Thursday 30th of December 2021


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Yup. Keep the ivermectin warm. And get yourself class="u-nolinkc" href="">a cold beer.
And earning their own awards.
class="u-nolinkc" href="">I know it's horribly unethical, but class="u-nolinkc" href="">I still wish class="u-nolinkc" href="">people who do class="u-nolinkc" href="">this kind of shit could be refused treatment when they inevitably rock up half-dead from covid.

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And their friends will swear each one was an absolute loving angel (oops, angle) who just gave and gave. edit because autocorrect.

Theyll be back as patients themselves before long And Im pretty sure OP and colleagues will recognize them. I realize you are obligated to offer the next family member the highest level of care available, but I hope you can ban the rest of the family from the premises.

Yes, but WHY? It boggles the mind, doesn't it? They pick and choose what to believe, but when they're dying they hoof it to the hospital. To get care from people who don't know how to take care of them but do know...or? My head spins.

Maybe they'll do us all a favor and elect to not go to the hospital... who am I kidding, of course they'll go the hospital and direct care away from people who need it.

Or they can just stay their dumb asses at home. You know, since the nurses are dog shit.

Beat mw to it.

It's a shame the hospital can't refuse treatment.

I wish doctors and nurses can outright refuse service.

My god, this is so true. part of me wishes that patients who ask for Ivermectin are just given it as long as they go home and free up the bed. But docs have that whole "do no harm thing"...

He was a fighter with a heart of gold who loved life and would give you the shirt off his back. I dont know whose prayer chain or prayer circle failed here, but its quite obvious that the prayer warriors are to blame here, not the medical professionals.

*nearly a million Americans. Almost 5.5 million worldwide.

I can't imagine what two years of this must be like for people who work in healthcare.

It's not so bad. I can't think what would make me feel better about a patient passing than to see that they had attracted this kind of toxicity in life. I hope the medical staff sleep well (when they have time) knowing that nothing worthwhile was lost that day.

No one deserves anything. Existence is disgusting and miserable by default, and people being selfish and extending the misery is the rule, not the exception. If there's anything we should all realize by now, it's that nothing is going to get better going forward. Anything good that happens is an illusion making the inevitable fall that follows all the more dreadful.

> They're Christians. Recently, the echo in my mind to that remark is: "well, that explains everything".

I thought hospitals were like 7/11. I can't just walk in and ask for a pack of ivermectin and an IV of zinc and vitamin c?

Holy shit, is there a way we can convince them to put in horse catheters? I mean, I heard it works wonders for preventing COVID.

Im also reasonably sure that they misspelled doctor about halfway down the right side of the board, there.

They're dying off, at least. I am feeling more and more cleansed as they eradicate themselves.

Turd is an underrated insult. I need to add this back to my vocabulary.

But they fixed Trump back up again so he could drink water and walk up a ramp!

That was my first thought. This is evidence of some kind of crime. I hope the other family members that undoubtedly catch it just stay home if they think healthcare is so substandard.

Chart chart chart.

>just stay home I'd be ok with medical professionals taking the next few months off. They've dealt with enough already and this isn't what they signed up for.

I want to try and feel some sympathy. I don't want to become the person I know I *could* become - where I pass the point of not caring whether or not they die, and into the territory of actively wishing them harm. But it's hard sometimes. Hard to remember why in the WORLD I should feel for these people. I'm sure there's a reason there somewhere.

On Christmas Eve no less.

SO Christlike!

They probably just finished banging on Heavens door as prayer warriors, and when that didnt work, they decided to vandalize a hospital room and insult the fine people trying to keep their loved one alive. These people dont deserve a shred of sympathy.

Jesus told them to treat others as they want to be treated. Shitty people doing shitty things. Not shocking.

I just saw a bumper sticker on the back of a pick up truck Jesus would kick the shit out of you.

This! At some point isn't enough finally enough? So frustrating.

If that doesn't scare these idiots straight, nothing will. Have fun asking Dr Facebook for emergency medical treatment, no need to worry about those evil doctors and nurses anymore.

Agreed, ambulances should take them to the nearest church instead.

This x10000.

I came here to say this. It would make me so happy to hear a policy passed that just tells unvaxxed people that they are not welcome at hospitals. You don't believe the science to get vaxxed, fine. You don't get to then use the science to save your life if you get it. Go the fuck home and pray.

Lol, morphine anytime. They had a kind priority stated there.

Extrarationally upset.

You are rationally upset.

I feel you, and I share the sentiment. I am most upset for the doctors and nurses and people that work in the hospital to have to deal with this everyday.

It's not irrational to be upset by this.

Are you sure? It seems like the expected exemplar to me.

Maybe these are more like prayer berzerkers or something. /s.

You think my name is Turk Turkleton?

Klassy, with a 'k.' FTFY.

Unfortunately, they probably will, and they'll end up using their dying breath to blame the doctors and nurses for not injecting them with bleach and horse paste.

Oh they will. These selfish idiots have no shame.

I know you were writing isopropyl alcohol, I just wanted to let everybody else know that you may be able to let off some steam with a nice India Pale Ale, but I wouldnt waste one on cretins like these.

You got sued? WTF? What was the claim?

Im filing this one away for future use. Comedy gold.

A lot of em are nice in person, as long as you're white.

As a doc myself, this is a tough decision. To me, all patients are equal unless resources are scarce.

Having done retail, I'm of the opinion that people have always been this vile, it's just the typical social cues that are supposed to repress it have broken down more and more.

I have heard enough stories from healthcare workers who have been physically and mentally assaulted to know this is absolutely not a prank, unfortunately. This pandemic is making me realize that I share a country with some major low level people.

Christian morals.

Possible they were just allowed in to collect the belongings of their idiot relative who died, and decided to vandalize the whiteboard on their way out.

Assuming they survive the pandemic in numbers enough to actually make the election look close enough that we will only question their cheating.

They just have the emotional intelligence of a 3yo. They are mad and distraught, so they take it out on anything nearby. You can bet your sweet ass that they will be in the hospital begging to be healed if they ever get sick.

I mean, its a dry erase board. Unless they wrote that in sharpie, its hardly damaged.

The DA wont take the case, limited resources.

Hand sanitizer will clean that up too. Easy as pie. Not a joke btw.

*I'm not a doctor, nurse, or any other sort of medical professional.* Both my children had illnesses that developed into bacterial pneumonia when they were little. They were prescribed a potent cough suppressant, but the doc advised to use it primarily if they were unable to rest because of the cough. The doc explained it like this (paraphrasing, since this was 20 years ago): Coughs due to respiratory infections are caused by your body trying expel that congestion from your lungs. Right after a good cough you also (generally) inhale deeply after, getting fresh air into as much of your lungs as possible. If you're taking a medication which prevents coughing, there is a risk that the lungs won't get rid of that mucous, so it just sits & accumulates, creating an environment conducive to bacterial growth. Something you really want to avoid if you're already having a hard time fighting off another infection. *I can't stress this enough: I'm not a medical professional & this is just one possible explanation based on a conversation from 20 years ago. Your physician could have had an entirely different reason for not wanting you on that particular drug.*.

Because from the obvious ethical issues, it would make them sicker, and keep them in the hospital even longer, and who wants that.

It means he either stopped breathing or his heart stopped so they had to call a Code Blue and try to resuscitate him.

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