Sunday 10th of January 2021

All of GOT7 Decide Not to Re-sign With JYP Entertainment.

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All of GOT7 decide not to re-sign with JYP Entertainment.
]User Post] How JYPE mistreated worldwide stars GOT7.
Shares Heartfelt Post About GOT7's Future Following Reports About Group's Departure From JYPE.
Can we all appreciate mark tuan for always being there for us when we needed comfort? when the album released, he made sure to hype us up. now that the articles are out, he's assuring us that got7 will always be together.

All 7 GOT7 members will reportedly leave JYP Entertainment Golden Disc Awards would be their last group activity.
Just thinking about them clicking this picture in their truest colours. THIS IS GOT7. this is THEM. THE PICTURE SPEAKS THEIR PERSONALITIES SO WELL. and them all deciding to post this as their announcement news image. i hope they know we love them.

Thank you, GOT7 V.
210110 Golden Disc Award red carpet MarkTuan Yagate.
GOT7 at the red carpet of '35th Golden Disc Awards' today.
GOT7 left JYPE but their friendship is forever. I will support the boys no matter what. It's the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. GOT7FOREVER AhgaseForever I believe GOT7 will reunite together someday.

] Zi 35Lin Quan Yin Bang Chi Gao Zhu ] LIVE TV: JTBC, JTBC2, JTBC4 Mobile: U Cong Mie Jia Live App ios - android - Online: GOT7 Nong E Zhui GOT7Official IGOT7 Cong Cheng Wei.
Im thankful that you were there, to me you are my spring. Thank You (Got7).
I loved JJP and GOT7. Now, I still love them, with JUS2 included ^^.
JYP Entertainment says it is difficult to confirms the rumors about GOT7 right now since they are in contact with each member right now, and they will release their official statement soon.
Bittersweet but this is the best for got7. Jyp don't deserve them so I pray for their success in their new paths. Got7 will always be 7...
The saddest part is that ahgases did so much to help got7 get treated better. we sent trucks, mass emailed the company, tried to get hit tweets so we can promote their albums, trended tags, paid for ads and so much more but it didn't work out. jype didn't do anything.

A thread of ahgases who respect and supports Got7s decision;.
Philippines Trends 1 GOT7 3 7 OR NOTHING 10 Jinyoung 11 Mark 12 Last Piece 14 Ahgase 18 Jinyoung GOT7Official GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
According to this article, GOT7 will not be renewing their contract with JYP Entertainment Source.
7 or Never, 7 or Nothing GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
One chapter of our book may end but another will continue, each page will be written down for as long as we shall live For a brighter and better future "M[?]A[?]K[?]E[?] O[?]U[?]R[?] O[?]W[?]N[?] H[?]I[?]S[?]T[?]O[?]R[?]Y[?]" JacksonWang852 Li (c)Ju Ji Qing He VnulbVnulb Love & support 7 of you always Li Subashiri geok GOT7 Nong E Zhui.

Hi im a new ahgase !! please help me find mutuals juseyo got7official got7 Nong E Zhui.
If got7 stage not at LEAST 30 minutes tonight ...
JYPE does not deserve GOT7.
I don't stan GOT7 but my irl does and it kinda made me sad that they're separating to move onto bigger things. It's definitely for the best especially if they've been mistreated :( It just feels surreal cuz my irl and I were just talking about them last night :((.

Mark Tuan is temporarily going back to USA. Hes considering to focus on his solo activities (Youtube etc.) & will do activities in USA.
Forever and always, boys. Forever and always. May it be as GOT7 or as JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom. I love you.
Latest Tweetology for got7.
So beautiful MarkTuan marktuan GOT7Official GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
GOT7 in 2020 Golden Disc Awards' red carpet. GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
210110 Jaebeom updated his Instagram bio "GOT7forever." JB Zi Mie Liang He Yong Jiu Jaebeom GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
We will continue using GOT7Forever for GDA hashtag. GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
English na last mo na 'to!! GOT7FOREVER GOT7 GOT7Official 7 or nothing 7 or never.
Gda might be the last opportunity for got7 to say what they gotta say on live broadcast so i hope they don't hold anything back.
Got7 was the "push" i needed to finally give into kpop more. ever since i watched that video of them in a variety show w/c my sister showed me 5 or 6yrs ago, i never stopped fangirling real hard over kpop groups i am both happy and sad right now seriously.

From the start, till now, and forever, youll be GOT7 and well be your ahgase.
I will not leave you.
I am truly happy for my boys. Not gonna lie though. I have been crying my heart out ever since the news came out cause I will really really miss seeing them together. Miss seeing them sing and perform together. Ahh I love you so so so much GOT7.

Dispatch Reports All GOT7 Members Will Part Ways With JYP Entertainment Agency Responds.
: were riding through this wave, were laughing through the pain.
'til the last come and get it, got7 and ahgases.
GOT7 FOREVER 7 or never , 7 or nothing *[?]*[?].
The way ahgases are both confused with dispatch and jyp's statement rn (we don't know who we should believe in) but we trust GOT7 with their decision.
]PIC] 200110 GOT7 GDA Red Carpet JacksonWang Jinyoung GOT7 Nong E Zhui.
Me going through got7 is free trending topic.
When got7 said 7 or nothing they meant it.
JYPE trying to do damage control and save their face but GOT7 has had enough lol.
We will be getting the last come and get it, GOT7 later.

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Finally, they are officially free.

GOT7 IS FREE FINALLY AHAGSE were just here to support you boys!! GOT7FOREVER 7 OR NOTHING.


Now i hope they all go to a different company and continue the group, even if under a new name. The boys are talented and deserve better.

I dont want to be selfish but its just so sad.

I feel sad but i know it's for the best! They're finally free FU*KING FREE MOM.

Jypbut im so sorry, got7 really deserves more than ur company.. u treat them so so bad.


GOT7 is free!!!!

Finally free!

A big lesson for JYP Ent. and the other big shitty companies who mistreat their artists. Treat your artists like human before it's too late ..

Okay what about Jaebeom tho.

Best of luck to GOT7. May you boys all find happiness in your lives and careers.

Virtual hug to all my fellow y'all.

Hoping for the best to the members. Hope they can still comeback as a group in a different label. They deserve better promotions..

Well its sad that they didnt stay together but theyll always be Got7 and if they have a chance to promote as Got7 then the public will eat it up because theyll be missed a lot. Best regards on their new start and Ill be looking forward to them promoting again!

GOT7 finally got their FREEDOM!!

I'm crying. I love you boys!

They deserve better!


They left JYP, not Ahgase.

Oh shit!


Inabot na ako nito wala pa rin akong LE.

Omg no i will my 7 dorks.

I'm still wondering what JB's plan is.


Great decision from GOT7 members. They would have better and greater opportunities from other agencies that would focus on them. Good luck GOT7! Fighting!

Seven or never hell yeah jyp you just lost one of the legendary group to ever exist.

Sampe sala3 jan lupa ngerayain yaa entah makan kucingan.

Got7 deserve better.

Lezgooooooo GOT7 FREE.

We are free -nulb.

Right now... The hard blow is that everyone separates... But keep hope the GOT7 is not finished, they're just going to take a break from a time I determine for I think come back stronger...? Reassure me that GOT7 does not separate please.

OH MY GOD!!!! This was shocking. Hope they still continue together. Wishing you all the best GOT7 and Ahgase ...


Okay the other me is happy with that..they are moving to the new path but the other me is really i just not ready for all of this.

Ahgases and got7 till the end! I love u guys!


Got7 is free!

The CEO would rather overwork the group he wants to promote than give these boys proper promotion. We saw this coming long ago .

Hitman bang right now - Ayo !! Join Bighit.