Wednesday 28th of April 2021

THIS IS NOT A DRILL Here's a Special Season 4 Message From The HandmaidsTale Cast.

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THIS DRILL Here's special Season message from HandmaidsTale cast.
This moment! HandmaidsTale returns Season TOMORROW hulu. with
Honestly dunno what think Lawrence Nick
You deserve some good news. Youve been patient long enough. The first three episodes of HandmaidsOnHulu are streaming RIGHT NOW only on hulu. Praise be the secret early drop.
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Mrs. Keys, worse than Serena bitch have caprisun, chile.
Praying for Aunt lydia, fred & serena's permanent downfall this season!
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Aunt Lydia needs wall.
Gender ideology creating Gilead. live world where women can't words describe sex, fired pointing that males differ from Worst left wing parties enforce erasure in.

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fans seeing that HandmaidsTale dropped night earlier.
Damn these first few episodes are HITTIN.
Just finished first episodes HandmaidsTale season inconsolable. wanna fight everybody.
Episode season that good far. Makes sense. They need together.
4/ Make no mistake, we can support gender non-conforming males without calling them women or lesbians, without denying women our own sex based sports and spaces HandmaidsTale (continued).
Luke got on my nerves talking bout... she act she dont want to be here with us. She wants her daughter, we know its easy for you to abandon your family but its not for her.
Praying my boy nick is safe.
HandmaidsTale whirlwind. nice girls taste some kind freedom. Esther interesting character that hope they invest developing.
Wait who are those two girls on that building edge?!
after episode
reaction train scene. wanted girls make
"Out there planning knows what kind atrocities visit upon righteous nation." Aunt Lydia...but also probably Tucker Carlson talking about someone wearing mask
Im gonna sue The Handmaids Tale for emotional distress.
Whyyyyyy tf did June give up the other Im sooo mad.
Let freedom reign. V this tweet and well remind you when Season 4 of The HandmaidsTale premieres April 28 on Crave.
Na lie the scene on the bridge mek mi start bawl. All when di camera do that 360 shot.
rights being curtailed already" Serena, girl, know ain't talking about somebody rights being violated Miss "I'll hold down while husband rapes then we'll steal your baby" chile.

after hearing news that HandmaidsTale early release hulu after finishing episode
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exhausted. Like they episode where they having BBQ. These episodes were great but...damn lol.
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Hand Maids dropping like flies Aunt Lydia still alive?!
HandmaidsTale dropping episodes Hulu tonight... late, just watch hours later...
Season 4 is streaming now only on.
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Handmaids Tale season four today. Watch remember women need running things.
Omg nichole/holly is so big!!
S4 finally!!
tomorrow work because binged first episodes HandmaidsTale instead going early like supposed to!.
Everyone hates aunt Lydia have soft spot somehow Like just know shes going help those girls.
Blessed be the fruit... HandmaidsTale is back!!!!!
Guuuuuuurl. need moreeeee. like this. shook coreeeee.
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exams over already wanna binge watch whole thing finish those books.
Dont me rn now, watching.
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Has done an early release of.
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June being finally able straight savage shit Lydias face fantastic.
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concept HandmaidsTale just makes think twilight version high castle that just don't capture subtle normalcy these kinds societies legitimacy what people know fact cover cover also their behind.. worse.

Go back and reshoot that scene rn.
Dude, bruh, bro, mate! episodes Handmaid's Tale season reallllly good. mean, damnnnnn.Wow.
Raise your hand if youve ever felt traumatized by The Handmaids Tale.
If 'The Handmaid's Tale' was Scottish.
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"Directed by Elisabeth Moss" FINALLY.
Is the only thing on my mind for the next 24 hrs. do not disturb me.
your fault Aunt Lydia!!
You know when HandmaidsTale is back on Hulu when.
Too niche?
too! shouldve taken some time work watch! least have something look forward tonight.
Nick kept saying he was helping but how exactly did he help?
Ugh poor luke.
June is back.

What You Really Think

Omg Omg Omg Watched the first show of the new season, waiting for my husband to get up so we can watch all 3 together.




What channel can we watch it on.

Just watched all 3 episodes and really!!!!


What about Prime???

When and where can I watch in UK please? ... please, please, please!

Im so tired of the repetitive story. Theres never any long standing victory. June fights, escapes, gets captured, people die, then repeat.

Aw hell. I dont have Hulu. When will it be available on other platforms in the UK?

June is still stressing me OUT!!!!!!!!

I'm in the UK and don't get to see this yet.

Living in the UK!!! Please let us know how we can watch the new episodes over here!!!

Oh crap!!! I have to get up for work today!! So I have to wait till 4:30 pm!! Argh!!

This. Right. Here!

Great first 3 episodes !!! Wow head is spinning... speechless.

Thank you hulu for the early release and also thank you for not releasing any more than three because Ive already stayed up way too late!

Omg so far? Go girls go!

You. Are. Every. Thing. So excited to see you this season!!! TeamMarthas !!!

Brilliant! Not just the show. Brilliant marketing to drop a day early.

But what about us in the U.K .

The way I screamed while watching this lmao.

I didn't know the first 3 episodes were available until around 10pm. I never stay up past 11pm. But here I am, at 2am on Wednesday after watching episodes 1-3. It was worth the wait, and it's worth the lost sleep.

Oh that's awesome, Thank you V.



Great beginning to a new season!

Absolutely heart-wrenching first 3 episodes. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.