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For history.
OMG class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I had to stare at it. For anyone else - it's class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a 'tashe and goatee.
class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/Why">Why is class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/this">this even class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a cartoon? class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/What">What does the image add?

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Thats a ball gag? damn. i thought his mouth was just frowning in a weird way.

Hey this is new age therapy, sexual openness in your therapist is key.

Thats the old dudes kink. Spouting meaningless aphorisms to youngsters while theyre unable to respond.

Yeah but the other guy has a mouth in his beard.

Thats the thing that babies wear.

I have a degree in history, I am fascinated by this world, all of humanity's accomplishments and yet I sometimes struggle to interact with this world.

This has real /im14andthisisdeep energy.

Agreed with it. Just compare those people living in country and city place. Those who lives in country are less depressed and pollutions compared to who lives in city place. There daily routine is to farm and herd their animals..

> The more you know, the more depressed you get Nope, that's just a fancy rationalization for refusing to address the real problems in your life. I'm sorry, you're not miserable because there are children starving in Africa, you're miserable because of things that directly affect your life, and pretending otherwise is neither noble or productive. The thing is, like most people, you probably know what you need to do to improve your life deep down, but are unwilling to do so because it's probably hard, and blaming the world for being too cruel is easy.


No cap.

Aint that the truth.

And that's exactly why my other comment in this thread got downvoted into the dirt.

Actually, the more I knew. The easiest way to clear your trauma, depression, fear and anxiety. :).

But this cartoon is wrong. Its more like, people who study history are also doomed to repeat it. Because we are all in this together. So, yeah, were not standing by. Were waist-deep in it.

Lets not forget that those who study history are also poor as fuck with that degree.

I just want to cook some marshmellows and hotdogs using the fire.

Wait, arent mammoths dinosaurs? Just in case /s.

Young earth Christians really take the cake.

Since birds are technically the literal descendants of dinosaurs... They are right without knowing it.

The flood explains it all.. wiped the dinos.. pushes Moses to a place where he can influence the constitution, removed all the red from the desert so moon landing could be faked. You can counter my logic because! In case.. /s.

I think the earth's flat and even I know the moon landing was real.

Shut your mouth you uncultured swine.

I wonder what the top 3 all time arguments youve gotten into about this stuff if youve ever bothered to address these false beliefs.

Whats the deal with Moses and the constitution? I have never heard that one before.

Middle ages Europe basically.

So you start an argument at Thanksgiving to see who's worthy of a Christmas present?-nulb.

I'm literally being downvoted by one or two people (could be the same account) who refuse to acknowledge that america is majority white and has been majority white for hundreds of years. lol Them electing to call me a racist for pointing it out.

You can't read the Bible literally. It is literally meant to be allegorical and metaphorical. It's proven to be so. Now whether you want to believe the stories or not is a different question. But it can't be read literally everywhere. The earth is not flat, you can measure the gravity on archived footage of US astronauts dropping various objects to test the gravity on the moon. They dropped a hammer and a feather at the same time on the moon. The moon landing was real, you can check for the remnants (reflectors placed there by US astronauts) with an expensive telescope. Dinosaurs and humans did live together on earth millions of years ago. They were just not homo sapiens and the dinosaurs descendants are birds.

Do what you can - starting local. Nobody expects you to fix humanity's problems by yourself.

Start by fixing yourself so you're not a problem for other people. Pay off your loan, stay clean, get a better paying job, live a healthy and happy life, be kind to people around you, etc. The rest of the world doesn't need saving from itself, focus on saving yourself.

Michael's. Are doing the best you can. By speaking support for change while continuing to do your best you are making a contribution. It's hard, but we are better off with people like you who feel desire to help change things even when personal circumstances make it hard. Thanks man. You are doing plenty. :).

Find commonality where ever you can. We need to be ok with being a part of -a- community other than ones we personally subscribe to. Like Im ok with being a part of my apartment level community. If someone was in distress Id assist in any way I can. Im also a part of a community where I work. I do construction contracting and have to accommodate older folk all the time. Commune with your surroundings, empower yourself with understanding the problems of others, contemplating them along with them. Our minds work best when working together.

There is nothing you can really do about it. The only people that can really do anything about it are influential heads of state who commands the loyalty of those keys of power and those who control the functions of state and it's mechanisms. Islamic Historian/economist/sociologist, Ibn Khaldun argues that a society runs on this magic teamwork juice called assabiyah. Which is basically the society as a whole and how it works together, no one individual can influence a society by themselves. Say you see a sea of garbage and you choose to pick up all of it but your actions doesn't change the actions of everyone else who chooses to fucking litter. Japan, in contrast, people care about each other and fucking pick up after themselves. Not to say collectivist vs individual societies but as to say that people have a feeling of duty and obligation to their society. I'm doing a poor job of explaining my thoughs so heres a ]video]() >Ibn Khaldun argued that asabiyya is cyclical and directly related to the rise and fall of civilizations: it is strongest at the start of a civilization, declines as the civilization advances, and then another more compelling asabiyyah eventually takes its place to help establish a different civilization Essentially, I'm trying to say that history seems to repeat itself as countries grow stronger, coast on it's morals, and then decline and then fall. There is nothing you can do to affect this because you are one person and you cannot change an entire society. The only ones that can do that are autocratic and powerful heads of states that manage to swap in reform in place of decline. Throughout the Roman empire, for every like 20 shitty emperors there were was like 1 good emperor. That one good emperor is able to fucking make shit fucking happen and influence the social cohesion of his people. Heraclius, Aurelian, Constantine, Julius Caesar, Alexios I Komnenos. These people despite how poorly things were going in terms of social issues like demographic collapse, weakened military potential, and a fucked economy made things fucking happen. TL DR - don't worry about it, theres nothing you can do. Maybe help gramma cross the street from time to time.

Yo just make the world better than you left thats all we can ask but I know its hard.

Since you have no problem laws, think of all you can accomplish! Imagine throwing a pie at Jeff Bezos and going down in history as the only person to ever so much as mildly inconvenience him. History is calling you, Gavrilo.

>vote or run for local seats There you go.

If voting worked, why arent the problems solved already?

That's all you can do within the bounds of the law. Which is why occasionally people snap and go outside the bounds of the law.

Buy lots of stocks in companies that have stopped innovating and then you get the 1930s.

I'm down. The fall of the decadent Roman republic is followed by a glorious golden age of Roman Empire.

New collisium when?

Way she goes boys.

>America is doomed. Anti-intellectualism is on the rise and everyone seems happy about it. They said, in 1820.

In 2012 and 2015, Pew Research found that 54% of Republicans believe that universities have a positive effect in the US. In 2017 and 2019, 59% of Republicans said that universities have a negative effect in the US. Thats right, most Republicans think universities are doing more harm to the country than good.

Good point, u/ButtMcNugget33.

I think whats more damning is the failure of our democracy and the corruption/stagnation of all the vehicles we have to fix it.

Truth. kind of no one cares about history majors ;( fun fact tho - it was a history teacher that defeated the united states of america.

]"they say to study history or find yourself repeating it; but all it prepares you for is 40 years of teaching it."]().

Define kind.

This is r/funny. Did you expect this to actually be funny?

Someone didnt study their r/funny history.

I'm not a hozier fan but i love nina simone so you get an upvote.

It's ]this one](), isn't it?

Its sad, but its still funny.

What about Pro-Legal Immigration?

I can see how the government is moving in an isolationist and pro-authoritarianism direction. However, anti-immigration? The rate of immigrants coming to the U.S. is currently the highest since the turn of the century, so that descriptor is inaccurate.

Even back I middle school when we read Animal Farm, I identified with the donkey. Just sitting back and enjoying the show.

That's most of a successful twitch channel, right there. Monetize!

You literally just rephrased the same point the comic made, smoothy.

Truth, 100% of the people seeing this cartoon think they're the exception.

Not everything that's wrong is exclusively the fault of white people. And that's a very racist thing to state, by the way.

Sure. What are the odds of something bad happening twice?

This is a valid point. I dont think anyone is getting kicked out, its gonna be a landscape thats different from what weve seen or predicted.

>the final nail is driven into the coffee of American democracy. Did you mean the covfefe?

This post about this being a repost, is itself a repost... because you people can't help but say it every time. Pedants unite!

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