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Sunday 13th of September 2020

How Harden Leading The Rockets Out of The Bubble.

How Harden leading the Rockets out of the bubble.
Harden steals Caruso's pass ... AC chases him down.
A star would take the pressure off Bogi, Buddy, Fox, whoever stays! because Fox finds it difficult to be the leader and not to mention the others. Harden would empower the rest! is more Buddy would need a Harden, who gives him the ball and he shoots 3, without handling the ball.

Reporter: Do you think you will ever win a championship with the Rockets? James Harden.
I would consider trading Westbrook for Jevon Carter but I dont know how youll get that done since youve traded all of your draft picks from now until Hardens 74th birthday.
Steph Curry arguably becomes more dangerous when he takes to relocating after he gives up the ball. That's a multi-layered scorer. That's what the playoffs demand. Being able to beat teams in multiple ways. Harden and Curry debates are just flawed. No basis.

James Harden looking back at who blocked his layup and seeing Caruso.
Harden is a WHAT?!?!
Kobe said it best about Harden.
James Harden after the playoffs. Again.
Russell Westbrook is making $43.8 million per the next three seasons, and the Lakers defense barely defends him in the half-court. He's past his athletic prime, one of the worst shooters in the NBA, and an undeniably poor fit with James Harden. Where do the Rockets go from here?

Chris Paul told Harden to run a play & it ruined they friendship forever.
I feel bad for Houston...Harden been there for a minute and cant even touch a finals.
James Harden after losing in the second round: Were one piece away. ( BenGolliver).
James Harden when Russell Westbrook says run it back next season.
Westbrook: Man we had a rough series James Harden.
The amount owed to the double super max players James Harden $41.3M $44.3M $47.4 (P) Russell Westbrook $41.4M $44.2M $47.1M (P) Total $265.6M.
Should have just gone out in the 1st round. Harden blocking Dort did nothing but ruin Danuel House's marriage.
Rockets fans moving off ball with more urgency than James Harden this is getting sad man.
After one year with Russell Westbrook, James Harden has to realize Russ isn't the best fit for him & the Rockets. They wanted to play together, but you can't win with a guard who's an all-time bad shooter. Harden should push Morey to trade Westbrook or he'll never win in Houston.

Im mostly upset Harden is leaving the bubble just as his hair product was delivered.
James Harden says he feels this team is a piece away. Says they just need to find that right piece to put next to him and Russ.
Welcome back: Lakers, LeBron headed to the conference finals (updated with LeBron, D'Antoni, Harden, Westbrook, Vogel quotes).
James Harden just turned 31. This was his 8th year in Houston and he's yet to reach the Finals without Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook is about to turn 32. He has the worst contract in the league. His shooting has only gotten worse. He's yet to reach the West Finals without KD.

Really dude. House shouldnt have been violating rules Rondo plays for Lakers so its his job Westbrook is his own worst enemy. He could beat Bron in OKC and its the same in Houston..Harden got guarded like and All Star/MVP would because he can shoot. Dont hate on AD.

Westbrook and Harden a different breed, Rockets in 5.
Do you think James Harden should request a trade?
James Harden and the Rockets have now lost six of their last seven elimination games.
Harden probably can't win anything because he went to ASU.
All I said was when he guarded harden one on one Harden cooked him wasnt talking about what youre talking bout famplus my team Boston anyways.
Should the Nets consider a pursuit of Harden?
Harden to Russ after losing Game 5.
James Harden to Westbrook in the locker room.
James Harden looking for right pieces around himself, Westbrook.
Feel bad for james harden . I feel like james harden tonight.
People making fun of Harden but they should be crying because he is your league leading scorer which means hes the example of scoring in NBA basketball .WOOF!! told yall that league was bullshit lmao.
Tilly wants to know if Harden got piece away moneeeyyy?!
Harden playing off of the ball...? Lol. Nahhhhh.
Imagine being a fly on the text chain wall for the boat gang tonight, LeBron and Chris Paul sipping wine on behalf of Harden and Westbrook lol. Melo and D-Wade probably in bed but theyll get a kick outta it in the morning.

James Harden to Russell Westbrook after the game.
Gonna be hilarious to see Harden and Westbrook fans arguing about whos to blame for the Rockets losing in the 2nd round.
"We'll be back" Harden.
What a weird tweet. Show the rockets history before acquiring harden since 2009?
"Look at the common deminator" shut the fuck up and apply context. Harden is why the Rockets have been winning 50 games every year since 2014. The one time you paired him with a top 10 player, the Rockets won 65 and almost beat GSW. He's the only reason Houston is relevant.

The Rockets really traded all this to take on an extra year of $47 million in salary just because James Hardens feelings got hurt when Chris Paul told him he has to work harder.
No matter where Harden and Westbrook team up at, they still losing in 5 to a Lebron James led team, 8 years later. I know they sick.
They said the Los Angeles Lakers wouldnt be able to stop Damian Lillard. Five game series. They said the Los Angeles Lakers wouldnt be able to stop James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Five game series. When will they learn?

I hate watching this team play, I hate harden not being aggressive, I hate Westbrook shooting any jump shots, I hat seeing Eric Gordon dribbling and pulling up like curry, I hate that we have no help defense, I hate were structured around only threes but we wont shoot them.

Imagine instead of russ and harden duo rockets traded for ad and a lineup of like Harden,Eg,House,Covington and Davis my god.
James Harden and Russel Westbrick leaving the Bubble.
LeBron James & his team eliminates Harden & Westbrook in 5 games. Where have we seen this before?
So I like that Westbrook got fire in his belly. Why dont we see that from Harden?!
Morey has gotten Harden multiple guys that were MVP level players at one point. Maybe this is a bit on Harden at this juncture.
I get it. you kinda salty right now.. but you know that Harden going out like Domique/Barkley/Malone/Ewing puts him in weird company..
Respect between LeBron and Harden.

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U savage.

Whats your deal Andy, whats the deal here bud?????

Kobe has said it a number of times, Harden's pattern of play won't get him the championship. The Rockets don't have a bad team, they just have a crappy strategy. Period.

Is this beat available in life or just OK this video?

All hits no miss.

Dont forget he got two free throws with this move !