Friday 20th of November 2020

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My brother is convinced that "the whole COVID thing isn't as bad as they're telling us." As evidence of this, he quoted some stuff from the CDC website. I asked him what made him a better judge of those numbers than the experts who posted them. Deflection to something else. His wife's family are similarly inclined except worse. His house is usually the one we go to for all holidays and such. There's no way in hell my wife and I are going over there this year. They take regular precautions while out and about, but not when they have people over and those people take almost none. Fuck that.

God, you and me both. Im so tired of feeling like a scolding school teacher to people nearly double my age. Viruses dont care about your holidays. You cant deluge it with Fox News so it agrees with your worldview. I was mad and stressed nearly all of this year. Now I just feel helpless and sad. Ive said and done all I can for the people I love and they keep sprinting towards a cliff.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with COVID last Sunday. My wife has called every day this week to check on her. Every time, she invites us to Thanksgiving.

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I remember when people were saying stuff like I cant wait till next year in terms of COVID Like if we had thought positively it would just magically stop on January 1st.


My family was doing good all year long but within the last few weeks my fiances nieces teacher had it and came to school for several days even though she was feeling ill. next thing we know the niece has it as does his sister and both of his parents. he is a mommas boy to the heart. his mother has not been doing well. if she dies he will be so crushed and i dont know what im gonna do if it happens.

7 day moving average deaths per day in the USA in oct 19th was 728. Today it is 1398. Im not sure what the upper limit could be but how things are going I wouldnt be surprised if we had 5,600 7 day moving average deaths per day on Jan 20th.

Covid is pretty much over here in Australia. We have few enough cases that life is pretty normal now.

Really looking forward to new years this year. Lighting our homemade cannon with two friends, and no stupid parties to go to this year. Laying in bed at 10pm is going to be my new New Years tradition.

Who's not whose.

Youre not surprised? But it was a surprise party! SURPRISE!

It will end when it starts affecting the rich.

Shit, my girlfriend's mom invited us over, I know family is important to her so I asked if it would just be a small little thing. Ya know, a under 8 person gathering between 2 households which is currently allowed where I'm at. Turns out they've invited 20 people, some from out of state. Needless to say, I ain't going. When I had her ask her mom if she knew what was going on with recent upticks in cases and restrictions, her mom indeed knew about them and asked why would she cancel it lol no thanks, fuck that poultry.

This comment looks and sounds fishy.. For once you seem like you go out of your way to say you're a girl.. Secondly you typed the most generic concern anyone could have with nothing substantial and expressed almost zero amount of at least somewhat controversial thoughts.. Also your name could easily be found on live webcams.. Are you fishing karma by advertising your gender and age?

Every year hospital accidents account for 450k deaths in the US. Every year you hear nothing about it. So stop with the plague BS.

My only regret... *cough* ... is that I have... *cough cough* ... Corona *death rattle*.

The sad thing is they will probably get a mild case, which further proves their case about Covid not being bad, then just go on about their day and possibly kill a stranger on the way.


/covidiots definitely.

When were we doing well? I dont recall that time.

Guys I have an idea. Lets start a political campaign. Make Humanity Great Again.

Humanity? I think you spelled "Americans" wrong.

I'm starting to think that maybe things have always been this bad, I was just too young to notice. I mean, there's no way the world could've gone to shit *this* fast in the span of the last 5 years, right?

I lost so much faith in my countrymen today. I'm Aussie and we've done really well, generally due to cautious management and lock downs. Because we've done really well though now all these people are bitching about how overblown it was and it's just the flu and it's all a conspiracy and the lock downs were just a plot to take away our freedoms. These people don't realise that the reason we don't have more cases is exactly because of the lock downs and the reasons our economy will recover more quickly than most is because of the lock downs. Plus my favourite is that Daniel Andrews, the Victorian premier who has basically had his political career destroyed through all this is apparently some puppet master using COVID to further some mysterious agenda that nobody has successfully explained to me. It's all very bizarre and I just want to blame it on them getting too much exposure to American right wing media but maybe that's naive.

Yeah super well, with building walls because of racism, having refugees dying in greece, bombing the middle east just for oil, keeping uigurs in concentration camps and all the other things that actually are anything but human... humans are the worst disease on this planet, and it's nothing new.

Hi from Victoria Australia. We are doing really well 21 days in a row with 0 cases.


Trevor Noah was talking about covid and situations like this: It's not karma, it's consequences: when you stand on top of a building with a metal rod in a storm and you get electrocuted, the universe didn't do that shit to you, you did that shit to yourself!

Honestly I'm not even sure if it is because they could just be a carrier with no symptoms. Unless they actually quarantined for 14 days then that would be karma but this type of person doesn't seem like the type to do that.



Red arrow !

Why are we introducing children to strippers?

I doubt he cares or anything, he probably doesn't even have symptoms.


For my European readers This is Kilometers. Kilometers doesn't listen to idiots. She is smart.

Uh...She is not Miles. She is Miles Morales' sister. I'm guessing she means Miles Morales the Spiderman(Since they are both black and all).

Their medical bill sand the amount of tension and head ache will compensate for that. Why welcome an unwanted disease to your home?

I caught Covid at work despite wearing a mask, face shield, and keeping a distance. Please be extra careful with what surfaces you touch and make sure that you dont touch anything else before youve washed your hands. Especially your phone and stuff like that. Im not saying that to scare you, Im just genuinely convinced that I caught it because of some stupid shit like a contaminated doorknob or box cutter.

Same test elon musk took?

In that case it still would have been a bad idea to attend a party with that person.

You mean getting rid of people who are genetically vulnerable to covid? I guess that could be called Darwinism.

Youd have to kick yourself in the butt to do that.

Youre an idiot.

How many of you died?

If someone invited me to a Halloween party during a pandemic, and then called me lame to try to make me feel bad for not wanting to endanger my health (and my familys health, and the health of any service workers or coworkers I might interact with), Im not sure how invested I would be in being friends with that person. Thats sort of some grade-A shittiness.

Bold of you to assume it's a friend and not a coworker or something.

I would also like to point out that they prolly didn't get Covid from daid Halloween party. Like, yeah, they're friend is still making bad decisions but they NOW have Covid. Should try to dissuade them from being dumb.

You can use her Twitter username, track the story down and report back to us.

I mean, broadcasting the health of someone without their consent is not cool. Id say this was handled appropriately.

Imagine spending your freetime shitting on other peoples looks with your anonymous reddit account. Fucking loser.