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Thursday 18th of February 2021

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So how do wisdom teeth work? if I still havent had mine taken out by 25 does that mean I never will or will I definitely need to do it at some point? I could probably google this.
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India is targeting young women to silence dissent & muzzle free speech. 21yo climate activist DishaRavi was arrested for tweeting a benign google doc about the farmersprotest. bjp ministers have called for her eradication & their online army "jokes" about her custodial rape.

Check out the February 2021 Superintendent Newsletter. Go Bears!
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Google said that shit means nevermind I was confused as fuck.
Our ongoing Queens Vaccine Town Hall series continues TOMORROW at 6pm, as nycHealthy and DrTorian give vital updates and answer your questions about the COVID19 vaccine's rollout, availability, side effects and more. RSVP.

Whoa there, Google. Think that over carefully. You have sooo many ways your users can boycott you.
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Hmm... that's interesting TuckerCarlson. I think you might need to take a second and google "where does Texas get its electricity." Look at the first result from the state's comptroller. Last time I checked, 20% is nowhere near "totally reliant.".

Were thrilled to do this important work in partnership with six organizations led by Black women linksinc, dressforsuccess and four sororities. Google to provide 100,000 Black women with career, digital skills training.

Is ranked 19 in Turkey Google Trends Related news: Can Yaman proposed marriage to his lover Diletta Leotta.
Did you know, Google Search Console can tell you how many websites are linking to your domain? See all the great things it can do here.
A free digital Mahoyaku main story zine interest check! Please, open for further information.
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'Dynamite' 1 Billboard HOT 1 .
Last night a tornado tore through a community in Brunswick County, NC, leaving at least 3 people dead, several injured, & a path of destruction. Pray for these devastated families & those who have lost everything.

PLEASE SHARE: CityofSanDiego has vaccine appointments for tomorrow and Friday at BalboaPark Municipal Gym. We also have appointments tomorrow for a new pop-up site at Malcolm X Library. If you're eligible to be vaccinated, sign-up here.

Good: this is with compliments from the Australian gvmnt & Murdoch google will be next.
Fucking translate what google?
? Looking for a way to give/help right now in Austin: Community Resilience Trust is coordinating efforts & looking for drivers with 4WD to help move folks to shelter: If youlike meare snowed in & can't drive, donate here.

The comments on this thread make me so mad. People love to claim "Mexican heritage" or whatever, but have no care for the context of what labor back in Mexico to produce tequila means & what is gentrification. Nationalism is a scam. Google some shit.

Thanks for the tag confirming we're aware of the issue on the Community tab not enabled after reaching >1k subs & our team is working to fix it. You can follow along our official forum for regular updates there: . Appreciate your patience.

A ver esto Google your name Cottagecore - oufit, cottage, and pet.
Heres a link to a 70-minute forum sponsored by the American Bar Associations International Law Section on the international legal questions regarding WesternSahara featuring Mouloud Said, Katlyn Thomas, and myself.

THIS FRIDAY: .underskoreUA presents a dance workshop. Sign-up available at.
I will say Facebook and Google PRs have done a good job in framing this as taking a stance against Rupert Murdoch because there are many markets where they are intertwined with News Corp. positively friendly even.

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The cutest family~ >nulb : BTS Xin An San Jue.
For an updated list of warming centers.
Google just announced a deal with News Corp. I hate this. It means that media blackmail works. It sets a terrible precedent for the net. It gives Google yet more power over news. It is a win for the devil, Murdoch. I really hate that.

I beg you to post the mess google translation did haha.
New Google Meet features coming soon: end meeting for all, mute everyone at once, students can't join before teacher.
In case this thread gets deleted i created an archive of the helpsai findsai thread here.
Australian news pages no longer active on Facebook after Google followed through on its threats to cut content from its platforms. here.
You can compare NDP and UCP staff salaries here.
!! NOT EVERY CITY IS UNDER A BOIL WATER NOTICE !! be safe and save resources <3.
Students if your family is in need check out my Google classroom. I just posted some local places to get warm and other local resources!
] L ] Now id need to use google translate.
Playing devil's advocate again on the topic of forcing Google and Facebook to pay for news -- this time with CUNY journalism professor Jeff Jarvis.
This is geared towards businesses in proximity, but it applies to anyone close enough to care one way or the other.
Hey yall if youre looking for a way to support folks in Texas here is a master doc with information on shelters and where to donate!! Please share!!
Facebook and Google are behaving like the worst kind of corporate bullies, throwing their weight around to avoid lawful regulation. Not defending the Fed Gov at all, just pointing out how shitful this behaviour is from hugely profitable global companies that rely on us for .

Google & FB won't change; they will maintain unread news features as loss makers to pay off the publishers. The publishers won't change because they got a little more money. Startups will suffer. News will suffer. Society will suffer. Well done, everyone.

Hey Texas, please fill out this survey so I can collect some information about how badly the power outage has impacted people across the state.
WTF? - F coming to Google Classroom! Dope!
Google photos !!
Now I know to continue not watching any Google news. Fox News is a hate group. They lie and misinform. They need to be shut down. How embarrassing and shameful it is for Google. Greed!
Here's a list of stores and restaurants open in ATX!! This is being updated in real time, please share!
My 2021 Wrestling Guide Match ratings and MOTY rankings. ().
In a nutshell the government wanted Facebook and Google to PAY the media outlets to have their content on the platforms. Lining the pockets of Murdoch et al Facebook said no.
Join us on Feb. 24 as several CSHPE professors MichaelBastedo, dynarski, rosiejperez, & TheRealAwilda discuss what factors ensure access to higher ed for those who seek it. The event is part of our Centennial Conversations series. UMichEd100 nulb.

Excited about the new features coming to Google Classroom over the next year!
It is doing some deep estimates of the sickness itself (time interval, passing, recovering speeds, ifr etc.) and at the same time on top actually fits published data. Basic idea of my modelling in my unfinished slides: Geolocation-based prospect .. cool.

Kingston 12 Hi-Fi live inside the mix right now on or on the Nice Up Radio app available in the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android. Lock in and Nice Up Yaself!
FYI...shitty human beings do nice things on occasion...this doesn't change a thing about the awful racist, sexist, misogynist that he was right up until his death. Google "Rush Limbaugh AIDS update" if you need proof...

(AI) In Cybersecurity Market Recent Innovations, Applications and Growth Analysis Till 2026 Via DarioAndriani With.
Every pastor should be standing as this man is. Thank you JCCFCanada for representing Pastor Coates and defending our freedoms.
Volunteers Needed: History Day Contest Judges LyceumMonterey & Young Authors Program Writing Coaches SteinbeckCenter Please share and sign up if you are available! Thank you!
We're looking for more chefs!! We hope you'll apply if you're passionate about steaks and cakes and crumbs and yums Chef app: (apps close on Feb. 21!).
Pego do google.
Google Forms will save drafts as you work, meaning students can come back and finish a quiz at a later time!
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I want you to google Louisville basketball revenue right quick. But while youre doing that, keep in mind that a combined Louisville teams tuition makes up less than 1% of that.
What did CoreyLaJoie do that ended up with his dad Randy being locked out of the house? Don't miss a double-dose of the LaJoies! Go listen to the podcast in its entirety for more: Web: Apple: Google.
Our office is updating our Resources Doc as soon as we have information. Check for: [?] If youre without power [?]nulb Current warming centers & shelters CL If you have power How to help: We need volunteers! nulb What is happening right now?

Frank Oz giving advice to birbigs for Animal's voice "the important thing to know is he loves drums. He loves sex. And he eats glass.".
ATTENTION EVERYONE - PLEASE HELP /SHARE THIS DOCUMENT: I've compiled a list of links of resources for people currently facing the weather crisis in TEXAS: Please /COPY the document and share it for visibility! Reply with any additional resources!!!

Google Earth, this is the June 2018 WorldView-2 flyover.
And It Would Even More Not Cool Of You To Fill Out This Google Form For The Zoom Link.
Google show me this guys balls.
Finding and supporting Black-owned businesses near you starts with a search. Search Black-owned on Google.
Meanwhile . In Antarctica . Lol, google what the real issue was in Texas instead of worrying about Republican's gaslighting opinions on the subject. It was actually fossil fuel powerplants that were the majority of the reason for the power outage.

Translated Google; Please help me! My son was censored= your email is augustaambulanciasoutlook.com 3 days ago is trying to know the reason for censorship? Brazilian LinkedIn support always responds without stating the reason, augustaambulanciasoutlook.com ... .

Facebook, Google are giving $100s of millions to journalism outlets, fact-check orgs, investigative groups.(Gates does the same) Doubtful that journalists with this funding will be able to do hard-hitting stories on these tech giants or their agendas.

For 75 years, the historic Four Way Restaurant in Memphis, TN, has served all walks of life. Were proud to help people find Black-owned businesses like The Four Way in GoogleMaps and Search. Learn more.

Google how 2 manifest rina sawayama coming to new york and i see her on the street in a subway and im like OMG I LOVE U and shes like wow ur so cool be my best friend and we r best friends and i go to all of her concerts to support my bff and we go eat lunch too yeah.

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Teen Peer Support Group meetings are available through mha_wny. Zoom meetings are every Wednesday from 4-5:30PM for any teen who would like to participate. Learn more in the flyer.
Google blaming the Xbox Bethesda acquisition for closing its studios is asinine. If you can't take the heat don't even step near the kitchen.
Hi! To avoid me being S Word, I'll just leave this tweet for 48 hours. I'll once in a while tweet it again. as I upload more content inside the drive.
Friday Fundamentals: Google Tag Manager Basics In this video, slobodanmanic shows you why and how to get started with Google Tag Manager by explaining its four components - tags, trigger, variables and the data layer. Watch now.

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Want to learn community first aid from some rad community medics? Support Freedom Street Health!

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I remember our 1st mtg when you came for a demo to my MD and I in Abuja . I was intrigued about your lone wolf prowess, the epitome of lean excellence. I've seen you over the yrs, and I'm certain who gets this, has just moved into a quantum leap! May you find someone like you!

If I was in Lagos, I'd fight for this.

Anyone who gets this job, his or her life will change forever. That I know for sure.

As I am not in Lagos make I just retweet.

Wish I could apply but i can't due to requirements, still an undergraduate.

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