Friday 16th of April 2021

1/ Almost All Hong Kong Newspapers - including Ming Pao, SCMP, The Standard, Sing Tao And The Economic Times - Are Carrying Front Page HongKong Government Ads For National Security Education Day.

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For the first time EVER, the US government said Russian agent Konstantin Kilimnik provided Russian intelligence agencies with the internal Trump campaign polling/strategy data he received from Manafort and Gates in 2016. Even Mueller didn't go that far.

Glad the government has finally cancelled the 10th standard exams however a final decision MUST be taken for the 12th grade too. Keeping students under undue pressure until June makes no sense. Its unfair. I urge the government to decide now.

Residents of DC pay taxes, serve in uniform and contribute to the economic power of our nation while being deprived of full enfranchisement. The sacred right to vote & have a voice in our government is a core pillar of our freedom. Its time to finally grant DCStatehood.

Honestly, yes, I do know how batshit crazy it sounds. But its actually an incredibly carefully researched & sourced investigation by US agencies. This is the news which broke today. But in UK, Johnsons government has refused to investigate any of it.

And all costs paid for by that golden government health care coverage he has.
With the FBI into US systems to delete malware from Microsoft exchange servers and now this, the government is engaged in a breathtaking sprint to protect the Microsoft brand. Have the Solarwinds hacks led to a quiet embrace of "national champions" style infosec policy?

National Action Plan (NAP) was never fully implemented by PMLN govt. But it was entirely scrapped by the current establishment-government nexus. NAP was authored to counter narratives of religious extremism. It was the mind that was to supplement the muscle.

"A substantial increase in budgets to the three research councils, in addition to government policies that spur entrepreneurship and innovation, will support and lead our economic and social recovery".

1. Foreigners helped Nigeria rescue KankaraBoys-Lai Mohammed 2. Miyetti Allah helped BringBackOurBoys-Masari 3. We rescued KankaraStudents-Army 4. Buhari effected their rescue-FG 4 versions. 1 government. Yet Lai Mohammed blames Nigerians for Twitter choosing Ghana over us.

Please watch this incredibly powerful & moving speech by my sister ApsanaBegumMP, where she draws on her own experience as a survivor of domestic abuse & demands that the government treats everyone experiencing domestic abuse equally in being able to access support & services.

More than 800k public employees can be sacked by the government of going against UE Laws. What are you going to do?
Government monopoly on scams.
The economic levers are controlled by government in London, they control around 40% of the Scottish economy.
Pat Finucane's family secures the right to legally challenge the British government for its decision not to hold a public inquiry into state collusion in the killing.
Vaccine passports, microchips, and lockdowns have nothing to do with fighting COVID and everything to do with the government trying to control you.
People are getting hungrier and sicker in Tigray. Covid19 and drought affect the situation in other regions in Ethiopia. NorwayUNSC urges the Government of Ethiopia to fulfil its obligations & responsibilities to provide unimpeded humanitarian access to civilians in need.

Want to work in Minneapolis, MN? View our latest opening.
The arrest of our Ambassador AlexNainSaab was made ILLEGAL since there was not even a non-existent arrest warrant by Interpol, since that moment he has been kidnapped by the Government of Cape Verde.
6/6 Ultimately, there is no need for a new law to solve this problem. It needs only a political choice to step in and hold developers and others accountable. The amendments keep up the pressure on the government to do that.

Trump 2016 campaign was just one big ol' Russian intelligence operation, Part 612.
The controversy should come as no surprise to you, even other government officials have criticized the word. Alien is not a word we should use to describe humans.
If you have any of these symptoms Normal temperature No cough Lots of energy Good appetite You MIGHT have Covid 19 and not know it. Get tested ASAP and help us inflate our case figures and ruin more lives by extending lockdowns further. The Government.

If the US government cant make cash payments to Black Americans to pay a debt that is owed, they shouldnt be making cash payments to anyone for anything.
Maharashtra Police check identity cards of commuters at Marine Drive in Mumbai. Government has imposed 15-day statewide strict restrictions, beginning 8 pm on April 14 in the wake of the COVID19 situation.

Of *course* the Russian government works with a group of hackers called, yes, Evil Corp. Gotta stay on brand.
Indian MULLAHS take out a huge rally in favour of TLP demanding that Pakistan expel the French Ambassador. What A Crock of Crap these Indian Mullahs are. Why dont they ask the Indian government to expel the French Ambassador from India FIRST. Trying to create chaos in Pakistan.

Women are stakeholders, & the govt has a duty under the PSED & the Open Government Partnership to engage with stakeholders who believe policy proposals will lead to detriment for them, & to resolve this. Maybe why your govt recognises women as stakeholders *in the manifesto*.

Im 41yrs old and I would gladly get it! My kids need me to be here for them and I have a higher risk of blood clots getting Covid or flying on an airplane. The government needs to open AZ up to all ages.

Were suing the federal government for illegally granting the Canadian oil giant Enbridge a permit to build Line 3 and ruin water, destroy wildlife and ecosystems, Indigenous agriculture and worsen climate change.

I feel like the cloaks of public policy and public interest are used to justify some most unjustifiable situations. I wish government would introduce legislation to regulate land prices and rent under and justify it with public interest but alas, Ghana we dey.

Over 4100 individuals who evacuated from the red zone, are currently being housed in emergency shelters in the green zone. These are very difficult times for or citizens but they are doing their best in the circumstances. They must be reassured that the government is with them.

I got a meme template from the FUCKING US GOVERNMENT.
If you wonder how such shitty people can become cops its because they purposely hire shitty people. The problem is with the whole government.
The Spanish socialist government didn't allow the USAF to use its bases in Spain, which demonstrated the value of the F-111s combat range, higher than that of their replacement, the F-15Es.
Betrayal: Erin O'Toole Introduces Carbon Tax Plan, Would Take Your Money, Put It Under The Control Of Bay Street-Run Elitist Consortium, & Have Government Tell You What You're Allowed To Spend It On.
Curfews = Control = A form of Communism. Keep them quiet and under control just like we want. Good Boy. Good Girl. Sit. Regards The Government.
Republican lawmakers have reintroduced legislation to ban the video-sharing app TikTok from government devices.
News : Exams postponed,Businesses closed , theatres bandh , no restaurants, all work stopped not because of CORONA but because Government wanted to give everyone holidays to go to the KUMBH MELA and attend POLITICAL RALLIES..Thank u so much Government.

Sheikh Isa Pandemic just announced the resumption of SIM registration, with NIN. Very clever. Pantami want to make us forget his Salafist jihadist leanings in a hurry. It wont work. Pantami, you have no business in government. You must tender your resignation immediately.

Na inflation when protest Nigerian government dey arrest!!!
Activation of New SIM Cards approved. Never stop mounting pressure on the government. Use every means except crime. Thats what democracy is all about. Some people will engage, some people will tweet, some will write articles. Always apply pressure.

15 April 1651 was the first publication of Thomas Hobbes' book Lethan - an influential study on the nature of government, heavily influenced by the events of the EnglishCivilWar.
Waiting lists have ballooned & ballooned & ballooned again - every year since 2010. Over a decade of relentless government underfunding. Of deliberate, calculated NHS decline. Please dont accept it. Please use your voice. Write to your MP. Shout. Say no. Its our NHS.

Spanish Government is breaching Directive 99/70/EC ECUsanchezcastejon will fire 800.000 abused public employees with more than 20 years of services.
Swedish government proposes unexplained exceptions to its anti-polygamy law.
A consequence of government Covid relief checks. See the whole thread.
At least eight people working for the government followed the account, including Matt Wolf, Kenney's executive director of issues management. A screen grab of Wolf liking a recent tweet from the account was also posted Berta. 2021.

CIA shocker: Obama fundraiser says he was U.S. intel asset, alleges spy agency 'abuses' Just The News.
It's a brilliant show about an apocalypse scenario: An MIT student's algorithm finds out that a meteor will hit Earth in 186 days. He informs Darius Tanz, the Tony Stark of his time, and working more or less together with the US government they try to save the world.

What a terrible state of affairs. The government refuses to set up a data base of men who serial abuse women because of a shortage of police staff to manage the system, while RishiSunak authorises a loan of PS400 million after text chats with Cameron to a bank thats folded.

Today, the United States took far-reaching action against the Russian Government in response to its harmful acts. We will continue to hold Russia to account for its adversarial actions.
Pantami has become a spin doctor. He's trying to bury the bad news of his dangerous Salafist jihadism with the good news of SIM registration. Kolewerk. Sheikh, you've no business in government! Waka.
It's imperative that we all pay attention to what's going on because this bill are testing ground, not only for your state, but also for other movements. This is anti-capitalist. It's anti-freedom. The misinformation that you see from the government started in abortion.

First of all follow guidelines laid out by government, oxygen and bed come later, self awareness is primary factor to save lives and stop filling hospitals. Otherwise there will always be shortage. Supply is not unlimited anywhere. Primary care starts with self ...

Perhaps we can tax our wealthy into making jobs in other countries. We don't need them when our government can print money and give to us.
Pakistan took money from the French and banned the lobby and they blew the fun of the government of Pakistan and they are saying that we sat down and sat down with your country.
Can everyone please stop tweeting about TorySleaze? Its causing the hashtag TorySleaze to trend and upsetting the Tories. We know there is no TorySleaze in this government so please all stop using the TorySleaze hashtag. No more TorySleaze tweets please.

Under the Morrison Government special purpose jets were used to help Mathias Cormann get a job - But KKeneally has been blocked from doing her job - meeting with Priya, Nades and their kids in detention on Christmas Island. With this mob, they can only think of themselves.

Just filed:SB717 would responsibly limit growth of government to inflation plus population while allowing for savings, tax increases when necessary and return money to those who earned when possible. Thank you.

How about instead of calling people who have nowhere secure to live 'homeless' we called them 'houseless'? And at the same time, as a measure of a decent society, we made having a house to live in a basic human right? What kind of government system would we need to achieve that?

Real risk of CambsCC Tories behaving as badly in blocking the facts as their Government nationally. Full paperwork must be published, and now. If it wasn't for whistle blowers and journos like johnelworthy, and persistence of opposition Councillors, it would still be a secret.

If you're in Noida, I would highly recommend you visit Kailash Hospital, Sector-27, to get -PCR test at government rate. 700/- INR. They have converted their auditorium into a open space, large number of staff, speedy testing, result in <24 hrs.

Imran Niazi went blind in revenge Nawaz Sharif's Raiwind planned to demolish the house by canceling the transfer but the Lahore court stopped the Punjab government from bullying... MaryamNSharif ry'ywndd_khy_Trf_dykhh_tw_pchhtw'_gy.

Still government is going blind eye on covid situation. This is criminal negligence.
It seems twitter is doing more to get people access to hospital beds, blood platelets and oxygen than this government.
The NHS is not missing waiting list targets because of Covid Its missing waiting list targets because of 10 years of government incompetence Look at any metric you like - the NHS has performed worse since the Conservatives came to power Please if you wish everyone realised.

Presidential and legislative elections in Mali will take place next February, the country's post-coup government has announced. It says it is honouring an 18-month timetable for returning to civilian rule that it had promised to the international community.

If you allow the government to break the law because of an emergency, they will always create an emergency to break the law.
April 15 is a good time to remind you that the government already has your tax info and filing your taxes is free and easy in every other country. But big companies like TurboTax fought to prevent that so they could make $31 billion a year. And they won.

A former Conservative cabinet minister who chairs the governments own lobbying watchdog has been accused of a potential conflict of interest for failing to publicly declare his ongoing involvement in a Tory business lobbying forum. ~thread.

What bylaws? We are 1yr into a pandemic that gives two fucks about your right to be a selfish assclown and not care about yourself or fellow humans. So government & business, big & small, implemented SMALL measures to try to cut spread & protect everyone, including fuckmooks.

CIA shocker: Obama fundraiser admits in complaint he was U.S. intel asset, alleges spy agency abuses targeting Americans. Just The News.
It's why they wanted the TPP so badly. The Trans Pacific Partnership gave all the power to the corporations and took it away from the government, the courts and the people.
A reminder that the Ford government wants to make remote/ online learning permanent after all of this is over. It should be an option, but not mandatory.
The U.S. government affirms for the first time that a Russian spy close to Trump's campaign chair in 2016 not only received privileged Trump campaign information but did indeed pass it along to the Russian Intelligence Services. In case you thought Mueller was the last word...

Pfizer CEO says 3rd Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 monthsCNBC Canadians cant get their 2nd dose. Heaven help if a 3rd is needed, and if a Liberal government adheres to same procurement process.

Its well past time to remove Fauci from ANY involvement with the governments response to COVID.
Im not an anti vaxxer, Im anti-requirement and the government telling me what I have to do you fucking armchair intellectual. I probably make more money than you, dumbass. You havent read shit.
Report finds shortcomings, no misconduct on DC National Guard helicopter at George Floyd protests Just The News.
Maintain social distance during sex... Government recommends sex with black boys only COVID19 coronavirusuk Check out our hilarious dick memes.
Those numbers are FICTICIOUS!!! It boggles my mind that people just sit and believe and do what this corrupt government tells them to do. You've been lied to for a year and you're still willing to just blindly follow them.

: While we will not stay involved in Afghanistan militarily, our diplomatic and humanitarian work will continue. Well continue to support the government of Afghanistan. We will keep providing assistance to the Afghan National Defenses and Security Forces.

Last Year Reliance Industries Paid Rs 8,386 Crore as Corporate Tax Rs 69,372 Crore as GST VAT Rs 21,660 Crore as Custom & Excise. Almost 1 Lakh Crore tax to Government. Ghasiyari Journalist.
95% of Care home residents are vaccinated, but if they even go for a walk outside their prison, they must self isolate for 14 days. Meaning they probably won't vote in local elections. What was the point of vaccinating them then?

During David Cameron's UK Prime Minsitership a senior civil servant became a director of Greensill whilst simultaneously in charge of billions of pounds worth of government contracts. Later Cameron became a director. How deep is UK political corruption?

I've never met a right wing populist IRL and I live in a WWC county. Like you said, Republicans out here hate the government.
President Rodrigo Duterte denied shortcomings in the government's management of the COVID-19 crisis, as the Philippines continues to struggle containing a surge in coronavirus infections. .

What You Really Think

Communist China tactics. Use financial relying on funding advertisements to control media and various businesses and groups And to silence opposition. Basically bride to buy them. Basically this media dug themselves their own grave. No long term gain. No credibility.

Our last resort. Credit: Ah To Qiang.

Those are fake news. It says on the front page.

In guise of national security, the totalitarian regime brainwashes kids, silences folks and crackdowns opposition, aiming at seeking both political and economic control in HongKong. Greedy and evil!

Obviously its definitely a brainwashing education.

The beginning of brainwash.

My condolences Hong Kong. It was good till it lasted. Good News for America: if the USA manage to shake fascism off its conservative politics, they might manage to be back in the world leadership position for good, China is on a self castrating path anyway.

No voice for freedom.

Its clear which publications to read, isnt it?

They are terrorist organization official media.

Support appledaily_hk. Resist the CCP_is_terrorist authoritarianism.

That explains the importance of appledaily_hk to HongKongers because it remains as the only printed mass media which is willing and able to support the democracy camp in HongKong.

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