Sunday 12th of September 2021

40 Years of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. This is Your Day, Runners. WE'RE BACK!

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years ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This your day, runners. WE'RE BACK!
Here's special good luck message everyone taking part GreatNorthRun tomorrow. Hands you're ready ***.
finally arrived! Good luck everyone taking part. start line!
Good luck everyone running GreatNorthRun particularly.
Darren Garry friends from York running during lockdown help with their mentalhealth. This weekend they taking GreatNorthRun through NYS! proceeds towards mentalhealth support help?

Today it's Great_Run here look back first 1981.
England Boxer Former Thai Boxing World Champ rachfmackenzie doing GreatNorthRun behalf NYS! support her? funds will support mental health North Yorkshire.
best runners taking GreatNorthRun today mndassoc Look rugbyleague leedsrhinos assistant coach Jamie Jones-Buchanan wife Emma, both aiming running support JJBs team mate.

Lets this!
Wish running today.
Good Luck amazing runners taking part GreatNorthRun Sunday! -*** We're looking forward seeing cheering points along Great_Run charity village Town Moor. Thank running with Dogs Trust!

Sunday from this week durhamonair covering GNR40 live from 9am. Good luck runners, especially Durham OnAirs CharlieSisson15 running bloodcancer_uk Tune 09:00-13:00.

Ready good luck everyone doing today.
Good luck everyone taking part GreatNorthRun today thank money you're raising good causes!
Live BBC2.
Best wishes everyone taking part GreatNorthRun today...
good Newcastle 40th GreatNorthRun! Good luck amazing runners, running incredible causes. Thank HarvSmyth daughters 12Sqn running with part JonEggingTrust team today!

Good luck Calvin Sally running GreatNorthRun today for.
Good luck everyone running GreatNorthRun also BrightonMarathon today!
BACCNConf2021 would like GOODLUCK doing organised event today particular davidwaters77 wilsoncritcare ITUBecks.
Were ready welcome over 50,000 runners, joggers walkers across line, kristemps myself your finish line team this morning good luck everybody taking part the.
great North Run. glad going ahead! Love
Walking towards Town Moor hear gentle chat beautiful strains Local Hero. already teary... Today's sister SBRFoundation.
Good luck TeamBreathe runners GreatNorthRun BrightonMarathon today. Thank helping fund vital support people with lung conditions pioneering research into ways diagnose treat lung conditions!

Good luck runners today with special shout Herd.
Good luck those taking part GreatNorthRun today. Enjoy beautiful scenery.
GreatNorthRun half marathon taking place today would like wish good luck great runners participating this year
Here again. (?).
TEAM! Thank fantastic five running Great_Run today support 50,000 their families affected male cancer diagnosis. would like take part next year's please contact

Good luck DATACAN's chief operating officer patient public involvement lead C_Carrigan running GreatNorthRun today mssocietyuk
Good luck those taking part today's BrightonMarathon GreatNorthRun support blind veterans. rooting you! Don't forget share your photos progress us.

Good night furiends. just want wish theminilion's Mama best luck GreatNorthRun tomorrow morning Newcastle. trained hard months amidst moving working full time. rooting yoo! .

Best luck runners taking part Great North today particularly people running behalf Revitalise allow provide breaks disabled people their carers! really appreciate your efforts.

Good luck incredible TeamNHSCharitiesTogether will running Great_Run today! Your support means much staff they facing biggest challenges history. team!

Good luck every single taking part Great North today! You're superstars we'll sure back STACK this afternoon well deserved pint two.
GREAT 2021 Good luck everyone taking part congratulations your donations! Everyone their reasons doing FANTASTIC!
GREAT thank everyone taking part GreatNorthRun today ROS! team! Find more about fundraising visiting.
Happy 40th anniversary GreatNorthRun. Good luck everyone running today everyone helping make event such success. amazing support many charities worthwhile causes.
Good luck eleven runners today! donate here: total amount raised will doubled True Potential's Senior Partner team please deep Sunshine Fund continue amazing work they do.

Good luck TeamKidney taking part GreatNorthRun today, running 13.1 miles support fantastic cause. Well cheering between miles meeting charity village when finish find there marquee no.62.

Good luck wonderful runners taking part SSAFA GreatNorthRun this morning!
Good luck everyone participating today's GreatNorthRun! ever, event filled with many inspirational stories will raise incredible amount extremely worthy causes. can't wait welcome race back South Shields home 2022.

Good luck runners todays Great north -***.
Here here's GreatNorthRun route explained.
Good bump have good catch with jamiepeacock10 ride Great North good luck man.
Good luck TeamCCLG runners taking part today's GreatNorthRun! hope have great day, huge thank your hard work support. still support runners donate at.

Here Stay loop race with live updates.
Hoping sweat enough push hair face.
GreatNorthRun will first event we'll attending over year half. can't wait! Sonia running year after recently diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Read GNR40 story.

Good luck j0nfuzz running 40th GreatNorthRun raise funds NEA_UKCharity 40th year helping people stay warm healthy their homes. late support him!
Good luck everyone doing Great North today! Smash
music started.
Good luck brilliant teambowelcancer runners taking part GreatNorthRun today, were cheering You've this.
Ready pens.
Good luck everyone GreatNorthRun always enjoyed this race great folks coming support well guys.
everyone taking part GreatNorthRun good luck -***.
Jack greatnorthrun youngadultcancer CancerSupport.
Best luck mayor AndyBurnhamGM everyone from Manchester tackling GreatNorthRun today!
Good luck TeamScope runners taking part 40th Anniversary great_run today! Were here wish luck start line, celebrate with finish line!
heroes worked during pandemic official GreatNorthRun starters.
With DuncombeSue, feeling overwhelmed thankful support, good wishes donations weve received todays Great_Run GreatNorthRun for.
Sunrise this morning over Mouth Tyne.
Good luck those taking part Great North today. rest come along awesome Sunday Lunch from noon 3pm.
Join coverage world's biggest half marathon, Great North Run. Watch bbctwo from 09:00 bbcone from 10:00 with uninterrupted coverage bbciplayer.
Todays day! Best luck runners taking part Great North today hope have amazing your training pays off!
Good luck everyone heading Newcastle GreatNorthRun gnr40 this!
way. greatnorthrun Love
massive good luck CDDFRS firefighters everyone taking GreatNorthRun today. know you'll smash
Thanks support. start time ~12:30pm Total raised PS896.86* Link Peeps GreatNorthRun GNR40 Shelter *inc PS131.50 Gift Aid.
Let's. THIS! ***.
would like wish Zoe, directors, very best luck GreatNorthRun today... proud supporting HospiceatHome this challenge... sponsor
Good luck everyone taking part Great North today! This year Great_Run celebrating years history we're looking forward seeing everyone TyneBridge once more. This picture shows bridge during construction 1928.

Good luck mozzler marcjbrine running GreatNorthRun today. ******.
It's GreatNorthRun Sunday morning you're running watching check weather forecast below before head Good luck those running.
Race day.
Thats fantastic Susan. Thank much. GreatNorthRun this year weve MummysStar supporters doing which brilliant.
MDUK volunteers here ready give TeamOrange runners heros welcome when they finish marquee charity village! Where find Avenue Marquee Details page 5.

Thank each every amazing runners taking part GreatNorthRun raising vital funds HeadwayWearside proud thank AndrewP_JSP organising behalf charity.

Good luck amazing people taking GreatNorthRun GNR40 tomorrow, raising vital funds help people homelessness. kindly matched ModulousLimited Wesleyan Runners: we'll Finish with drinks, biscuits HUGE cheer!

Bayer Leverkusen fans throw beer bottles Erling Haaland during goal celebration Haaland.
Good luck four runners GreatNorthRun today thank your amazing support! hope have fantastic day!
Wishing incredible AnthonyNolan TeamAN runners fantastic race GreatNorthRun thankyou good luck amazing A_N_Events team too!
Good luck philiplickley running GreatNorthRun today.

What You Really Think

GOOD LUCK to all the runners competing today Great_Run! The atmosphere will be incredible for you every step of the way. It's by far the best Half Marathon in the World. As ever, an amazing job by the volunteers & organising team.

Number 4 for me. Looking forward to breakfast number 2!

Good luck everyone, come on you goats and peloton friends.

Good luck to.

South Shields on GreatNorthRun day. Proper 28 days later, just me and the sea gulls.

Trying to get the porridge down. Yum !

My first and on my way!! ******.

Cant wait to get going!

Good luck to philiplickley and all runners taking part from QueensburyRC Bradford.

In the last GNR in 2019 my partner proposed to me on the finish line. Were now married [?]- Good luck to everyone taking part today.

My 10th one today. Cannot wait!!!

The EdinburghRunners are on the train & on the way!!

Good luck.

Im doing this today first half marathon in 18 years doing it with the most wonderful person Ive ever met and the lady that changed my life for the best V.

Cant wait to get going.