Grey Matters LaFlamme Exit ignites Conversation

Friday 26th of August 2022

Grey Matters: LaFlamme Exit ignites Conversation on Workplace Sexism And Ageism.

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Grey Matters: Firing LisaLaFlamme_ ignites conversation workplace sexism, ageism,
Journalist Lisa LaFlamme's exit from News ignited conversation workplace sexism ageism. ThisMatters host sabaeitizaz talks SpinDrWatson from about discrimination media other workplaces.

Grey Matters: LaFlamme exit ignites conversation workplace sexism ageism.

What You Really Think

See the difference. No brainer. I work in the same industry. What was she thinking.

Old and tired. Its TV.

Sure, go on radio then, if shes thats great radio would rise once again.

Whos idea was it to turn a 50 year old national news anchor white grey over night! Thats whos fault it is! I didnt even recognize her. Didnt anyone tell her? She looked old, weathered and tired just the facts. No one to blame but herself. Lets be honest she wasnt Great.

When you get into the TV business, it's already a known fact that once you start to look old, you get replaced. You pretty much agree to this when you accept a job, you know you have a limited shelf life in this industry.

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