Saturday 1st of August 2020

There Are Some Very Simple Ways we Can All Protect Ourselves And Others From The Spread of Coronavirus. Wash Your Hands, Cover Your Face & Make Space.

There are some very simple ways we can all protect ourselves and others from the spread of coronavirus. Wash your hands, cover your face & make space.
"Hands, face, space": James O'Brien reviews Boris Johnson's new Covid slogan.
Professor Chris Whitty with the key quote suggesting we have reached the limits of opening up society. The Chief Medical Officer says any further relaxation may have to come with restrictions elsewhere.

HANDS! Face, Space, Get a test, Get a test! HANDS! Face, Space, Get a test, Get a test! 2 METERS AND MASK OVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE! HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES AND TOES, KNEES AND TOES!
In case you are confused about what our new slogan means: Use your HANDS to touch your FACE in a crowded SPACE.
Another 120 deaths in the UK today and 880 new cases.
? I prefer HeadOrGut. That would make for interesting cabinet meetings.
Don't miss my next press briefing when I will unveil our latest important advice: Bassoon, Hamster, Scrotum.
Hands; face; space. Today's political slogan brought to you by Dominic, aged 4.
Maybe someone at a Number 10 was watching my Twitter feed back in May.
Mads is taking handsfacespace very seriously.
Meanwhile you can still pack on an airplane -nulb.
HANDS - FACE - SPACE - CAMERA - TV Getting harder and harder to tell them apart.
Hands. Face. Space. Disgrace.
This is epic. Matt Hancock has sold his soul. We know it. He knows it.
Running the place Disgrace .
Found the extended slogan from BoJo; Hands, Face, Space, Kiss Chase, First Base, Bookcase, Shoelace, Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace.
Totally agree. Even his detractors use the faux familiar Boris. CallHimJohnson Boris Johnson is not a teddy bear or a TV personality. Hes a nasty piece of work packaged for the gullible spouting nonsense like HandsFaceSpace laughing at you.

'Hands, Face, Space' is how we will beat thing thing. Failing that, we'll try Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes followed by Hands, Knees and Boomps-a-daisy.
Bin. Face. Space.
Watching the carehomescandal from Disclosure_Doc on BBCScotland, showing that the Scottish govt moved people from hospitals to care homes without testing because of the need for beds. Both, Scotland and the wider UK must look at social care.

REALLY? you give bride and grooms notice the day before that their plans for tomorrow cant go ahead? Hopefully theyve planned them at restaurants where they can in theory go ahead.
I wash my hands of responsibility for Covid deaths. I cover my face to hide my embarrassment at my ineptitude. I make space for others to take the blame. Boris Johnson.
There are some very simple ways we can all protect ourselves and others from the spread of Conservatives. Wash your HANDS of the Tories forever Expose their FACEs & prosecute them for their corruption Make SPACE for a new society based on need not greed.

Shove it.
Vnulb The Art of Face to Face: A Closer Look at Portraits art appreciation course artpocketuk artschool norwich starts 28 October 2020. For info.
One cock up after another And people still fall for it If the amount of people who have unnecessarily died from covid-19 had been killed by terrorists what would the reaction be ? People are continuing to die regardless of their Politics.

"Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives" nulb "Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Saves Lives" nulb "Hands, Face, Space" The virus is getting smarter as our Government is getting dumber.
Just sounds like the modern version of big fish, little fish, cardboard box.
Social distancing and avoiding journalistic scrutiny? Try our new catch phrase Sophy Ridge? Fridge.
The new covid slogan is being widely mocked on socia media, but IMO its rather good for once. Easy to remember and actually relates to ways to stop the spread. Stay Alert was crap.
Arse. Farce.
Why the f*** does everything have to be a slogan or soundbite with these lot? Just give the public some simple, clear advice and guidance, and throw these bloody phrases in the bin.
Hes like a four year old who has just learned to count to ten, isnt he? HandsFaceSpace - how much did we pay for that gem?
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Remember, wash your hands, cover your face, stay 2m apart, give contact details, get ready to crash, eat fish, and listen to 90s Swedish pop music. Hands. Face. Space. Trace. Brace. Plaice. Ace of Base.

We have a PM who behaves like a child. To Paul Brand - I think that was quite punchy, dont you? Grins. Crisis time - lets have 3 new words Ive got 3 for you- Fcuk Right Off!
What the fuck is.
Getting rid of BorisJohnson Govt will protect us from COVID19. New leadership now pls. HandsFaceSpace won't protect UK from ineptitude, poor decision making, corrupt mismanagement & outright lies that led to thousands dead from Coronavirus Don't. Trust. This. Govt.

Fingers, knees, toes.
Dad what does this is an absolute car crash of an interview and I nearly cringed myself to death whilst listening to it mean ...well son.
A list of simple and meaningless slogans from dominiccunmings, master of meaningless vomited by his minion, BorisJohnson & Tories everywhere. Certain I've missed some - handsfacespace - StayAlert - StayHomeSaveLives - GetBrexitDone - letsgetgoing .

Wash your hands. Go to the pub. Keep your distance. Wear a mask. Eat out to help out. Get a test. Don't go to the North of England. Go to work. Go abroad. Don't go to Spain. Quarantine when you come back. Stay at home. handsfacespace slogansnotleadership WTF.

Hands, face, space. They said nobody gets it in order, its actually not that easy. But for me it was easy.
- just reminds me of Trump doing his cognitive ability test... personwomanmancameratv Oh Johnson... youre so toe-curlingly shit at this.
Would it kill a tree if this government put out a clear and consistent message instead of silly slogans?
Hands face and space not as catchy as, Heads, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes but apparently more rewarding.
Hands on face in space! Did I get that right?
Should really be arse.from.elbow.
You do know we, the great British public, can not only understand more than 3 words at a time but we can also see through your fucking bullshit Mr Johnson.
I prefer Hands, Mask, Ask (people to fuck off and stay 2 metres away from you), less vague.
If the last 2 days havent shown that this is a hoax and the U.K. govt do not care about you Nothing will.
Happy Friday!
Knighthood Philip May for being husband of Theresa. Peerage Lebedev for donations to Conservative party. And for us plebs.

What You Really Think

It took you month to learn that Mr Johnson, why do I have to wear a mask at work through a 10 hours job a day!? Now I feel headache all time and only now I've started to have bad chest and throat because of this stupid mask idea.

In Spain for law we must cover our face also in the streets.

Where is the world beating track and trace?

Dont listen to dangerous s.

Here's some more Don't open pubs Don't put half price deals at restaurants Don't be listening to the Torie government.

If you resign.

The highest deaths in Europe on your watch and you show no remorse and support the rule Cummings. You are despicable.

Wash Hands Cover Face Make space SUPERMAN.

I don't like you.

3 words F**** Right Off !

Try just getting on with life. 38 deaths yesterday, a real time to panic. The more tests, the more positive cases. It gives false representation. Stop testing would stop cases, amazing!!

You are a tool that is all!!

Do you think we're simple! Stop with the patronising slogans. Sort out track and trace!!!!!!

Dear Doris, please can you share the contact details of your personal crack dealer, because that must be some serious shit your smoking.

Lie. Go on holiday. Miss meetings.

The ONLY way to protect ourselves, is to get rid of this government.

I see Chloe Westley has been having a liquid lunch again. .

Meanwhile in sensible Sweden.

Think I'll go with. SHAKE hands KISS face Make LOVE Thank you very much you buffoon.

Yes! Stop the illegal boat landings every day! You can do that for a start!

Deaths in UK with not of CV19 hospitals in single digits 4. Time to be a little less timid for sake of economy. Many yrs ago I was told my father's operation had been a success the next doctor told me he was going to die. That's the UK, the people lived, but the country died.

I cant stand you Boris biggest let down in my lifetime.

A little too simple for most, especially for the BBC and ScumMedia 1/3.

You do know we, the great British public, can not only understand more than 3 words at a time but we can also see through your fucking bullshit Mr Johnson.

This totalitarian government has to keep the fear level up to keep the sheeple subjugated.

Castle Eye Greek Drive Test Jolly.

Tories new manifesto book found.

Close your eyes, block your ears, stop thinking for yourself, become a programed bot.


Thousands entering this country illegally with no self hygiene whatsoever... National disgrace... This will cost you your job very soon... We voted against this.

This is your epitome of public awareness for Corona Hygeine, Mr Johnson. Its the clearest simplest message. I would recommend in indulging in seemingly complex conversations about the latest steps in sourcing a cure for the virus. big fan.

Oh how I wish we had sensible people in charge like they have in Sweden.

Boris wtf are you doing? This slogan is 6 words, we can only handle 3 at a time.