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Sunday 7th of June 2020

...Is it Finally Safe to Say That Harry Potter is Not Even Good Enough For JK to Kirking tf Out Like This....

Harry potter grew up to be a cop.
Harry Potter and The Tweet That Should Have Stayed in Drafts.
My favorite fun fact about the Harry Potter series is that it actually does not have an author. like we just have no clue who wrote those books. and I think that's beautiful ???????
They gonna burn Harry Potter books now too?
I feel like I can finally openly admit that I've never read any of the Harry Potter books, nor have I watched the movies. And is this the 1st time people are noticing she's kind of a petulant ass?
Harry Potter: Becomes a cop Akko: Fights for worker's rights.
Here's what I ask from the next generations: 70 years after JK Rowling dies, her works will become public domain. I want you to publish Harry Potter in all the possible ways that would offend her, and I want you to dedicate it to her. Thank you!

If you want to read a good kid friendly fantasy book series by someone who wasn't terrible then might I recommend the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett? The Wee Free Men alone is better than the entire Harry Potter series anyway.

Another affirming day for my lifelong "wait long enough and people will stop telling you to read/watch Harry Potter" belief system.
I vote that we all just agree that the Harry Potter books were written by JK Simmons.
I love harry potter so much but omg jk rowling you need to shut up.
Soooo... this is the last time I ever have to tolerate Harry Potter in queer spaces? Fantastic.
No one hates Harry Potter as much as Harry Potter fans.
"Hermione," spoke the jigglewogger, jiggling a jig and wiggling and joggle, "you aren't a woman until you menstruate." -Harry Potter and the Unisex Facilities.
JK Rowling thought we needed 7 Harry Potter books but only 2 genders.
I just wish Twitter had gotten this upset the Harry Potter lady was cheerleading regime change interventionism in Syria.
Me while watching Harry Potter movies.
My favourite trans icon is harry potter ?
I love Harry Potter. It was a massive part of my childhood and has played a big part in my adulthood too. In my head I do not associate HP with JK. Instead I think of Daniel and Emma and Rupert and all the other hundreds of people who built careers on the fandom.

I guarantee you that LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA is what you actually wanted from Harry Potter, so fuck HP and watch anime instead.
I wrote Harry Potter.
I loved Harry Potter when I was younger and it still will always have a place in my heart but also it is a book series with hook-nosed banking goblins.
Not sure what trans and non-binary folks need to hear this, but continuing to enjoy Harry Potter--in spite of Rowling's awfulness--is not only okay but healthy. If we want, we're allowed to hold on to the goodness and fandom of that and make it our own. That's entirely valid.

1. You know... I'm happy my daughter is not on twitter. She is 30 and first generation Harry Potter fan. There was absolutely no need for Rowlings to "share her thoughts" on something she has no expertise at. Apparently, no control over her intellectual shortcomings either.

Hmm So I heard George was a Harry Potter stan, eh? Not sure what his house is but he gives off hufflepuff vibes.
Remember that harry potter subplot where hermione tried to liberate the slave elf class but ron was like "oh no, they actually love being slaves" and the lesson was hermione should shut up about the glaring flaws in the status quo if she wanted to have friends?

If ur a cis person riding high rn talking shit about the harry potter lady please consider donating $5 (or more!) to one of these black trans folks-focused funds ??
A YouTube tutorial on how to change your Harry Potter tattoos into Black Lives Matter tattoos.
Shes literally fucking insane... so glad I always thought I was too cute to read harry potter.
Harry Potter and the Realization That, Actually, It's Okay Not to Tweet.
So I am now the author of the Harry Potter series! If you have any questions or comments about the books, you can come to me! I wrote those books.
Shoulda known not to trust JKRowling after she made Harry Potter become a cop.
Trans and non-binary friends: I'm sorry we are back here. We love you. I know it might be hard to be a Harry Potter fan right now, but you helped build this fandom and it will always welcome you.
Harry potter and the AUDACITY.
If harry potter were written by rick riordan, draco would get the redemption arc he deserves.
...Is it finally safe to say that Harry Potter is not even good enough for JK to kirking tf out like this....
Harry Potter and the Author who betrayed her readers.
>Harry Potter fans >ok Pick one.
Turns out the Fundamentalist Christians were right about burning Harry Potter books all along.
Can we just start burning Harry Potter books yet or.
I actually wrote Harry Potter when I was like 10. All of them at once. Jk Rowling stole my manuscripts and made them bad. The originals were way better, wish you all could have seen them. I was forced into silence, by the queen, until now. So glad I can finally say things.

Why the FUCK would anyone even care about boycotting Harry Potter when Little Witch Academia is literally right there???? Who even needs Harry Potter??? Here's another fucking bonus: Akko's story is an allegory for transitioning. Yeah, she's fucking trans!!!

Little Witch Academia's main character is a gay marxist and y'all still think Harry Potter is valid? Harry Potter isnt even a fucking character thing literally just happen to him out of nowhere JKR is a shit writer and she always has been.

No, hatsune miku did not make harry potter. she would never make a character named "cho chang".
The saddest death in Harry Potter was the death of my respect for the author.
S/o to all the trans kids who found comfort in harry potter at some point in their lives, death of the author etc those stories belong to you.
Harry Potter and the Audacity of This Bitch.
12/ And while he is too young to remember British rule and of God Save The Queen being broadcast on the radio, he and his friends grew up reading Harry Potter, something that would have been impossible just a few miles away on the Chinese mainland.

I read the percy jackson series as a younger adult and i might have to agree, as much as i loved harry potter as a teenager.
Harry potter is all about realizing a distant, beloved child mentor figure will disappoint you in every way, now that I think about it.
Why the fuck do you hate trans people so much? Like you have millions and you could be doing literally anything else but you choose to tweet transphobic bullshit for no damn reason. To think I looked up to you. Go ruin Harry Potter some more to stay relevant. ?

How rick riordan is using his platform today vs You Know Who anyways percy jackson >>> harry potter.
Harry potter and the time hatsune miku actually wrote the whole 7 series, not that transphobic idiot.
No. I had to have the glorious voice of Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter series to me to even make it through the books.
Never really got in to Harry Potter.
The way I'm gonna pretend JK Rowling didn't write Harry Potter ?
Yes, rick riordan is better than jk rowling. but does that mean that percy jackson is better than harry potter? also yes.

What You Really Think

I have NEVER gotten the hype about harry potter.

Percy Jackson was better anyways!

I ain't even like Harry Potter like that but all the women I was dating did so I just ended up following it ?

The movies are horrid. I liked the first book.

Lol yes, absolutely. Kid me only hung in there for Hermione & i almost stopped reading multiple times: when too many chapters would go by focused on Harry (lackluster much?) & when rowling named the only Asian character Cho Chang. i didnt bother to finish the last few books.

Rick Riordan the author of Percy Jackson!

There's so much fanon stuff that's better than what she wrote that its often mistaken as actual canon which is kinda telling ??

I still like parts of the series, but not enough to buy anymore merch.

I've been trying to say this since the fifth book, why is this taking so long!!! ?

You might be on to something.

I love me some Harry Potter but baby: those Harry Potter Fanfics are better than the books.

Jk out here thinking she has hot takes and critical thinking skills because of some books that were popular but she has yet to understand how to not be a fucking fool.

The first couple of books are decent kids books tbf, but everything from Goblet of Fire onwards is too long, too focused on world building, meandering, rambling, and honestly always has the undercurrent that the editors should have taken a few goes through to pull it together.

If I watch the next Fantastic Beasts on My Firestick is that ok! I just wanna know what happens.

Kirking out! ???