Monday 1st of March 2021

If That Goya Guy Doesn't Stop With The Lies, my Friend Hector Says He's Going to do Something Bad to These Bags.

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Ill never understand why companies bow to the mob. Just say no to the mob and eventually they find another target. Smart of Hyatt. Goya did the same thing.
Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue at CPAC: "Its just an honor to be here. But my biggest honor today is gonna be that -- I think we're gonna be on the same stage -- as, in my opinion, the real, the legitimate, and the still actual president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.".

So Goya supports domestic terrorism and a shadow government?
My entire Puerto Rican family havent used Goya Products since their vile lunatic ceo went full MAGA cultist and now that he attended CPAQ to further incite violence by lying about the election for a white supremacist, well continue to boycott. Piece of shit pendejo.

Goya Foods has voted to stop pro-Trump Goya CEO Robert Unanue from talking to the media Goya CEO now needs board permission to speak to the media.
Unanue also says people voted ten times each and twitter cant cancel him again and and... Lets make Goya Foods go bankrupt.
I guess the Board GoyaFoods wont be happy that its CEO is speaking at CPAC after the last time he appeared on Fox to push the Big Lie and they settled on ordering him to shut up in lieu of firing him.
Eating Goya beans and playing with a MISTER Potato Head, while sleeping on a MyPillow at the Hyatt to own the libs! - 2021 GOP platform.
Goya's Unanue went on to joke, "Sorry Twitter, Ive already been canceled. You cant do it again. No way," then to say that Americans aren't entitled to vote 10 times (they didn't), then to say that "the majority" of the people voted for Trump (Biden got the majority).

Well, in my opinion, my friend Jim is the real, the legitimate, and the actual CEO of Goya Foods. Please vacate your corner office immediately.
CPAC SUNDAY: Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue Declares Trump the "Legitimate and Still Actual President" (VIDEO).
.GoyaFoods, your board censured Unanue & said he couldn't speak to the media without the board's permission. Did the board approve him promoting the Big Lie at CPAC? Goya board silences its CEO after he tells Fox News the election was rigged.

Shameful. I am calling for a boycott of all Goya Foods until such time as this company separates from CEO Unanue. Enough is enough. Do not buy their products until Unanue is out completely. Silencing him is not enough.

NEWS: Goya Foods CEO Confirms He Is An Insurrectionist.
That wont last forever. MAGAts will only eat so much latinx inspired canned goods before they become bored with that little sports game. Goya is in big trouble, but like Mike Pillowguy, they cant smell their own shite.

The CEO of Goya trolling the left is spectacular.
Its game over for GoyaFoods Their CEO stood on cpac stage and claimed the US election was fraudulent. Sorry Goya ... Im done buying your products. Your tacit support for seditious and traitorous behavior is a step too far. Your board needs to evaluate your decisions.

Whenever Goya trends it's always the beans and never the artist. Dude's Black Paintings were money!
Goya ceo has stated st cpac that Trump is still the President. I will no longer buy GOYA.
Willing casualties of the Big Lie: Goya MyPillow Hyatt GOP Trump Criminal Enterprise Your racist relative.
I hope every Mexican never buys another Goya product (the CEO of Goya is literally crazy for the racist, Trump). Michael Cohen wrote that Trump said "Latinos are stupid". "Here Are All the Times Donald Trump Insulted Mexico" .

The Goya CEO has doubled down on the election fraud lies at CPAC. Que cabron tan mentiroso. At my house, we cook a lot of Mexican dishes. I will continue to boycott Goya products until Robert Unanue is no longer CEO. Wegman's generic products are better, anyway.

Saturn Devouring His Son - Peter Paul Rubens (1636). Saturn Devouring His Son - Francisco Goya (18191823).
Time for every grocery chain to take the Goya brand off the shelves BoycottGoya And boycott any store that carries Goya products Im looking at you RalphsGrocery vons any store that carries Goya products is underwriting sedition and treason Time to pick a side Grocers.

Ivanka Trump defends Goya tweet that watchdogs deem unethical SunTimes Her office: WH West Wing. It will take years of recovery for Americans to get these years sorted out.
Goya's CEO out there promoting the Big Lie and murderous insurrection ... Hyatt's fine and dandy with hosting Nazis ... but sure, let's beat up on those evil liberals for pushing for a few extra bucks in hurting Americans' pockets.

The CEO of Goya does not believe in democracy.
My LA teen on the autism spectrum just put us through 20 hours of hell by running away. The reason? These conspiracy theories have him so scared that he wanted to leave the country. His teachers engage and validate these theories just like this Goya sob. CPAC2021 just stop.

Nope. Even before the insurrection, a whole lot of people switched their brand of beans from "whatever, it's beans" to "not Goya." We're not going to forget the insurrection nor how the Big Lie is being used to push new disenfranchisement measures. We will stop buying your crap.

Goya CEO declares Trump the 'legitimate' president before cheering CPAC crowd.
Remember the last time the left boycotted Goya? They had to roll out their "fact checkers" to claim beans weren't being sold at a record pace.
This is a picture of the last goyafoods product I had in my kitchen where it belongs in the garbage. I will NEVER buy, use or promote another Goya product and I am a professional chef.
Never never ever buying a Goya product again.
I dont stay at a Hyatt hotel for the same reason I dont buy Goya foods, they both give you indigestion and a bad nights sleep.
I thought Goya Board of Directors told CEO to stay out of politics?
You mean this Goya? The Board muzzled their CEO to keep him from further damaging the brand. Doesn't sound to me like the success story you're making them out to be.
Remember that Ivanka Trumps official endorsement of Goya products on social media was an apparent violation of federal ethics rules and standards of conduct.
My local Publix has sunk so low as to put Goya products in an individual display case. I will never buy or use a Goya product again.
Robert Unanue, the CEO of Goya, referred to fascist former President Donald Trump as "the real, the legitimate, and the still actual" president during a speech at CPAC on Sunday.
I would bet the Goya CEO would love to put the photos of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco (fascist dictators) on the labels of all Goya products.
Thats ok. I never heard of Goya until assholes like you became hysterical morons. Now we buy more than you ever did. Love their cookies.
Goya board moves to silence CEO over his continued denial that the former President lost. Robert Unanue must have conspired with the former President in some capacity. Let's be clear... You lost. You will lose again.

It's a cult. Boycotting goya forever.
I've never bought Goya but I'm going to continue not buying it. I suppose that doesn't really send much of a message.
Goya cancelled again.
This vegan will never buy Goya beans again.
No more chick peas from Goya for me.
?? Didn't yau'll learn the last time you tried to boycott Goya? We came out in droves in support where their sales skyrocketed. Every one of y'all boycotts backfire. Take several seats you intolerable fascists.

After the stunt by the CEO today, never, never again Goya. Not one can, not one product, not ever. I will tell everyone I know that your company supports a seditionist that tried to overthrow the government & openly discriminate with all peoples of color.

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Gosh and this is classic art? I recall Goya's art painting of the Spain's royal family depicted likely his disdain when art work was completed, lol-brave of him to picture (pardon the pun) them as phonies.

How to check if Xfinity Internet is down &038; fixes Kakao M Hyatt Goya.
Goya garbanzo beans are cheaper than the generic brand here, a sure sign that nobodys buying them. The Goya board needs to get a clue and fire the CEO.
OK, not buying any more Goya products. Ever.

What You Really Think

Go Hector! Good kitty!

Go Hector! Like a boss kitty.

Notice all these wealthy men that own corporations losing the facts and ranting about conspiracies? Once you get to this level no one will argue with you anymore. You are not beholden to anyone. You can do, think & act anyway you want. Its how we got the former guy.

Hector would be doing a great service to do something bad to Goya food.