Sunday 6th of November 2022

HALF-TIME Level Here at The Break.

Social Media Says

Elon Musk declared All-Out former staff. Pacific time, Massive Layoffs into affect Twitter. With formal notice gut-wrenching efficiency, Musk inner circle have eliminated about half pre-Elon workforce. 3,700 Twitter jobs gone.

Switzerland's 1,400 glaciers have lost half their total volume less than century. We're ClimateEmergency. There time waste.
We're seeing half formerly publicly-traded company lose their jobs real-time. they built too. This unreal.
HALF-TIME SCORES Leeds Bournemouth Man City Fulham Nottm Forest Brentford Wolves Brighton.
HALF-TIME Level here at the break.
hahahaha doing rewatch first watched season when came didnt watch other seasons) PLEASE half problems that show caused being spoiled time.
HALF TIME Slough down men, breakthrough City.
boos ring around Elland Road Bournemouth lead half-time could should have been more visitors. Positive Leeds that they still this game. second-half coming up.

HALF TIME 13-22 debut Dyer, however power Codie Taylor aerial prowess Jordie Barrett Blacks ahead break.
manager ever been sacked half time? Simon Grayson want collect your son, he's been missing months now.
HALF TIME wales zealand.
Thank BiggBossTelugu6 team host. Have guys ever questioned other least with half rigour that admonish BalaAditya every time? Whatever attack will only make stronger. BalaAditya will ensure happens.

Team wrong. defence Lati, Wood Manning isn't good enough. Oka-Fkex wrong wing. Oldie Cooper position. Piroe clicking. Russ needs earn money half time.

Boos referee Darren England half-time from entire Etihad Stadium. Bernardo Silva just been booked forced away from referee Kevin Bruyne. 1-1.
They've some kids pitch half time penalty shoot out. It's absolutely dreadful still better than utter poverty show actual game.
Half-Time Conor Morgan Off: Gary Miller.
half time, Ambers with wind behind half.
Message half time Wales need STOP making stupid mistakes. Sort yourselves keep pressing! still this.
Block emptying into concourse kissgate this half time.
Jayatheertha Twists First half good need patience second half, time travel theme AJANEESHB promising debut UrsZaidKhan Overall 1/2, watch theatre,Your time will wasted.

Start terrible. Concede. Wakes us up. Half-Time. Start ok. Make subs. Look better. Score. REPEAT. So bad recently.
whole team aggressively surrounding escorting officials pitch half time because gave correct call. wont hear about this highlighted anywhere. expect City Fulham second half .

Half-Time: Wales Zealand 22. Gareth Anscombe lands penalty with final kick half reduce Kiwis' interval lead nine points.
It's weird other people make being spanish principal part identity cause like half time forget
Half time Amersham RandHUFC Nick Kerley
Half time WelshRugbyUnion AllBlacks
bought some almond milk peppermint mocha creamer Thursday this morning would've been first time used there barely half left...
bless Sunderland half time challenge.
Guaranteed before half time guess bey.
what jails they operates irrational substitutes adequate healthcare social welfare systems. addressed this clear violence-preventing effects increasing healthcare access second half this article. 4/.

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MASSIVE TranentFWAFC AmateurPolbeth Goal down half time boys rallied took control game. Absolutely class performance. seanbrownn deanapicella1 [?][?][?]
Great half Reyna looked dangerous every time ball, converted created chances teammates! Dortmund something special going with Reyna, Bellingham Moukoko.

Full Time Guernsey Westfield It's defeat Guernsey windy Footes Lane. Green Lions fought till first half penalty Westfield which difference between evenly matched sides. Keep faith!

Premier league half time.
Going most boring second half time this hopefully referee stops these cheating bastards from diving.
goals oclock kick offs far. only half time every team playing scored! good luck with running order tonight.
After three good performances league, sounds like need half time from today response from players.
With huge home games December, there's never been better time escape cold enjoy hospitality Gtech Book matches third half price match lounges! Find more.


Less than half respondents surveyed view strategic priority, less than one-fifth have fully implemented program. Read report, free limited time
Players are back out and its time for the second half. levgreenfc 1-1 BUFC .
Half time Doing shape still passive wide areas allowing many crosses into box. Lacking real quality possession. McGrath trying higher poss with Fletcher sometimes leaving outnumbered midfield.

Half time scores: Leeds Bournemouth City Fulham Forest Brentford Wolves Brighton.
Bang schedule half time.
FULL TIME Second half tries from Ridgway Birch secure first home season. ever heard winning ugly?
Getting half time like assault course. Unhelped people blocking staircase because they cant drink view pitch.
Full Time After Extra Time Drom Inch 3-14 Salle 0-18 Salle left everything field Beth Carton heroic scored eleven points Brianna O'Regan unbelievable free from half Maggie Gostl lively corner with three from play.

Sort again half time Jamie.
HALF TIME: Daniel Barnieh Afryie (pen) Daniel Awuni, Frederick Asante
Blacks Lead Wales 22-13 Half Time Cardiff.
Like, leela should've gotten with the woman she was already flirting with for like half of "invasion of time".
HALF TIME: Chippenham Town Lincoln City.
Looking ominous rest Cymru North. were down half time recovered 3-2. wins them.
Throwback time Jose Mourinho subbed Chelsea players half-time game, only Wayne Bridge injured Cudicini sent straight away. Chelsea ended match with field players Glen Johnson goal.

Have seen challenge Rodri? Their player shouldnt pitch take penalty haha Also check possible penalty dead half time.
It's half-time Blundell Park. Mariners lead Argyle thanks goals from Smith, Efete, Kiernan Glennon just before whistle. Remember, Town went goal down first minutes. 4-1.

Half time nonce.
spent half time loving other half hiding much loved her.
siblings hour never ever complain when need your attention same time. Thank being best teacher only hope half because absolute best. love muc.

Promoting youtubers down half time. Deserve everything get. Leaving
Haaland needs come push them back jack covered Wednesday cant take half time again.
youre waiting lunc with your current investment, half your waiting time doubling your investment wait $0.50 think smart
13-22 Gareth Anscombe gets another penalty stroke half-time!
Took these about year half ago. think it's time take some newer ones.
These kind measures that Delhi taken last days, closing schools, reducing diesel emissions. employees work from home. While roughly half than Lahore same amount time.

It is HALF-TIME! WelshRugbyUnion 13-22.
HALF-TIME SCORES: Leeds United Bournemouth City Fulham Nott'm Forest Brentford Wolves Brighton PremierLeague!
Argyle down half time injuries. ideal afternoon.
GalaWiltonFC HardwickeAFC Gala hold game they should have done dusted half time. Hardwicke hung there made uncomfortable end. Humphries pulled back after headers from Smith Gayner Gala.

Half time Shielfield! OfficialBRFC csstrollers Goal from Alieu Faye.
HALF TIME throw over lineout. Wales elect goal. 13-22.
time half friendships.
time face facts fact BrexitIsntWorking. Until elephant room confronted British politics will dominated half-truths lies. Guardian view Brexit economy: time face facts Editorial.

HALF TIME StockportTownFC 1 The Bullets
Aguero Scaloni explaining moment after half time against Brazil, Messi went into medical room, because injured.
HALF-TIME Leeds Bournemouth City Fulham Forest Brentford Wolves Brighton.
Stutter? POTUS doesn't know where half time. What's inflation at? Gas prices? Home heating oil? More importantly, what's diesel doing right now? The DJIA? Interest rates? Food shortages? And think it's because stutter? Most importantly, kids doing?

half time 5-10.
When youre schooled home Bournemouth delighted only down half time, after being first minute Honestly this should complete shambles performance, cannot believe what just watched!

What You Really Think

Get grealish out.

Haaland Inn on the pitch In 2nd.

Foden 2nd half in! come on grealish making me feel smh .

Mahrez is way better than Bernardo and grelish even in his worst days . This baldy is going to destroy the team .

Premier league has the worst match officialsIm disgusted.. pep must sub in Haaland to come at em with all we got we need goals.

Gotta come back stronger.

Sad truth, city is likely to beat Fulham even with the red card,especially if they decide to keep playing this defensive football.

Cmon City Lets go!

Cancelo has no other choice than go in that way, Ake forgot his position and up left behind his opponent.


I have a feeling that we shall win.

Allah belani versin 2 haftadir tek senin yuzunden kupon yatiyor.

Bring haaland on to even the playing field ***.

This referee has robbed us.

Mancity needs to win.

Lmao imagine playing at the EMPTIHAD no wonder they are losing.

Blame errorson.

Lqdm 'Hl~ n kn khsr.

Baldy got the line up wrong. Grealish is useless. Mahrez on the right wing is better than Bernardo no matter how bad he is.

Bench joao cancelo for the rest of the season, hes F finished this season, always ruin the team.

Just bring on Almiron.

Even if were 10 vs 11 we have to do all necessary to win that game. We are city. It will happen sometimes to be one man down, we have to manage this situation. Start by sending Grealish off please for Foden.

Bring the robot on.

Come On City, our performance has been magnificent despite the red card been given, lets keep dominating in the second half and we will win this game.

Pep destroy matches with him desert head, how can you keep Folden.

That referee is bought and paid for and it shows.

City in difficulties for the tittle race.

Grealish out now.

If the team loses or draw tonight, cancelo should be the one to blame, he should not try to challenge that, if they score then let them, we could find more goals after with full squad, now we are tied and short of one player.

What is grealish good at? I miss leroy***.

PL has an agenda against City. The club should leave the PL and join La Liga.

Just lose please.

Perfect time to get Haaland on the field.

You need to file a official complaint against Darren England and his team today, abysmal decisions and obviously cheating.


Water is wet, opponents can have the ball only once and be dangerous. We have the ball all the time no danger.

We're getting chances CMON CITY, CMON CITY, CMON CITY.

Finished club bottling the league to us.

Haaland and foden on soon plz.

These refs are wank pissing me off.

We need cool heads lads. Pep needs to bring on Foden for Grealish, hes not offering anything at the moment. Even at a man light, I still see us winning this game.

Am suck with pep honestly, why the hell on earth would he not start foden? What hellish confidence does he have on grealish? Am tired of him.