Sunday 6th of June 2021

32 Years Ago, One Small Man Had The Courage to Stand up to One of The Most Evil And Authoritarian Governments in The World. Today, American Mega Corporations Bow Down to That Government instead.

Social Media Says

last move failing Government always silence everyone points that they failing.
Statement Governor Seyi Makinde Regarding Suspension Twitters Operations Nigeria Federal Government become imperative release statement regarding suspension Twitters operations Nigeria Federal Government.

Twitter should reciprocate disallowing account associated with Nigerian government from having account Twitter suspending their current accounts.
Id be good with that. Small government, sound money. Im in.
High-profile government advisers/politicians were caught social distancing/lockdown rules: Dominic Cummings, Neil Ferguson, Catherine Calderwood, Rosie Duffield, Tahir Malik. None them were fined. should public continue follow dystopian rules?

favor socialism where government tells private companies what they cannot
Nigerian government ordered federal prosecutors arrest prosecute users Twitter app, after social media company took effect Friday.
predicted, illegal Channel crossings today! Which just highlights that French government stop this whenever they want. last thing they wanted today more publicity their failings. It'll continue early tomorrow.

Malaysia back door government find solutions much they find excuses.
Follow Money Nigerian homegrown initiative countries mobilizing citizens demand accountability. have government officials Nigeria used public funds social good grassroots?

Tanzanian government banned Twitter 2020, months later their President died. saying anything what saying What does exist.
Colombian people desperately need your help pushing Colombian government deescalating violence, police brutality being registered daily basis. This happening writing you.
speaking Radio Moneybox this afternoon about letter wrote with CYPCS NICCY calling two-child limit
where elected Reps Senators that supposed represent they going continue stay silent? Government called "Public Service" because they're meant *serve* public. They've turned Govt into shortcut wealth retirement home.

have $2.5 billion currency reserves. That's about bitcoin. Less than Saylor's bag. They should issue bond finance hope does have melt down. they Elons shoulder from government.

That insurrection was, fact, treason. was, fact, attempt overthrow government civil that ideological between democracy autocracy.
Meanwhile, as these ISIS Daesh member is being brought home through the funding and protection of the Netherlands government, more than 2800 Yezidi Yazidi women and children remain unaccounted for in aftermath of ISIS's brutality and genocide.

Family slain Jan. Capitol rioter sues learn identity officer killed Just News.
Fauci never government. CDC. government contracted international eugenics company (WHO) perform service. same people dying believed they were pond scum ages.
Congratulations Pakistan, hosting todays international conference WorldEnvironmentDay Pakistan. history, this govt will certainly known Green Government, Pakistan will known Green Country Imran Khan will known Green PM.

They reacted fast Twitter ban. Federal Government please react quickly following; Sufferings Nigeria 2. Security issues facing 3. ASUU strike 4. State Hospitals 5. Poor Electricity 6. Creation Retweet yours.

they want focus past least investigations into current serving Congress people government officials involved insurrection continue plotting overthrow government.

Communist society doesnt have government.
government trying sneak through sale medical data without consent. only have till 23rd June out. Here's how: (You have hand form your They're making hard possible) Spread word!

Friendly reminder that being communist isnt woke cool. Communism destroys lives. democrat anti-capitalism without being full fucking Karl Marx. Supporting ruthless militarized government isnt cool edgy many year liberals think.

what yahoo boys internet fraud stars carry their activities, government forcing millions people into knowing what minding what that might result future. A government isn't supposed react emotions ***.

hope well with hedgie manipulation seems they almost move their will. Will government finally stand something about corruption?! shall see.
This time look every government tweeps trouble. Mention their handles, they would notifications cant tweet.
better government totally possible. Here's how: -Abolish filibuster -Pass -Grant statehood -Ban members Congress from trading stocks let's work!
cant even kill Muslims! This Hindutva preacher urges government provide legal protection Hindus lynch murder Muslims, front crowd 50,000.
DeSantis just showed Republicans that government power protect individual rights.
Excellent investigative journalism EwanSomerville from Telegraph: AskNic, director FairPlayWomen, warned: It's almost Stonewall become government department right, government outsourcing views equality.

Israelis show they every day. believe them. none this israeli government doesnt represent israelis bullshit. theyre being loud clear.
Israeli police arrest Jazeera journalist covering demonstration occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah where laws that epitomize Israeli government's apartheid being used expel Palestinian families from their homes.

"The Federal Government suspended, indefinitely, operations microblogging social networking service, Twitter, Nigeria," Ministry Information Culture announced statement.

needs silk road when there's government that wants job.
Blocking access Twitter fastest thing I've seen Nigerian Government implement entire life. only they took governance insecurity that seriously.
biggest lesson from TwitterBan that government have powers whatever they want; quickly too. They choose because they wicked dont care. quickly they Airtel, 9mobile comply silent issues security etc.

This whole Twitter still seems like joke some serious those making living this app. Especially those that advertise brands. Yea. will brands want associate with something this government banned?

Today Canada 39th place globally total vaccines people, 95th place among fully vaccinated. Trudeaus government refuses allow Canadians border cities cross second dose. Optics before ethics. Source: OWID.

Always amazes many companies complaining about government paying $300 week jobless aid, then took EIDL (that was/is ultimately forgiven).
Telcos didnt even court order law, they just immediately. These people will give your data government anytime without court order
Israel Security Agency's Director issues rare public warning saying that incitement Netanyahu's party against incoming government) could lead tragic bloodshed Israel. Trump normalized 'violent' transition power, other populist dictators following path.

Governor GovRonDeSantis showing Republicans government power protect individual rights. What your governor doing?
American travelers getting ready skip Portugal unless there communication from Portuguese government regarding allowing vaccinated tourists. Please help expectations.
This pure racism. Black prosperity good all...capitalism great achieve that prosperity... BTW Democrats were party behind Tulsa massacre today's TheDemocrats push dependency government socialism, prosperity...

they really Twitter Fvck that government. Y'all learn hard way. Let's Y'all VPN. Bunch fools.
McConnells state most socialist states: 541,000 people food stamps, 174,000 disability, million Medicaid. Every year, gets $148 billion more from federal government than pays taxes.

Federal Government Jair Bolsonaro culprits.
Trumpists conservatives: your shrieking about cute, $100,000 still drop bucket what could have been given Puerto Rico years ago. about island government some more, even though island "property" ward US.

Corruption Malaysia just virus cure. jadi akar umbi negara. else have same government years? toppling government only months after GE14? It's larger than People have died trying fight it.

This horrific. Especially knowing many Nigerians this platform know about violence government doing. lgbtq Nigerians this platform raise funds. hate this shit.

have travel Germany tweet every hour more meet this government, more understand Noah took more animals into than human being, shame this Nigeria tbh.

come We've seen mobile vaccination units parked streets, staff even knocking doors. What earth more could government Sometimes people need take responsibility their decisions.

state governor Seyi Makinde running government,hes making seems like other state governors stupid.
That barbarism. Draghi government pushing mass vaccination program with calculated steps. last weeks have already seen political dissidents threatened with TSOs taken psychiatric institution because they refused obey orders.

simply dont understand Western engagement with Nigerian government still *normal* thus disconnected from government behaves eliteswith whom diplomats readily hobnobimmiserate everyday Nigerians undermine national stability.

Exactly hours ago, government Nigeria announced suspension Twitter operations Nigeria. Since then, country lost N2,177,089,051 ($6,014,390) based Cost Shutdown Tool. loss continues rate N90,712,044 ($250,600) every hour!

Adamus app shares your information with the Nigerian government. Good luck to you if you join.
Passed with support! Collecting disaggregated, race-based data essential truly addressing systemic inequities discrimination areas government responsibility. Also essential that BIPOC communities help govern use.

Legal threat sharpens over government plans harvest patient data from GPs.
"Chesham Amersham secure economic recovery. only guarantee this with Conservative This blatant corruption: Sunak implying voters Chesham Amersham that future government funding tied support Tory candidate.

Dont this government cant right.they cant even Twitter properly.. thing they load small small.
Justin Trudeau 2015: ]are] committed higher openness transparency Ottawa." Justin Trudeau 2021.
Curious, Cruz which will argue that company deny service, employment certain groups because free market capitalism, wants government control company denying individual.

Leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu gained more fast Likes, retweets comments twitter after Nigerian Government suspended Twitter Nigeria.
Thank JoeBiden POTUS TheDemocrats ProtectBears ProtectWolves ProtectAllSpecies ESA Biden aims restore species protections weakened Trump.
government that celebrated thief like Ganduje after dollar bribery, calls Bola Tinubu party leader wants prosecute ordinary Nigerians violating TwitterBan? Nigerians, what have done yourself?

Naomi Wolf latest countless string doctors, scientists, researchers that have been suspended from Twitter stating their professional opinions questioning government policies. Lawmakers must protect free speech online. must demand this.

world split into different realities, running parallel another having connection. Woke vaccinated listening government Good luck everyone. other side.

Stagnant wages, higher burden, labour market 'slack'. this federal government's plan along?
don't THINK same case true government bullion from other countries, though. Iirc silver eagles still taxed gains, legal tender aspect essentially guarantees price floor USD.

Armed robbers robbed cars road today Jakande stop this evening. police sight, security sight. whats government concerned about? Twitter.
Aoko Fagbemi, Supreme Court held that only crime defined with punishment prescribed thereto cause arrest prosecution. Similarly, Okafor Governor Lagos State, court made clear that mere directives government cannot stand law.

cant keep ignoring this BBCNews many people disgusted with this government want BorisJohnson taken task! RIGHT THING!
What expecting from Youths them Mohammed other Government officials Twitter ban. Talk like Father daughter your leaders. Then whatever Social Media assure your brothers sisters other end.

James Connolly born this 1868. "...the British Government right Ireland, never right Ireland, never have right Ireland.".
They killed parents, taken kids, girls women slaves. That's what ISIS also Dutch ISIS terrorists did. Dutch government bringing them back, after genocide against without trail.

Yeah keep working your slaving away government keep gaming.
Watching childhood favorite IMDb TV! Supercar March 1962 Space Mitch Dr. Beaker developed smaller rocket government, Mitch monkey accidental launches himself into space Mike must rescue Supercar.

position statement filed challenges centerpiece DeSantis pandemic victory narrative: that strategy reopen state created very measured, thoughtful data-driven way. Read Blaskey_S's full story here.

Roughly quarter food came from 2019. More than half came from British farmers.
Relax! many people they going arrest prosecute violating their useless TwitterBan? Will they arrest million people? arrest tire! Write this down, government ever against citizens.

Michael Kroger, Chris Kenny working behalf Murdoch crush competitor. Under Buttroses leadership doing good adhering Charter. never created propaganda government.

doesn't trigger revolution government terror decrees dropped June, then really game over.
When bandits understand human rights than your government
concerned that Government Nigeria suspended Twitter. hope that Nigerians able enjoy their full rights freedom expression, responsibly.
Fulani? herdsmen? book harram? have government treat them language they understand too? Hypocrites.
I'm the first person in my family to have not been taken by churches or government- and I'm only 34 years old.
Government didnt make vaccines.
years today first cases were reported. years effective treatment finally found. were targeting cases 2030 need your help make sure Governments plan purpose first time. Take action today.

What You Really Think

"One man with courage makes a majority." Attributed variously...

I know, the mighty dollar is more important than principals or people. Thats sad.

Worse theyd cancel this hero and attempt to get him fired and disowned by his family.

I dont like the way you spout the truth sir.

That's because BIDEN and his CRIME FAMILY are comprised. By CHINA and RUSSIA. Where's the INVESTIGATION? He should be IMPEACHED. Especially after the Russian pipeline. And he's concerned about the environment!! BS .

NOH KOREA JUST EXECUTED A MAN FOR sharing some south korea music, and movie videos made his family watch. Put them in Prison- a new law - and the same crap starting to happen in usa, wake up people - ps pray for those with no freedom.

There are two. The tank driver..

You my friend are so correct...a great observation.

Hu Zha Yao we]] dyags89Yao weZha daelsHuang Gan Hui poZhi daelsYi weWu.

This paints the wrong picture . The mega corporations are safely ensconced behind the tanks,not bowing but hand in glove with their franchisee-the CCP.

This is a picture taken later in the day. I always thought that it was even more impactful.

The word you were looking for was "ordinary" to describe that hero, not small.

On this day Marvin Heemeyer in the Killdozer made his final stand.

Because to them Cash is king.

You contributing to Aussie Culture & Values ozcrimenews nickbarnesaus CaterinaJohnst3? Aussies need FederalBillORights to combat Whims & corruption of JimCrow WhiteSupremacy inc GenderQuota hackery & Corrupt Zionists Deaths GL Tang to Anne Marie Smith to young Aishwarya.

See New Zealand.

Plenty of negative things you can say about China, but one of the most evil is a bit of a stretch considering the competition. And theyve managed to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty over the last few decades.

CCP is not China, not Chinese . Take down CCP.

Almost like a virus that came across the pond years later...

Today you can witness the courage displayed by NBA JohnCena KingJames in standing up to the CCP. They are the modern day heroes.

CCP is evil.

Also happy Killdozer day.

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