Wednesday 15th of July 2020

Stick it up Your Arse: Rickys Blunt Response Over NRL Grand Final Re-match Hype.

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Venue that holds the biggest crowd! ANZ - 83000 Optus - 60000 Adelaide - 53000 SCG - 48000 Gabba - 42000 All of the above are approximates, so ANZ it is! Eat shit Adelaide & Perth, should've built bigger to have a chance to contest to host a Grand Final, dumbarses!

Oh, so NOW you want to discuss fairness with the Grand Final.
Perfect sense. If Qld is saving the AFL the least we should get is grand final hosting rights for just 1 year. If its a true national competition, this is an easy decision to make and CEO should embrace the Qld growth it will bring to the code.

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We support AnnastaciaMP call to have the 2020 Toyota AFL Grand Final in QLD and believe MetriconStadium is the perfect venue We love where we live and want Metricon Stadium to host the season decider. Mark Evans - Gold Coast SUNS CEO.

The ALeague Grand Final has been delayed as the fixture is revised again.
Premier AnnastaciaMP says AFL CEO, Gillon McLachlan has contacted her wanting to move more of the code's games and teams to Queensland. Should the 2020 AFL Grand Final be held in Queensland?
Id be more worried about controlling the virus than worrying about the AFL Grand Final.
Williams unloaded on one for the waterloobucks. It was a grand-slam walkoff home run as the MoonDogs drop a heartbreaker in Iowa tonight. Final from Riverfront Stadium...
Dwayne Russell was born to commentate a Grand Final at Metricon Stadium featuring The West Coast.
Martin Pakula: I'm absolutely still hopeful that the AFL Grand Final can be played at the MCG, and if there is any possibility then it will be.
Confidence in SA's property sector is re-emerging, and the state's management of the crisis has one industry leader calling for Adelaide Oval to host the AFL grand final.
When has the AFL ever, ever, ever, ever, everrrrrrrrrrrrrr cared about the fairness of where the grand final should be played?
SCG AFL grand final plz.
Better days at Belmore... Canterbury coach PhilGould15 celebrates with his players after the NRL_Bulldogs defeated Balmain 24-12 in the 1988 decider - the first at the Sydney Football Stadium. 1988 WinfieldCup Grand Final.

If Queensland is hosting the AFL season, I have told the AFL that we should potentially host the Grand Final, too...
I see alot of this, but I think his dash attack would just be grand upper (blitz attack), they'd make up an up special, his side B is just his offensive special. And they would just rip his 4 throws. And for final smash, definitely star move. But still a solid moveset idea.

"Now that its confirmed Victoria is a no-go zone for the remainder of the home-and-away season, what is 'fair' when it comes to where the Toyota AFL Grand Final should be played?" Have your say on that, and more, on Ask Damo, today from 1.30pm AEST on the AFL Facebook page.

Oh, now we want to talk about whats fair on Grand Final day?
The Grand Final will be held in the most feasible / commercially profitable location .
Any proposed grand final date yet?
This year's event will feature a change in format for the Grand Final, with a single best-of-9 series being played instead of a bracket reset after one best-of-5 series. The team from the winners bracket will start 1-0 up in the series.

The A-League grand final will be played on August 30 with a venue yet to be determined.
CDL Champs Grand Final is a single best of 9 series, team from winners bracket only gets a 1-0 advantage. No bracket reset.
Gil is just ringing around seeing what possibilities he could have to continue the season, and this dh makes their conversation public. Pretty disrespectful. And now she wants the grand final in Queensland.

In a double blow for Victorian AFL fans, Queensland appears to be in the box seat to host the 2020 AFL Grand Final after another huge upheaval ended any hopes of catching a game at the MCG.
Travis Auld says theres no rush in locking in a venue for the Grand Final.
Grand final set for August 30.
[?]nulb LEGION Update, FINAL: North Platte falls to Hastings 11-6. NP (19-9) will host Grand Island tomorrow at 5/7:30. LISTEN: 1240-AM/106.1-FM, KODY KODY app.
They've definitely helped a lot and i really appreciate it!! but it just doesn't make sense capacity/venue-wise to have a grand final there imo and they've normally always valued rugby over footy.
That will be released a few days before AFL grand final no doubt.
Queensland caller potting WA callers about the Grand Final location. This stuff is too good.
The A-League grand final will be played on August 30, but competition bosses have yet to finalise a venue given the concerns over coronavirus spikes in NSW and the possibility that the season may now have to finish in Queensland.

Fair call! But, if our side is good enough to make a grand final, coming from a Victorian supporter here, PLEASE give us the chance to come Vnulb.
So interstate fans argue "we did the most for the season" or "if the season is based here then we should have it" are valid reasons for hosting the grand final, yet cry about the granny being at the MCG every year even tho usually the season is mostly in Victoria.

Id love to see a grand final at the Gabba.
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Also, if any of the non-Vic clubs make the GF it'll be easier for their members to get to Qld for the grand final than to WA, unless they've relaxed their borders by then.
No Grand Final At The G.
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Ricky Stuart is FUMING ahead of Raiders vs Roosters.
The AFL all but concedes there will be no further home and away matches played in Victoria.
If the grand final being in Queensland is a tacit quid pro quo for the state of Qld are footing some of the hub bills, that's probably a lot more valuable top the AFL bottom line than selling 18k extra tickets at a Perth Stadium grand final.

I appreciate everything theyve done but why would you have the grand final at the 40k gabba in a state that usually doesnt even care about footy when you could have it at a 60k optus which has been voted one of the best stadiums in the WORLD in an ACTUAL FOOTY STATE.

A Gabba grand final.
The Fitzroy Crossing Oval should host the 2020 Toyota AFL Grand Final.
I say sell the Grand Final now while it's still worth something. None of the events held around it in the week leading up can be staged anyway and there won't be a crowd.
Happy birthday, John Kerr! The FootscrayVFL rover, recruited from MelbGrammar School & rated by many as the Best On Ground in the 1954 Grand Final, turns 56 today.
Forget Queensland. Bring the AFL Grand Final to the safest state in the safest nation in the world - South Australia and our iconic TheAdelaideOval.
Big News Day! Victorian teams will play interstate for rest of 2020. Where do you predict the Grand Final will be played?
McGowan has actively resisted any discussions from the AFL for this seasons fixtures, so he can't complain now that Queensland is looking at being in the box seat for the Grand Final.
Marc, would you say time diff the only thing favouring QLD over WA? Wouldve thought Optus was a no brainer for GF. Plus this way AFL can have a day and night grand final at the same time (making everyone happy.. sort of lol). Would love your thoughts.

"And as I told Gil, if the season is based here, then the Grand Final should be played here too!" Outstanding feistiness from the high-scoring Scrabble hand.
CNK joined us on the podcast this week ahead of the Grand Final re-match Behind the Limelight: Brought to you by.
In a double blow for Victorian AFL fans, Queensland appears to be in the box seat to host the 2020 AFL Grand Final, after another upheaval ended any hopes of catching a game at the MCG.
Make her happy just give her what she wants lions vs gold coast grand final and send the other teams home.
They would need the grand final to be at the Gabba.
18-17 down in the final and Readinho_ pulled off a self res and zone rotation, then finished off with 2 more kills before dying to win the grand final 19-18, GGs to all that played, anyone interested in the next tourney PM for details.

Lmao grand final in a rugby state Can't wait for 30k crowds.
Grand Final is the 30th of August, not the 29th as speculated.
This is cute but there'll be a whole Let It Go number in hell before the Gabba hosts an AFL grand final.
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Controller broke mid grand final btw.
Great news! Our branch will be able to re-open soon! We are working hard on making the final touches, especially on the safety protocols in place to protect our patrons, volunteers & staff. We'll share more info ASAP on our grand re-opening date.

If Queensland get the AFL grand final my Brain will explode.
Football - A global game for nearly two centuries with countries fighting (and bribing admittedly) each other to host its biggest events. As opposed to Aussie Rules - Having an existential crisis because one Grand Final might be played outside Melbourne ***nulb.

Grand Final will be at Adelaide Oval or Perth.
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had earlier confirmed that negotiations with the AFL were underway, adding that she had requested for the Grand Final to take place in Queensland as well.
Likely location of the Grand Final then? Also why don't they play some games in the NT?
Brisbane will almost certainly get the 2020 AFL Grand Final now. QLD has had 5 new cases in 1 month. But, the GF is approx 14 weeks away so anything can happen between now and then. Perhaps Townsville or Cairns is an option or even Darwin? Just keep on heading north.

Love AnnastaciaMPs negotiating tactics And why not give brisbanelions a home Grand Final.
No grand final in SA or WA..the saltiness will be immense.
AFL Grand Final in QLD.
Last yr you were saying ground capacity shouldn't matter have you changed your mind. Also west oz border restrictions make the lead up weak a non event. Qld will give the ability of the parades and everything else that goes with the grand final.

What You Really Think

Bloody sook, always playing the underdog card Chooks have lost 3 star players for the year and 2 others sitting on sideline for weeks. Thats why all clubs have what is called a squad.

Not to mention they schedule the re-match as a Thursday night game and not free to air.

Cry me a river 6 again.

Fair enough from.

Fair enough too. It's good to see senior figures in the game call out bullshit. Especially when it's being covered in 'hype'.

The new nrl management have gone the other way and its there way or the highway.