Monday 5th of April 2021

Good Day indeed!

Social Media Says

Its his deviant art posts.
Wait until you see his "ART".
Get sum bitches bruh.

What You Really Think

I'd buy one. You should sell them on etsy.

Maybe also make them as artisans as well. Like those keycaps with custom stuff. ppl are willing to buy them at high prices, and the custom mechanical keyboard community is kinda rising too! I'm sure your cicadas' are gonna get love.

Cicadas? do you have them posted somewhere?

Cicadas are fuckin gross.

As an illustrator, i hope your wishes will come true. I've been broke for quite a while now. Also, this market is oversaturated nowadays.

I wish we lived in a world where artists could make whatever they wanted and don't need to monetize themselves just to live.


Dude, that's amazing. Maybe we'll all get to see one of your plays one day.

This is lovely!

Good boy, bad mobile formatting.

*happiness noises*.

Put spaces (within the spoiler tags) between the pops. That way it formats well on mobile.

Good bot.

Fuckin awesome.

Alright im saving this.

You're my favorite bot. I love you.

Good bot!

Good bot! I absolutely love this!

Good bot! :).

Number 13 (I count these and there is currently a bot in the making that will replace my job).

It's really times like this you want to be able to draw furry genitalia. Normal comms are a popular-only privilege... The easier way to get big is to advertise that you can draw furry smut. Speaking from the hundreds of Twitter artists I follow who have open sfw commissions who get 2 people in a good month.

Sadly even as someone who has gotten a decent amount of normal commissions done, its a bit hard to get into the nsfw or furry art scene. It takes awhile to get a fanbase and establish yourself within the communities ;;.

As an artist, I absolutely think you should. If I were that person, just the fact that you reached out to do that would mean the world to me. As far as amount, I'm sure they'd appreciate anything, even a couple bucks or so per image. But if you can afford it, tip them as much as you're comfortable with or that you feel like it's worth.

Why not NFTs? Not defending, just dont understand.

Let me know if they share, yeah?

Have you seen how much people are willing to pay for that stuff. Its crazy. Furry artists are banking dude.

The feet kind.

Hey you really had to ruin it with this monstrosity of a phenomenon.

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