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Tuesday 26th of January 2021

Harry Potter

The Sirius Black punches Lucius Gif except its Sirius Black, Get away from my godsons franchise at she who shall not be...
'Harry Potter' Live-Action TV Series in Early Development at HBO Max (Exclusive).
"Bizi gercekten sevenler, bizi asla terk etmezler.".
Aparently theres a harry potter tv show in tbe works????
*texting* Lily:Sirius heres some garlic bread pizza just so u know it taste bad Sirius: w h y Lily: it just does Sirius: but...
I'm not saying I want she-who-must-not-be-named should get more money from selling Harry Potter books but like... I'm surprised...
The comprehensive list of harry potter men who have massive himbo energy yet are actually DUMB smart brilliant: james potter ron...
Ok I will be back to posting more often and writing a bit after this week!! Super busy with school right now so I have no time...
Expecto Patreon.
Mitch Williams is voiced by Luke Youngblood, who was also in the Harry Potter films.
Make no mistake i will absolutely pirate that show. i will not like myself for it but i will do it.
Dreaming a Life - GryffindorHealer - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling ]Archive of Our Own].
So apparently theyre making a new harry potter show and it better be about the marauders with some wolfstar action.
Whats this about a harry potter series.
Harry: it's me. i am the pog champ.
Headcannon that after quirrell dies, sybill takes care of his iguana, and has all of his belongings. she didn't have the heart...
Rereading the Harry Potter books as an adult just means you're going to get a crush on Professor Lupin. I don't make the rules.
What if the part of the reason hogwart doesnt have much electricity is to avoid light pollution and still be able to lead...
But I didn't pour the whiskey.

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I'm not ready. I still love the original films so much.


Pogchamp Potter.

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