Monday 24th of May 2021

Dame Cindy Kiro Named as New Zealand's Next Governor-General.

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Jacinda Ardern appointed former childrens commissioner Dame Cindy Kiro governor-general designate. October will become 22nd fourth woman first Maori woman.
Dame Cindy Kiro named Zealand's next Governor-General.
Asiwaju Volunteers Solution 2023 been launched Lagos sensitise mobilise Nigerians well pressurize former Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, contest presidential election 2023 General Election Nigeria.

"This notion service really gone heart everything have done past. rawe! Congratulations Ahorangi Chief Executive Professor Dame Cindy Kiro just been announced next Governor-General Zealand.

Briscoes lady Governor-General out.
Live: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern names Dame Cindy Kiro Governor-General.
Appointing this person Governor General Zealands constitution importance only being political, seen political.
PM's choice Governor General inspired. only also appreciating challenging this decision will Cindy tweeters?
The country we live in now. Amazing choice for the new gov-gen.
Trust Cindy appoint Governor General called Cindy.
Whether want nominating brittlestar Governor General's Order Canada need your help show much deserves Please reply this tweet with your support think deserves need many comments possible! please.

Introducing Governor General: Random Member Public!
from September, will have Maori woman Governor General Maori woman Foreign Affairs Minister. patriarchy racists must having kittens right thrilled! This want live Shall name change Aotearoa next?

Many many congratulations Dame Cindy Kiro appointment role Aotearoas next Governor General. Blimmin awesome.
Dame Cindy Kiro Governor-General.
General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, come under fire reportedly describing Governor Kogi State, Yahaya Bello faith.
governor-general Zealand holds degree social policy interesting.
Cindy Kiro fantastic candidate Governor General. It's also great troll Turn-Ardern TaxCinda crowd.
Congratulations Cindy Kiro, just announced next Governor-General replacing Patsy Reddy completes term September. Cindy very distinguished NZer held high public office Children's Commissioner Vice-Chancellor.

Prime Ministers remarks earlier this year indicated that going politicise next Governor General, which would have been good move. With recommending Dame Cindy Kiro today clearly lied. Kiro been prominent member Labour Party...

Zealand's next Governor General, Dame Cindy Kiro, clearly been partisan past. hope, sake Zealand, that this stopped. would tragic Royal Highness' representative play politics.

wow! rawe!! Dame Cindy Kiro next Governor-General Zealand Ardern.
Congratulations Dame Cindy Kiro just announced Prime Minister Aotearoa's Governor General.
Dame Cindy Kiro next Governor-General, replacing Dame Patsy Reddy.
huge mihi congratulations Dame Cindy Kiro, Aotearoa Governor General designate.
Governor-General representative Sovereign Zealand appointed Queen capacity Sovereign Zealand, advice Government Zealand.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces Dame Cindy Kiro next Governor-General.
Dame Cindy become Governor General, there hope yet!
Good Governor General appointment! Maori women health child rights expert. Congrats Dame CindyKiro lets actual broad Tiriti-based constitutional reform every please
What fantastic choice! First that know!
Governor Generals only advice government- government cannot appoint them.
next governor general will Dame Cindy Kiro.
ACT party announces today that in addition to controlling select committees theyd also like to appoint the Governor General and henceforth all native birds will have to be named David. ENDS.
zealand politics people follow tweeting about should next governor general need know that every time only exclusively read gossip girl.

Former Children's Commissioner Dame Cindy Kiro announced next Governor-General.
Dame Cindy Kiro will Governor-General. will replace Dame Patsy Reddy, whose five-year term ends September.
Virginia been Blue State, Governor, LtGovernor, Attorney General Democrats past years. Republicans arent winning statewide office again Virginia.
Cindy Kiro next Governor General. created wikipedia biography 2014. Does that make biographer?
Looking forward next National-led Government appointing board members Governor-General.
Congrats Dame Cindy Kiro appointment Governor General, well deserved!
Former Childrens Commissioner Dame Cynthia Kiro will next Governor-General.
Local governments,provincial federal have over ridden constitution illegally. takes legislation Ottawa, readings Senate, Governor General amend Canadian Constitution! Even Charlotte Accord couldn't that!

Thats right, Governor General Dame Cindy. trolls online... Flexed.
great point. Every time hear "Cindy says... Cindy did..." from will like true didn't realise governor general spoken this, odd".
Dame Cindy Kiro, Zealand's first wahine Maori Governor-General, says hopes young wahine draw inspiration, Zealanders, reflecting "very poor" upbringing.
Governor-Generals Wife Catches Him Trying Out Some Of Those Moves He Saw At The Navy Ceremony.
party that election winning most seats parliament unable form government. This governor general asking Mara form caretaker govt which did. September that same year, elections held again alliance won.

Very spicy take on new Governor-General from ACT.
kinda funny mittens governor general dont think??
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces Dame Cindy Kiro Governor-General.
NZ's next Governor-General: Jacinda Ardern reveal appointment later today.
Next Governor General: 1. Can't be white 2. Can't be heterosexual 3. Must speak Te Reo 4. Must be socialist 5. Can't be old I'm stumped.
read where influenced General Assembly, Kentucky's legislature, take away from Governor Bashear right choose replacement doesn't complete this year term. likely tried install laws continue rule from grave.

When next Governor General.
Jacindaardern chooses public health academic, childrens' rights champion, Maori education leader Dame Cindy Kiro next Governor-General.
Well! This great news! have questions: Will Dame Cindy keep Chief Executive Royal Society Aparangi? not, what gonna happen there? Will Dame Cindy stay professor? call Prof Dame Cindy).

Watch: reveals Zealands next Governor-General.
Fantastic, Maori woman Governor General. Cindy Kiro impressive, achieve what shes been well doing well.
Hanging here made Governor-General like rest
Jacinda Ardern announces Dame Cindy Kiro next Governor-General. More come.
Dame Cindy Kiro been appointed next Governor-General Zealand five-year term. will take role October. Dame Cindy previously Childrens' Commissioner.
what Governor General does important role personally think they should appoint because sexy also really cool.
Dave bautista's governor general?!!

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Way to go cuz.

Wonderful news.

Excellent news, together as one.

Brilliant great news congratulations to her.

'The next Governor-General is Dame Cindy Kiro. They will replace current Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy later this year. Err, *She* not They.

Is it legal to have two Cindys in charge?

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