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Friday 10th of July 2020

The Radical Left is Trying to "cancel" The CEO of Goya Foods, The Largest Hispanic-owned Food Business in The Country, Because he Praised RealDonaldTrump at Yesterday's Event Focusing on Hispanic Opportunity. Watch Him Explain Why he Won't Apologize!

"The executive order I will sign in a few moments will expand our efforts across all of federal government to deliver educational and economic opportunity for Hispanic Americans.".
White progressive wants a national boycott of Hispanic-owned company because the owner likes a politician that the white male progressive doesnt this is what white privilege looks like.
How President realDonaldTrump's newest executive order benefits the Hispanic community.
The radical left is trying to "cancel" the CEO of Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-owned food business in the country, because he praised RealDonaldTrump at yesterday's event focusing on Hispanic opportunity. Watch him explain why he won't apologize!

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She thinks all white people are racist and or republican. I'm hispanic and republican lol.
The Left is boycotting one of the largest Hispanic-owned businesses in the US - Goya- because its CEO came to the WhiteHouse to discuss Hispanic prosperity initiatives. realDonaldTrump stands w/minority-owned businesses &individuals right to their own views!

You are a race-baiting asshat. Potus has done more for the Hispanic community than ALL other president combined. You can't hide the truth, filth.
Make sure you send this to all the woke Democrats who want to cancel a real Hispanic owned business, Goya Foods because their ownership supports realDonaldTrump. Wake them up!
President DonaldTrump holds a roundtable meeting with Hispanic leaders in the cabinet room before signing an Executive Order in the Rose Garden of the WhiteHouse in Washington, DC on July 9, 2020.
LOLOL boooo! Or a white hispanic that speaks Spanish.
Racists supporting Hispanic products. This country is a backwards ass mess.
Starting to seem like every Hispanic got that racism in them.
President realDonaldTrump's executive order today encourages pro-growth, pro-family, and pro-community policies such as school choice, civic education, and morehelping to make sure every member of our country's Hispanic community prospers! 1600 Daily.

So this morning the left is telling GoyaFoods YOU AIN'T HISPANIC ? tolerance.
Or a White Lives Matter or a Asian Lives Matter or a Hispanic Lives Matter or a Jewish Lives Matter or well you get the picture.
The radical democratic party is now after hispanic jobs! GOYA employs 4000 people and a lot are Hispanics . So now AOC has offended the HISPANIC community. The CEO donated tons of food and loves AMERICA.

Nearly 14 million children went hungry in the U.S. in June, with Black & Hispanic households hit the hardest. The economic fallout from the pandemic remains bad, with federal relief measures running out soon and unclear guidance about returning to schools.

Today, after Goya Foods CEO said were all truly have a leader like Pres Trump who is a builder, BoycottGoya was trending. Goya is Americas largest Hispanic owned food company, a major supplier for Latin America. Its founder immigrated from Spain to Puerto Rico.

Nurses at Las Palmas are protesting today after they say a white supervisor told two Hispanic nurses to get on a boat and go back to Mexico. The nurses say the supervisor is still working, despite the hospitals zero-tolerance policy on racism.

Gov Ricketts continues to ignore the deaths of meatpacking workers and the disproportionate impact COVID has had on Hispanic/Latino communities. What is the point of these press conferences if reporters aren't going to ask important questions?

President realDonaldTrump creating more opportunity for Hispanic Americans fake news will hide it and liberals will deny it!
You really should have read the EO before commenting on it. It talks about a committte to discuss pathways for hispanic businesses and more charter schools. WTF is that? It's a bunch of nothing but it allows the cons to say "Trump did an EO on hispanics, so he can't be racist!".

Well more than 1/3 of Texans are black or Hispanic, who in other states die at 3x the rate of the rest of the population. Texas, Senator, has so far refused to collect that data. Not good.
After the CEO of Goya Foods, a brand most known for its Hispanic-staple food offerings, lavished praise on President Trump at the White House, a call to boycott the company began trending on Twitter.
You forgot to put that Trump signed a huge executive order helping Hispanic communities in your headline.
Hey white leftist who pretends not to be racist, stop trying to cancel a Hispanic man because you think his vote belongs to you. It doesnt. Sit down.
.GoyaFoods is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States. And one comment supporting realDonaldTrumps leadership is enough for leftists to engage in toxic CancelCulture. The company must NOT bend to the mob.

Racist much?! Personally hate ketchup but my Hispanic & Portuguese students put it on everything!! So what exactly are you saying.
GoyaFoods CEO NOT backing down Anti-American politicians &celebrities boycott Largest Hispanic owned co in country Proves its about power&hate Trump NOTequality NOT prosperity but job destruction These fools disgust me AMERICA FIRST.

Spend wisely. We don't need a Hispanic food company supporting realDonaldTrump when he throws Hispanics in cages and throws paper towels at Puerto Ricans. Find another product to cook with. Don't support companies that support Donald Trump.

Thank you goyafoods for your legacy of commitment to the Hispanic community. The American People don't agree with the likes of AOC and other radical Left haters.
Truly an honor to join President realDonaldTrump at todays White House Hispanic Prosperity Roundtable and Executive Order signing to help improve Hispanic-Americans access to educational and economic opportunities.

Buy GOYA Patriots. Being criticized for supporting Trump. They are a hispanic company. The CEO believes in the American dream. His family came here with nothing.
Please try to buy from this company I'm not Hispanic but I do buy a couple of there products and will try more of them now.
Goya, which says it's the nation's largest Hispanic-owned food brand, is facing a backlash after its chief executive met with and heaped praise on President Trump at the White House on Thursday.
Encourage a boycott against Goya, so they can lose sales & lay off their Hispanic workers. Yeah! What a super genius move! That will teach them.
AOC and her friends want to put Goya foods out of business that would be 4000 jobs 300 charities and most of them are Hispanic. Maybe the American people should think about putting AOC out of business along with her friends.

Sweet cornbread and some GOYA red beans and rice for lunch. goyafoods Goya has 4,000 employees Goya has 300 charities Goya helped Puerto Rico after hurricane AOC, Chrissy Teigen and the Castro bros want to hurt the Hispanic communities by telling everyone to boycott Goya?

Conservatives in the Hispanic isle for the first time trying to buy goya to own the libs.
Theres a reason we picked this specific stock photo to illustrate this excellent roundtable we had last year on the concept of Latinidad.
Does he though? He admitted to changing his name to fit in w the white community. How is that supporting the Hispanic community? Hes ashamed.
So many great Hispanic American freedom fighters in this.
WELP: The CEO of GoyaFoods talked to his friends at FOX News (of course) and said he is NOT apologizing. Also, he stated that NEXT TO MEXICO the United States is the LARGEST Hispanic country in the WORLD.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Hispanic people love family and God, we dont riot or loot like the animals you seem to love! Goya is an example of success and hard work! Shame on you! Pendejo!
The party of "tolerance" wants to destroy a Hispanic owned business that employe thousands of people, mostly Hispanics.
In NY we have so many Hispanic markets, the shelves are stocked w Goya. The Left wants the owners of those markets to just throw out all their inventory & destroy a portion on their business bc some privilege libs got mad that the CEO of Goya complimented Trump. Pure Insanity.

So you're saying the owner, who is American by a couple generations, is not Hispanic because the original Unanue was from Spain?
This whole thing is absurd. People are mad that the president of the United States is helping Hispanic Americans and that a business owner supports that??
Trump's popularity with Hispanic voters is 9 points higher than it was in 2016. That's why they're really freaking out. Oh sure, GOYA is a great scapegoat but the reality is Democrats spending four years doing nothing but hating Trump has hurt them with all of their 'bases.'.

I'd never heard of Goya products until they trended in Twitter. So as a lover of Hispanic food I picked some stuff up at the supermarket today. It was great quality and delicious. Thanks Twitter!
Goya CEO working on a Hispanic prosperity initiative. Time to buy more goya. spend $10 and give to food bank.
Just a reminder that realDonaldTrump has Hispanic children in cages. So FUCK YOU Dinesh.
Unanue was invited to the White House as part of President Trump's Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, an executive order aimed at improving Hispanic Americans' access to educational and economic opportunities. In his brief remarks, Unanue announced Goya would donate 1 million cans.

Here are 2 PPL who are Brown claiming to support Black & Brown PPL who with theyre help of said PPL were elected to DemocraticParty are now promoting the boycott of GoyaFoods owned by a Hispanic. Tells me theyre lying for votes.NBCNews ABC CBS.

BOYCOTT HAMILTON & JULIAN CASTRO: They are communist\socialist\MAFIA. Just because they are Hispanic means nothing They're trying to bring GOYA down, which will hurt the economy & many job, as the CEO doesn't have their beliefs. How low Don't be fooled by corrupt celebs.

Goya is like General Foods to Mexico. The Hispanic community will ignore any boycotts, count on it. Dems call for boycott of Hispanic-owned food company Goya after CEO praises President Trump.
When do you get cancelled? The president of Goya foods was at the white house bc Trump was signing an executive order for Hispanic education and economic opportunities. What have you done? Besides complain about USA? How can you possibly serve a country that you HATE?

Seriously! The CEO who makes money off of a Hispanic base won't stand up for his consumers. It's just disgusting!

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I love the forbidden American flag pin on his lapel.