Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Incredible Night For The French Greens EELV! Marseille & Lyon, Second And Third Largest Cities in France, Now Have Green Mayors. So Does Strasbourg And it Looks Like Dozens of Others!

Lindsey Graham is the most powerful golf caddy in America. [?]nulb While you're enjoying your round, we're facing record unemployment and the highest new daily cases of Covid-19. Elect a Senator who's priorities are in South Carolina, not on the greens.

JUST IN: Anne Hidalgo, Socialist mayor of Paris who allied with Greens, re-elected. She beat the right & the Macronist center that once had high hopes. Election morphed into globally-watched referendum on Hidalgos car-reducing, transit-boosting, & affordable housing policies.

Trioli: "Why have you capped this industry and not another?" Fletcher: "That's a greens talking point." Trioli: "I don't really care if it's a Greens talking point, it's my question." Yep, LaTrioli is my favourite qanda host.

I am going to advise the Supreme Court that you should be on trial for spying on the Timor-Leste Cabinet, for nothing but crass commercial gain.
And our campaigning messages should be clearly directed to suit those 'marginals' that we target. With all the wins Greens are making in those towns and cities. I think about these things a lot!
Collard greens and cornbread.
Disappointed that the Bc Greens seem to have been played in your NDp agreement. Bridge tolls were removed, pipelines moving forward, LNG progressing, BC parks budgets cut, BC transit funding halted. When will the greens distance themselves and provide a true alternative?

Maam. Collard Greens and Cornbread. thats the song.
And this from the person who was up to his armpits in bugging a friends cabinet room, but will never answer for it. Fletcher is well able to make a complete fool of himself, even in the face of relevant budget papers. So Downer... back in your box please.

However, just as it did with you AlexanderDowner, ego will prevent the Ministers of a coalition government from exposing their own stupidity, timidity and deference to Neoconservatives and quasi-fascists abroad though. So, this isnt really advise, its public whinging.

Great ep, well worth a listen.
You never skip Collard Greens before the Kendrick verse.
Hey ya, I'm Cathy Griff, the Greens Candidate for the Eden-Monaro By-election. Looking forward to tweeting from the campaign trail this week on the Greens GrnsNSW Twitter account. One thing to start ... if we want real change, we must vote for it. And by that I mean VOTE GREEN.

I always used to vote for the Greens back in the day. Nowadays I no longer recognise the party I so fervently supported. Feels like they have rather spectacularly lost their environmental footing. Some time out to reflect on their founding values might serve them well.

We deserve so much better, we need a new party on the left called Jeremy was right about everything. A coalition of of BLM, Scousers, Socialists,SNP, Greens, Marcus Rashford and everyone who has suffered under this right wing coup.

I told the post office today, "I bet I can fart, and it will go through a pair of underwear and a pair of jeans and everyone in here will smell it, still think those masks work"? Noone took the challenge, I didn't tell them I had develed eggs, collard greens and beans yesterday.

Hes a senior minister & was annihilated by 21yr old Yasmin. He would have been ok if he hadnt lied repeatedly. Even said the fed budget figures quoted werent true Next time you go.
Oh poor Alexander! There has to be some balance when we have most of the media in the clutches of Murdoch LNP propaganda.
No more "Biden is bad". You lost the "**** is bad" battle, far too many believe you are worse. Tell us what you WILL DO for us. Isn't that what got you elected? Throw in what you've done, especially for blacks, browns, yellows, reds, purples, greens, ad nauseam.

Go have another spring roll with two sauces you disgusting parasite.
Me enjoying my greens and cornbread when I come home to visit because my grandma spoil me still.
The Greens strong showing in France's local elections will strengthen their hand in the many alliances they have with the Socialists.
All you folks running the line that anything the Greens promise is automatically Labour Party policy better start familiarising yourselves with the ACT Party manifesto, because by your logic that's all National's policy too.

Was very quick to do lockdown & participate in the fake pandemic. Pollies deliberately destroying this country then pretend to care. What a joke & people vote for this creatures. Liberal, Labor, Greens, Nationals = garbage been selling us out for decades.

Didnt you advise the government a few years back to electronically bug the East Timorese delegation for the benefit of private fossil fuel corporations? Sit the fuck down Alexander.
I could never understand how a non performer like you Downer was able to infest our political eco system. Nepotism, cronieism? You and LiberalAus are a joke , a costly and troublesome joke.
Go Virginia .. I don't care if it's a Greens question .it's MY question Brilliant.
If you dont know what youre talking about you come across as a fool. Thats what happened last night.
Goodness. Does anyone actually listen to you? Or do they just reject your calls? My main memory of your undistinguished past has to do with fishnet stockings ... and listening devices.
Sounds like a spiffing plan Curly . While youre at it you might want to advise the government to promote SKY news so more people can watch this rubbish. You best get cracking now Curly. Off you fuck.
FF and FG want to avoid having GP minister in charge of issuing coursing (hare-netting) license, so might try to keep Greens away from NPWS. Could be wrong but I suspect that's happening.
Im going to advise the government not to participate in QandA One minister and all the rest are political opponents. Better to leave it entirely as a AustralianLabor Greens show. The one LiberalAus guest is only there to be denigrated.

No. They are in complete different quadrants on the compass. Greens are bottom left, libertarians are bottom right. Their end-goals might match up sometimes, but their methods almost never do. Also their economic policies are polar opposites.

Why would they listen to you Alex? Your unique combination of pomposity and arrogance cost your daughter the chance of winning lower house seat. Your appalling judgement on spying in East Timor should see you in gaol.

I felt he was self-denigrating with his non-answers, party line lies about no cuts and general treating of the taxpayers as idiots. Defending the indefensible is just really tricky, as youd be aware.
ACT govt backs push for truth in political advertising in lead-up to poll. Interesting development, with the Greens pushing to make ACT the second jurisdictions to enact truth in political advertising laws. ACT govt has given in-principle support.

Disgusting - hopefully the Greens will bang a bit of humanity into him and his fellow bloodrednecks.
Poor diddums.
Lol I dont need everything fried. Leafy greens just dont do it for me.
Ombudsman finds Tusla breached people&39;s rights newstalkfm Eamon Ryan greenparty_ie How low can you Go Greens Go?Greens Roderic O Gorman TD FOR Tusla No Due Process , Human Rights Abusers MauriceMcCabe Grace etc.

Los Angeles Greens! Are you following fellow Green Angeleno running for Assembly District 58?
I call BS, AlexanderDowner! For the first time in ages we get a balanced QandA without excess LNP and/or IPA hacks and Virginia Trioli doesn't pander to a lying, failing LNP minister, so you'd up-stumps and boycott the program? Gutless! And didn't billshortenmp shine!

They have been refusing to go on they have created that environment by enacting this very advice.
Dickhead! The right cannot cope with the masses receiving alternative views from their own!
Lord Downer how many Greens have been on QandA this year?
TONIGHT 10 PM ET on TWITCH!!! Join me while I play GolfWithYourFriends with flaminhotyc!!! Care to hit the greens with us? Let me know and we can make that happen! -> <.
You advice is not worth a pinch of pelican poop. To anyone.
Lazy person tip: throw a whole bulb of garlic in with your greens; when they're ready, you suck out the garlic from each clove - no peeling - no fuss - just garlic.
Some people might argue that being a minister carries with it the responsibility to answer difficult questions from members of the electorate. Day after day. Every day. If the answers are pathetic and unconvincing, that isnt really the fault of the person asking the questions.

This 'denigration' you tweet of is so richly deserved! When Corruption and ineptitude are your parties business model what can you expect...?
Greens need to be cut.
Or perhaps the LNP could simply lift the calibre of their ministers, so they can hold their own in a diverse public forum. Honest answers & empathy would go a long way with people fed up of being taken for mugs by ministers who wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face.

This from a man (I use the word loosely) who thought "the things that batter" comment was hugely funny. As a foreign minister you were woeful, notable only for your bugging of Timor Leste, supporting an illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq & lying about WMD's.

If a politician isn't even smart enough to handle the pressure of being on a tv panel show, they probably shouldn't be a politician.
Youre such a scary and powerful man, Lord Alex. Your advice will cause immediate action from all involved - or laughter.
The parade might be on pause this year, but the push for equality and inclusion never stops. Greens will always be here to accept you and to remind those in power that Love is Love.
I know the Brooklinen kiwi doesnt quite align with the greens I selected on that chart but it is way better than any of the other green pillowcases I have seen online. Anyway, putting the same energy I used into manfesting the perfect green pillowcases into my dating life now.

Bra quality greensnulb.
Maybe if Georgina wrote a big cheque for the 1 billion dollars your lot have stripped from the ABC they would have her back on?
Please take 30 mins of your day to listen to my beautiful friend speak about racism and her experiences on the scottish greens podcast <3.
Being responsible stewards of the environment is and has always been a conservative value. Without falling for the Greens' "roof is on fire" fearmongering, or the Liberals' "Carbon Tax works" deception, I will unapologetically advocate for prudent conservationist policy.

The Emerald Isle is now positioned to help make the world greener! Congrats to greenparty_ie, EamonRyan & CatherineMartinGreen for forming a coalition govt that takes bold climate action and closes another door for fracked gas by stopping LNG imports.

Let's Draft Jesse. Clean the Greens Make a difference.
The fact that you see QandA guests, who are a true representation of groups effected by gov't covid policies, asking legitimate questions as "political opponents" says everything you need to know about this LNP gov't. Isn't that the definition of an authoritarian gov't?

How the fuck you ever got into Politics is beyond me, but then again it is The Greens.
Ha-ha! If he doesn't realize how irrelevant he is...
Cant see why not especially after this little effort.
That's pretty childish. Did you stamp your feet too? Aside from that, withdrawing from any scrutiny is part of the fascist playbook, so no surprise there.
Whos got some good southern collard greens recipes?
My wife just made me ribs and collard greens that were SOOOO fuckin good... like, Last Meal good... like, You betta eat up cause Governor aint gon save you! You gon fry for what you did! good...
Broccoli, greens, sprouts, and nopales are all better options.
Why the sad face Curly?
Funny how the unelected (Brough in as a unelected Greens spare ) now calling our cultural shots. Your family migrated from Pakistan to this Overwhelmingly White Civilised Democratic Country, now you want rub S-t in their faces?

In the contest of ideas, conservatives once again cede the battlefield. Propganda suits you all so much better, doesnt it, Alexander. Not so... inconvenient.
A Minister of the Crown should be able to handle honestly all questions concerning government policy, its intent/motivation, particularly at a time of national emergency. By briefing his PM to bare-faced lie about ABC defunding PaulFletcherMP has undermined trust in government.

The greens are so clueless when it comes to tax policies and families that are in the tax brackets that theyre punishing.
Downer's logic: As govt ministers are rubbish at their job they should avoid qanda, yet they're already doing this. Downer conveniently ignores the fact that the audience is the source of questions!
Join the Four Lakes Greens for our online July meeting as we make plans to support the movement for racial justice! New members in Dane County & South Central WI are welcome. Help build the movement for people, planet & peace in our community & our world!

The level of climate action is amazing whenever Greens get voted into national government. In the US, can't even get many of the big climate groups to allow the Green Party to speak at events - let alone endorse them. They tend to prefer supporting climate evaders.

biden">Joe Biden's America will look the same as Donald Trump's America. He said so himself. Nothing would fundamentally change. Only the Greens or Jesse Ventura will protect us from pandemics by giving us the knowhow to prevent them and protecting us from profiteers.

Defund abc.
For the first time in history of Croatia, bernie">Berniecrats and Greens together.
She was sitting there buckeyed and ppl were walking in looking at my leftovers like "THAT'S what you eat for thanksgiving!?" When we had a BBQ cook off me and a white lady brought greens (she was from Mississippi) and those ppl were drinking the juice. I'm not dumb. Lol.

Problem: People tell us they don't like the things we do. Solution: Stop asking people what they think. I would never have guessed you were LiberalAus.
Don't get me wrong, alleting hardship like your Mum endured is a noble aspiration. But there are so many nice to haves like this and just not enough money to do it all and at this Covid-effected present, even less than normal. The Greens tax package would kill the economy.

Had some turnip greens, homemade cornbread in an iron skillet, pinto beans, and buttermilk for supper tonight. My wife know how to do it! God is good!

What You Really Think

You could easily argue Paris has a green mayor too. Her main priority for Paris has been to go green, and that's why she was reelected.

Quite the result in Strasbourg - Alsace being one of the more traditionally conservative regions of the country.

Rubirola is not a green.

Bordeaux ! Tours ! Poitiers ! Grenoble (re elected ) ! Annecy !

Allez les Verts!!!!

The European GreenWave continues.

Its a combination of the left parties, the green too but not only. Especially in Marseille :).