Tuesday 20th of April 2021


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Derek Chauvin, the cop who killed George Floyd.
Convicted murderer Derek Chauvin.
That's OK. I'm sure you know all sorts of stuff we don't. You're seeking out information and facts, and that's all that matters.

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Look at that! A murderer Cosplay cop in custody of an actual cop.

>Derek Chauvin responsible for George Floyds death. Or, more accurately, the man who murdered George Floyd.

A murderer who held a badge.

Thank you I was so confused on what was going on. Thank god they got that bugger.

Thanks for being the top comment, I needed to commit very lazy.

As an ex cop he'll probably be in protective custody. He'll probably be murdered if he gets put in with other people.

Prison, but he will be in protective custody with other cops and pedos.

Meh. His cop buddies will have his back.

I fucking hope not. Let him rot.

His cell mate is.

And his attorney is like 9(deoltdeolt)6.

This has been my take as well. So much equivocation and hand wringing..."well he was high on something"..."the exhaust from the vehicle could have caused this"..."he resisted..." Cops cannot be allowed to murder someone for "reasons".

This has nothing to do with the system. According to the ]most recent CNN poll]() I saw only 36% of Americans and only 64% of black Americans think Chauvin was guilty of murder. The world isn't reddit. Thankfully the jurors saw it differently and unanimously. Glad this guy is going away for a long time.

Right? I'm glad justice was served for sure but I'm like is this really a thing to celebrate? A murderer who did a murder on camera in front of many people who were telling him he was doing a murder was actually convicted of the murder!

In a jury it just takes one. The conclusion that I came to is that no matter how high the guy was, he wasn't the kind of high that kills, and drugs alone couldn't have done it, the altercation and stress and physical impact of Chauvin's act could.

I used to have some idyllic vision of America in my head. Like it was some perfect country and if I moved there everything would be better. Then as I learned more and more, and really began taking an interest in America and what its truly like, the vision has not only been crumbled, its been shattered. The more I learn the more faded the vision becomes. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy being there, my best friend lives there, but I can no longer envision myself moving there and being anything other than paranoid about getting injured or worse. Im sure Im not the only one, and it truly makes me sad to see a country I once saw my future in become what it maybe always was. Maybe I just wasnt paying attention. Every so often, Ill see the truly great things about America, but it shouldnt take a tragedy happening for the country to come together. People are far too willing to push others to the side when the bigger picture isnt clear. Sorry for the wall of text. Just ranting.


Also the Grand Jury in Breonna Taylor's case we're literally directed not to consider any murder charges.

This is my feeling too. Im not a police hater. Ive lived in a big city and see the kind of bullshit that they deal with day in and day out. Its absolutely a difficult job. And it comes with big responsibilities. And thats why they have to be held to a higher standard than average citizens. Killing someone in a situation like this is an absolute abuse of power and he should he made an example of. This happens too much and unless we deal with these egregious crimes and deliver justice for the victims, nothing will change. This is a start.

We're supposed to be on the police's side but the police are literally encouraged NOT to be on our side - everyone is a potential threat or criminal. That's literally how they have trained thanks to the introduction of external vendor training programs at police institutions around the nation. I will gladly give the police my respect and support by default as soon as their culture changes to give me respect and support BY DEFAULT. For now, every officer needs to prove to me they deserve respect and support, otherwise, I'm just faking it when I get pulled over and have to be nice to avoid getting shot in the face by someone who might mistake their taser for a gun.

I work in an auto shop. We have more accountably than the police.

Yeah, you can go ahead and drop the "we" from that comment. That entire institution needs to be turned upside down before I'll ever be on the side of police.

I feel like this if all the BLM protests didnt happen after George Floyd, this dude would still be walking free.

>The police need to understand we are on their side Why? They're not on yours. There is clearly a culture of adversary in US police, although I realise of course there are exceptions.

Yesterday on a post a top voted comment was someone saying they have never seen the police actually help someone. Just negatively. I cant even begin to understand that.

Nah Im not on their side.

When you wield authority you also have the burden of increased responsibility. Police should always be held to a higher standard due the the power we entrust in them.

Im not on their side.

Never be on the polices side. They are the arm of capital and fight against you to help those at the top.

I'm not on their side. Most law enforcement functions can be performed by people who are better trained for more discrete tasks and don't need guns.

Some serious shit between those ears as well. I like to think he's in a better place now, away from anyone else he could murder.

I hope they throw the book at him and make an example of him at sentencing. The world is better without him, and police like him, in it.

There's going to be a very special welcome party in prison for the cop who killed George Floyd. He may not have to worry too much about how long a sentence he receives.

Print this out and frame it.

And not just jail, but solitary confinement. He'll never be safe in general population, he will be in a 6x8 box the rest of his life.

It's his first offense so they won't throw the book at him. I'm not sure what the minimums will be but I am hoping he gets 25 or so years. I'm not sure how I feel about sentences that go more than 25 years but I don't think they serve anyone.

And the inevitable appeal.

Some people will bitch and moan over everything. Be happy justice was served and hopefully a precedent is now set.

For conviction for second-degree murder, the average prison term (excluding life sentences) was 19 years in white-victim cases, significantly longer than the 13 years in black-victim cases Considering he was on duty, all in all I guess he will sentence 15 year max ... out before 2030 *unfortenutely !

40 years minimum?

Not to be confused with Brock Turner, the convicted rapist or Donald Trump, twice-impeached one-term president. As you said, this is indeed Derek Chauvin, the convicted murderer.

Why yes, that IS Derek Chauvin - the convicted murderer.


The two incidents are in no way similar. To even suggest the shooting of 3 white people, one of whom was armed, one who assaulted with a skate board, and another who threatened a kid are in any shape or form the same as an unarmed docile black man being suffocated by a man with a gun in front of dozens is beyond ludicrous.

Depending on what happens, He might show more emotion.


While I think Chauvin is a piece of shit, I was thinking murder should be reduced to manslaughter. I don't think he was kneeling there with the intent to kill George Floyd. But he certainly, as a direct result of his unnecessary actions, killed him. EDIT: I'm an idiot and this definitely falls into the extreme indifference to human life category. ROT IN THERE.

Im guessing most of the posters on this comment thread have never been through serious criminal trials. They are loooooooooooooong and very boring, it grinds the emotion out of youas it should for dispassionate fact-finding.

I don't think he was surprised. He attempted to get a plea bargain but was turned down. He knew what was coming. That's why he moved all of his assets to his wife, who he then divorced so that no one could legally come after his ex-wife's property (which was his property).

Shocked? I was surprised to see what appeared to be a completely emotionless human.

He looked completely emotionless to me personally I was hoping for more of a reaction. He didnt want people to see him break down is my bet.

Idk he seemed very stoic.

"But, mah qualified immunity! WAHHH!".

Yes! That sheer look of confusion! "Me guilty? Whaaaaaa? You guys got it all wrong." He totally thought he would get away with killing someone.

He has zero remorse. At all. He really thought he was going to get off.

I had hoped for some crying personally. Or maybe an Oh my god!

What a country where doctors and engineers have a higher standard of due diligence and liability than those carrying weapons with ultimate authority. Same here in Canada and it's gross.

You are correct. This is a bit first step. We still need widespread policy enforcing transparency, and accountability for law enforcement.

What about derek chauvin supporters seems more their wheelhouse to be honest.

"not guilty = good, guilty = bad".

He has such a punchable face.

More like: "Maxine Waters calls for riots, intimidates jurors to convict" or whatever bullshit they were crying about the other day.

Just took a year, a video footage, national protests and international concerns but yeah I guess.

]I got you, fam]().

He was wearing a mask. It was anticlimactic, sadly.

Oh, now that's something I wanna see.

Its pretty uneventful just kinda blankly stares. Probably knew he was fucked.

Did he really? I missed that. Also, that wasn't Eric Gardner.

Hate to rain on your parade but that's not gonna happen. Especially with how high profile he is and his history as a Leo. I don't disagree with you, but it's just not gonna happen.

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