Saturday 9th of October 2021

Nagarjuna Sir , One of The Most Humble Human Beings With Aura of Dignity ,grace And Concern . May God Bless His Family With Abundant Love .

Social Media Says

Mitt Romney voted send American global economy over cliff wants lecture Chuck Schumer about grace? Absolutely not.
When vote collapse global financial system, don't grace, MittRomney.
Postpartum Depression should taken more seriously. Mothers through they deserve more grace.
cost speaking truth power. whos divisive, federal government. refusing absolutely condemn sexual misconduct abuse power within ranks, theyve tactfully left these issues grey zone permissibility.

God's Grace will make wonders when your appointment date from God. Blessings over flows your cup.
trust more? Grace Tame government that includes Barnaby Joyce Christian Porter? It's dilemma.
Australian accusing Tame being divisive next level trolling. standing victims against abusers divisive, then it's divisiveness very much favour. Grace's excellent work made proud have Australian year. Long reign.

Last week watched MuhammadAli PBS, tonight watched FuryWilder2 highlights. tell heavyweight boxing dramatically diminished quality. Ugly, slow, uncoordinated, totally lacking style grace. would watching these oafs.

Grace Tame. Integrity. Courage. Lived experience. Dont make someone Australian Year then tell them Australian Year. Dont tell them pull their head Grace Tame DOING WORK support champion her.

Hyundai Hangeul SUGA: Earth grace with abundance many generations come. all. (c)SUGAJelly9339.
stand with Grace.
Honorable President ArifAlvi Governor rezabaqir grace exclusive event RoshanDigitalAccount RoshanApnaGhar Dubai today. event will streamed live Facebook page 3:30 (UAE) 4:30 (PKT).

same Shiv Sena runnin behind Dev_Fadnavis when inauguration airport building Chipi airport today they dont even have grace invite him! This what Uddhav Sena about! Matter time.. Hisaab jarur hoga!!!

Murdoch's dancing bears Australian roll today with nasty jobs Grace Tame, Norman Swan, Stephanie Dowrick, Jane Caro while buffing James Paterson, China Killer Gerard Henderson assuring that OpusDei from Franco's fascist Spain really harmless.

Grace's mayday favorite scene also being favorite scene. true
Grace Tame years younger than Janet Albrechtson already achieved more, contributed more taught public more than Janet could ever dream absolute shame this patronising lecture, god. Very embarrassing.

have sure still find other Gods grace.
America! America! God shed grace thee And crown good with brotherhood From shining sea!
Jesus, made little lower than angels, suffering death crowned with glory honor, that grace God, might taste death everyone. Hebrews NKJV.
'Grace Tame divisive claims News Corp writer weekly divisive column.
PETRO EMPHASIZES WELLBEING LEARNING Pedro College launches two-week-long webinar valued students wherein Gecelle Grace Diez, RPsy, resource speaker, honored approximately Senior High School SPCians.

Grace Lutheran Church Driscoll will host annual dinner from a.m.-1 p.m. Oct.
Body wash terlaris Shopee grace glow Harga: 48.000 Link.
seems anyone who's being persecuted Du30 administration comes winner like Hidylin first ever Olympic gold Ressa who's been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize, another first. strongly feel we'll have woman president next year God's grace.

Yogi's cheap satire Only fools admire, With grace patience Priyanka Gandhi fire
Today beyond, Lord will open heavens water your life EricaNlewedim. will keep evergreen refreshed always. will blossom,u will flourish,u will prosper. grace, will have regrets, shame, loss. Erica will live fulfill your days. Amen.

Join next Tuesday Clondalkin library launch DIFFERENT EDEN: ECOPOETRY FROM IRELAND GALICIA With Keith Payne, Grace Wells Jane Robinson. miss! Book your free ticket here.

Grace Australian Year every year? What inspiration.
always know Liberals hurting when their ever-reliable Murdoch Party ally, Janet Albrechtsen, comes swinging. They're vulnerable treatment women climate inaction. jkalbrechtsen dutifully attacks Grace Tame Greta Thunberg. wonderfully predictable.

bless prosper her. prefer former look. talent voice. grass grace story appeal. hope those managing dont strip innocence just month ago. That unspoilt, pure innocence ticket top!


Faroe Islands take note!
Hail Mary full grace; LORD with thee: blessed thou amongst women blessed Fruit womb, Jesus.
grace worst character manifest like.
really dont like odds throwing ball grabs hoping that other team doesnt before team does. Because worked doesnt mean that keeps gonna hard fall from grace. Please stop doing that reckless.

will probably never happen pray give women grace give this country because difference bizzare.
dilemma that Grace Tame tweeting more than that?
Grace said tagged all.
Courage grace under pressure..
Grace Kelly publicity portrait Dial Murder (1954).
Goddess Chandraghanta symbol Grace Courage. this auspicious third Navratri, ambassadors goodwill courageous fight prejudices.
Hail Mary, Full Grace, Lord with thee. Blessed thou among women, blessed fruit womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother God, pray sinners now, hour death Glory Father Son& Holy Spirit.

"Grace" Wizkid
grace comfort grave space heaven.
Jesus Wealthy? Grace thru faith.
Grace Insha Allah make Life!
Thank Grace TamePunk make proud Australian, thats pretty difficult sentiment lately. You terrific woman, admirable Australian symbol courage integrity. Thank you.

List body parts will lickd better include graces.
expresses grace concern after five migrants shot dead Libyan detention centre amid mass escape.
Dear Lord, your blessings always abundant life Erica Nlewedim. continue pave success her. guide protect every aspect. continue grow grace favor always locate her. Grant heart desires, AmenV.

Reaching dreams away, away, away~ BGYO_Gelo Happy motmot ACEs! ACESelcaDay HAPPY MONTHS ACEs.
work even read that 'news'paper that attacked Grace Tame today really need re-evaluate those life choices that there.
It's very awkning _,bt awkning Don't criticize anyone Ratri Jagran Wake Discuss scripture Bhajan Kirtan worship acrding powr Asharamji says awkning,u grace powr.

Thank you, Your Grace, your leadership. bring much comfort, hope, encouragement sheep need faithful shepherds.
Grace Park.
Danny! I've been following since April wishing have capital enter market stand coin since then been $FTM, ABEG DANNY Send $300 good grace genorocity your heart. Thanks boss anticipation..! (Trying luck).

earth grace with abundance many generations come. all.
earth grace with abundance many generations come. all. clear blue skies exist beyond song lyrics. all. Huang Huang SUGA Xuan Huang.

Yoongi youre youre coolest prettiest face broad shoulders with, hands with long, artful fingers, youre musical genius good with dogs also youre kindest person grace this world safe harbour all. it.

Used mother in-law take care Thirdly prayer fire rekindled. Indeed time come. Blossom from Benin City More grace papa, thank this time revival movement called wonders without number. really helped spiritual life alot...

Listen Grace WizKid Boomplay.
Some people fighting every single without showing Give grace.
like give thanks fans were with last meeting Asia tour. really good with thanks your fervent ardor. Let's stay healthy until meet again. grace always with all!!

God: keep telling you: YOU'RE CHANGING! YOU'RE BECOMING! Me: Becoming, Who? God: Becoming created person light, love, charity, hope, courage, joy, mercy, grace compassion. Don't change! Become!

made home grace god.
What Grace doing integrity, powerful true. What Australian doing dirty politics.

What You Really Think

What about Pavan sir.

I still remember seeing you guys at Bryan Adams concert in 2011 and wife pulled him when he was trying to have a conversation.

ArdhNkaaledu madam ippuddidi iddaakul irhaaniki saanubhuuti !

Thanks from Akkineni fans.

Pk also humble human He is contesting 2024.bhimavaram MLA please bless him jai janasena.

Sis , thanks for recognise now after incident happened What about annayya sir... and our pk sir...human being ..aura etc...

We want to movie similar to gaganam... Your acting in simply excellent and everyone liked it very much.. Hope your will restart your acting career soon.

Then marry chaitu, that's it. Next tweets lo chaitu love ani pettu. Boku mundaa.

Do you know KCR diolog?

Arrey Arrey PK love miss ayindhe.

Ante ee medhavi ippudu Samantha ki kadu nenu NagaChaitanya ki support chestuna anii cheppadaniki.. panilo pani aa prakash raj ki vote veyamani chepdam ani trying. Papa knchm school nunchi baithaki ra. Chillar indirect comments nuvvu. Therapy teskunte poyedi ga.

Thanks andi.

Are you sick? Mentally disturbed.

Tq poonam madam.

"MAA" elections campaign.

Yes God will bless all..Dont worry.

Entha tiskunna rendu sides cover chesthunav ga.

Prakash raj ki supporting aaa.

Ur role in Gaganam movie All the very best to your future assignments.

Thank you.

Papa ippudu nagarjuna sir enduku gurtoccharu.. Ante madyalo prakash raj unnadu ani ee pic pettava.. Nee mindset sariga ledhu first of all. U r getting frustrated with something else.

Few words about pk.

Thankyou madam with this one all Akkineni fans are happy. Love you madam VV.

Yepudu em tweet vestavo nikanna idea unda? First floor Khali unte ilage untundi. PkLove na bonda love ivi taggiste bagupadtav. Second grader tweetsu nuvvu.

Entha thisukunav ee tweet veyadaniki.

We love you poonam On behalf of every Akkineni fans V.

Hai madam how are you.

How about pk.

Thank You Mam Fine Words about KING NAGARJUNA.

VVnag VV.

Haii madam.

Please Sainik mama Tell Me Few Words About Our BOSS Also.

V from King Nag fans.

Thanks Dear Poonam Ji.

Association lo vote vundha pk darling.

Poonam ji That's why we are loving you.

Immaculate Indian Actor Nagarjuna garu.he preparing celebrities through Big Boss.

Ithe velli.

Mam apko nend arhi ha.

With your strength made PRP2 closed.. kudos.