Thursday 14th of May 2020


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Over more than three hours of oral arguments, the Supreme Court seemed unlikely to grant Trump the sweeping grant of total immunity he has asked for while fighting subpoenas for his taxes and other financial records.

If its so safe to go back to work, why do they want to grant businesses immunity from liability if workers get sick or die?
Is it really a good idea to not only grant an amnesty to illegal aliens but to absolve employers who have been breaking the law in the last few months? I dont think so!
Ya Allah, whoever is reading remove the sorrow and grief from their life, accept their Halal desires and grant them death with Imaan.
and the sea will grant each man new hope , as sleep brings dreams of home." Christopher Columbus.
Today, , COO of Facebook, answers questions about the Small Business Grant, ways to connect with your customers and other resources for running your business during these times. Head to our Facebook Stories to hear Sheryls insights:.

I suppose the good news is level 3 is within sight ..You only have to survive 2 more weeks ..Not easy if you dont qualify for relief , dont get a pension grant or have children that are taken care of by the taxpayer who hasnt paid SARS because of no work .Good luck people.

Happy birthday Egbon, I pray God grant your heart desires.
Grant Hill.
3 x rejections 1 x victory Discretionary grant approved paid out Tuesday full grant & rates to 0 for a year.
Going to miss you Grant.
Fayetteville,AR NASA Researcher/Professor ARRESTED For Wire Fraud [alleged] Failure To Disclose Ties To Gov & Companies Grant Money Reciptient Simon Saw-Teong Ang High Density Electronics Center WDAR FBI.

I asked the Prime Minister why it is ok to provide a $54m untied cash grant to majority foreign owned REX Airlines that employs 1000 Australians but no such funding has been extended to who employs 10,000 Australians. They could not answer.

Happy birthday beautiful woman may God bless your good always and grant all it wants.
Also Grant County where this packed bar is located has ZERO ICU beds. So if any of these folk become seriously ill or pass it on to others in Grant who will be up to other counties to bear the burden of treating them and those they infected.

The Obama Administration gave Wuhan Corp a grant of Million dollars? Not only is the from there, is from there as well.
MOST HOLY SPIRIT, shine your light on NDCM and RFJr and grant them divine wisdom to choose each other over anyone, over anything. Guide them to lead their lives with no regrets, no what ifs, no what it could have beens. We ask. Amen. .

Senate President Tito Sotto questioned the House of Representatives bid to grant a provisional franchise to ABS-CBN that would only be valid for five months. Read:.
Jesus FUCK her and/or her publicist need to stfu already. Let the man rest. Quit milking this out for clout god damn.
Budget 2020: Liam Dann - Grant Robertson gets balancing act bang on, Nice you for looking after us in health and wealth An awesome team to take us through the next few years. We can do this!!
APPLY NOW: 5 million of funding is available for organisations working to allete loneliness during the pandemic.
absolutely no one: grant:.
Youre sitting !!
i m officially leaving twitter. i spend way too much time on here. take care everyone. ill be back in 5 minutes.
she still milking his name in 2020?
Happy 50th birthday Ma Wow that s a milestone. We thank God for making you see this day. May God continue to keep you in good health and long life. May God grant all your heart desires. Amen.
In view of the current pandemic forcing businesses to go online, Shinjiru has collaborated with Dita Group (DG) to create the Covid-19 Online Rescue Grant. This grant offers all businesses 50% off to help move your.

we often complain about how Allah doesn t grant us all of our Duas immediately and yet we fail to thank him for not punishing us immediately for our countless sins.
Day 53 and I ve stumbled onto a theme of this week but changing it up to stretchy Cue dress to on my ideas grant.
Happy birthday , may the good Lord grant you all your heart desires. Have fun.
Hugh Grant says UK is f***ed?
Mothers may ALLAH swt grant them Janna!
Morning sir I need financial assistance to pay debt ( children school fees house rent, loan debt) God will bless you and Grant your desire. Amen.
I ll take your Porsche & raise you a big, pink train.
Grant Moir in action last year at , preparing the course for the best in the world We will be hosting a Rules Q&A with Grant soon Reply below with your questions and use the hashtag to get them answered.

God grant me the serenity to accept things I can not change.
Imaging Sitting With The Prophet ( ) Near The Rivers Of Jannah Listening To His May Allah Grant Us These.
2910 days in prison. , we will continue to campaign for until he is released and reunited with his family in Canada. Grant him a Royal Pardon and release him unconditionally.
Thank You ladies for your efforts you put in to see that people get information with regard to the SRD grant. South Africa Appreciate You God Bless You. Im trying to assist as much as I can in my area as people are really in need.

May God grant us divine escape in the days of temptation.
The Sun: Self-employed can apply for 7,500 grant from today and payments will start next week.
New open access paper out! , , , Grant, Tomaselli, & Nielsen Open Science: "A cross-cultural investigation of young children s spontaneous invention of tool use behaviors"! 1/25.
KAK KEIIIIII happy birthday! may God grant everything you wish for.
Tonight, in these blessed last 10 days, please make a special dua for Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov who is the father of who is currently in a coma. Duas are very powerful. Make a special dua today. May Allah grant Abdulmanap a full recovery & a complete cure. Ameen.

0805694561 happy Birthday sweetheart, May the good Lord grant you long life and prosperity.
Grant Shapps doesnt know how coronavirus will respond . Grant, a tip, think about what it would mean if going viral described say, a real virus, and not a funny meme. That s how it will respond.
89966 _LDC2018_ The Chief Minister once got 11000 happiness but the list was canceled in 3 days. Appeal to you, speed up the process and grant the appointment as soon as possible.
is it necessary for a 85+years person to travel all the way to post office without any kind of transportation available to collect pension for last 2 months? Even after having a signed medical certificate? This for grant road west post office.

>> 7 things you NEED to know about Lailatul Qadr. This needs to be shared with everyone! Ya Allah grant us the blessings and rewards of the night of power! Ameen Ya Rab!
Amidst good news from PM Modi, Lets not forget that Supreme Court has refused to grant bail to 1984 anti-Sikh massacre convict & CONGRESS leader Sajjan Kumar! At one ene, PM Modi has given blow to Congress At other end, Court has nailed Congress partys role in Sikh massacre.

God will grant you peace, joy and sound health birthday.
The Indominus Rex finally tracking down that pesky Dr. Grant?
May almighty Allah grant her eternal bliss. Ameen.
Ya Allah, Please takecare of the person that I love. Shower them with unlimited of love and happiness. Bless them with a good health and grant them a place in your highest Jannah. Aminn.
This is one of the reasons why some of us prefer a gun than a Allah grant him highest place in jannat.
Dapat all: Carpio says grant of temporary franchise to ABS-CBN is unconstitutional.
Very poor judgement. SIUT treats millions of kidney patients and those on dialysisfor free. It is funded by donations and a big grant from the Sindh government and is housed in the Civil Hospital Karachi. Please dont try and fix an institution that is the envy of the world!

May Allah grant you shiffa ASAP.
Enjoyed helping a few more and businesses access 10,000 & 25,000 grants this week - we as are still accepting applications - if you haven t put in yet and need a hand let me know!
There is no doubt the lockdown has slowed the spread of Covid-19 dramatically. It is equally true this has been at the cost of livelihoods, especially for the poorest who still await the covid grant. What is the strategy going forward to best manage this contradiction?

Exclusive: 16 suicides in Mogo/Batemans Bay since the fires hit. And yet, many regional councils have not spent any of the $1m grant they were given to get recovery underway.
my tuition was $4,000 this summer. i didn t know how it would be paid and i was stressing. i asked my ancestors yesterday for help & today i woke up to an email telling me I received a Summer 2020 Tuition Award & another Pell Grant. all of my summer tuition is covered. BLESSED.

May Allah grant him shifa.
Help me want the healer more than the healing Help me want the saviour more than the saving Help me want the giver more than the giving Help me went you Jesus, more than anything Natalie Grant.
The council has been awarded a 500k grant from campaign to create schemes that make it easier to walk and cycle during the coronavirus crisis. will help in identifying potential areas for improvements More:.

"Be Bold!", says Grant Robertson, as he gives three times the amount of money to horse racing as he gives to students.
Maybe its time to grant him what he wants hahahahhaha.
pls grant me patience.
Happy birthday darling God bless you richly and grant you all your heart desires dear .
Nobody else confused as to why people are going missing and their bodies are being found in water and shit? Subhanallah To Him we belong, to Him we shall return. May Allah grant him jannatul firdos.
You too - I have to go finish a federal grant application.
Sexy view.
Budget 2020: Robertson defends debt, say now is time to spend rainy day savings.
ABS-CBN IS BACK Committee of the Whole approves HB 6732, which seeks to grant ABS-CBN a provisional franchise until October 31, 2020. Thank you, Lord!
Can you find all seven ---> Hiking Near Milwaukee: In Search of Seven Bridges Trail at Grant Park in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin:.
This plan includes $5B for Block Grant ( ) and $ for Emergency Solutions Grant ( ) Program funding.
Hello Sir My uncle Shri Unnikrishnan Nair S (69) Died in Pandalam, Pattanamthitta (Dist) I need to travel from Ernakulam to Pandalam so please help me to grant me permission to travel from Ernakulam my mobile number is 8978709706 Please help sir.

Happy birthday Sir, I wish you all the blessings from God and may he grant all your heart desires and perfect everything that concerns you. survive long past our current capabilities would allow it. Also, finding a "reason for existence" might artificially prolong some semblance of a trade economy, since I dont think anyone has really figured out how to grant humans meaning (on a wide scale) without ... [2/3].

In other news: the grant plant exodus of 2020 is nearly complete.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun. I am saddened at the loss of Sheikh Haruna Tambuwal, the father of Gov. . May he be a beneficiary of the blessings associated with the blessed Ramadan season. I pray to Allah to forgive his sins and grant him Aljannah Firdaus. Ameen.

Applying for a grant or fellowship? These tips, from a veteran education journalist and a foundation official, will help you approach your application with confidence:.
goodmorning our lucky charm! have a great day ahead. keep the positive things around u. we pray for bad things to be away from ur sight and from ur hearing. in heavens we trust to grant you the happiness and peacefulness today. a daily reminder for you that we luv u.

_LDC2018_ The Chief Minister once got 11000 happiness but the list was canceled in 3 days. Appeal to you, speed up the process and grant the appointment as soon as possible.
Which SASSA grant is this for?
_LDC2018_ _LDC2018_ The Chief Minister sir, once got 11000 happiness but the list was canceled in 3 days. Appeal to you, speed up the process and grant the appointment as soon as possible.
Mrs Grant s Daily Challenge. Happy Thursday to all our nursery children. Today I have a challenge for you. Can you find 5 things beginning with the letter P? Remember to tweet us a pic of what you find! Good luck.

What You Really Think

VETO this monstrosity!

Bartering during the challenges of COVID for a political platform play is very tacky. Democrats aren t all that honorable in this way. GOP certainly have their problems too but I ve seen a lot of toxic campaigning during this crisis by the left and it s a sign they re evil.

But see at v. Cuccinelli, F. Supp. 3d. , 2020 WL 985376 ( Mar. 1, 2020) (available at ).

The problem is Nancy isnt going to let this emergency go to waste. She is going to get her amnesty and destroy our sovereignty even if she has to do it on the backs of dead Americans. Vote her disgusting azz to the curb.

bad news!!

If those people are involved in "essential critical infrastructure labor or services in the US [prior to and during pandemic] as stated in Section 2 line , its a good idea. They show up to work and dont bitch about low pay, long hours in poor conditions.

No! No more amnesty, fine employer s!

go after the businesses hiring the illegals!

So Sad!!!

On the way to the Dems Primary goal, OPEN BORDERS !

So, please explain why the owner of the chicken packaging plant was never charged with hiring illegals?

Most of these idiots commenting don t understand how complex immigration is in the United States. Not all illegal immigrants qualify for this amnesty, If you want farming and meat processing to continue you need to pass this bill.

GO KEN!!!! Good job!!!!

took me nine hours to scan this bill. I saw this as well.

Who writes this BS?

Amnesty is not a good idea.

Nope ! This isnt rocket science. Hell, I can write a coronavirus relief bill in less than 3 hrs. and definitely save the taxpayers trillion dollars ! Just have to think responsibly.

America will be No more if this gets past! Tell Nancy Pelosi NO!!! Don t know what kind of Meds she is on but she has lost her mind!

Absolutely not a good idea. Please help stop this Pelosi. BS!

These companies have been hiring illegals for years. All across the country and paying them cash. They use anyones or relatives ss also. California hispanics would say the illegals from Mexico need to enter California the same as the legals.

You just love taking care of law breakers while jailing law abiding citizens who want to go back to work. are all scumbags.

<No way. This is against all American workers. Stop this. We are not here to protect illegals. We are here for the virus that is killing and your worried about illegals. Whos country is or illegals?

No it is not a good idea. You are not reading the full range of what will happen the already worker who are trying to keep their jobs. You guys are so racist against the true citizens of the USA.


so how do you reconcile not wanting these undocumented individuals to work and then holding them as public charges and asking them to prove they are working as a positive factor on the new I-944?

No its not, if this tripe gets passed I will find ways to never pay the government anything else so long as I live. Shove this back at them with a note saying better luck next time.