to society, fucking prude.

Anything you do that pays the bills is a job you goober. Anytime people make idiot comments like this about sex work just sounds like they're jealous about something.

Nooo, that's too hard! Instead of developing useful skills and contributing to society, I will take the easy road and sell my body and dignity until I hit the wall, and then settle with a man I don't love because he is the only one who would take me.

Is there even a definitive definition of ho.

Sounds like she has. If people pay you to do something...what else do you call that?


Sure, buddy, a married dude wants to have an affair or fuck other women, but it's actually the hooker's fault, sounds about right habahahaa.

She does 9-5, just 9pm-5am.

I agree, congressmen cheating on their wives is trashy as fuck.

No, its not.

Yea, no.

Remember when PornHub burned 72 widows and pagans alive after accusing them of witchcraft following a bad harvest season? Pretty controversial move.

Did porn take over Afghanistan? Oh wait, that was the religious nut jobs.

What's with the mysterious "Hmmm"? Everyone but OF itself thought it as a porn site.

What about the men pursuing and paying?

Thinking one tweet by one woman sets women back is way worse than this tweet.

Do the husbands shes fucking represent you? Clown.

Wait, you think that money for sex is a new thing?

You don't know what a "scam" is I assume?

Thank god for that...


Incel trash.

You don't need to tell us about your imaginary girlfriend.

AMC baby!