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Thursday 19th of November 2020

Hitman Developer IO Interactive is Working on a New James Bond Game Called Project 007.

Hitman developer IO Interactive is working on a new James Bond game called Project 007.
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Bond. James Bond. Hitman developer IO Interactive announced their new game, Project 007, in the most James Bond way possible. All that's missing is a shaken martini.
Why couldnt it have been another Hitman game where i get to strangle rich paedophiles on their yacht while disguised as a chef??
James Bond is returning to videogames with 'Project 007,' an origin story from the developers of 'Hitman.'.
Its from the devs of hitman so that shit prob gonna be fire.
Hitman developers are working on a James Bond game.
Oh yea absolutely. I'm sure these guys have done their homework. You're right tho. It doesn't need to be like the Hitman reboots but with a James Bond skin.
James Bond game Project 007 coming from Hitman developer IO Interactive.
Please to make it like the hitman series, we need story to built on and livin it, and a lot more of gadgets. A new style of feeling every bullet cause every bullet count. And feeling the stress in the stealth mood.

Hitman developer IO looks set to unveil a new game universe very soon.
Oh my. This is the same team who makes the Hitman series. Can you imagine what they could do with 007? Wow!!
Helloooooor hitman bang.
IO is a perfect choice until they drip feed the game to you like they did with hitman 2.
The Hitman dev team is making a James Bond 007 game. I havent been excited for a James Bond game since GoldenEye64. This is incredible news!
Hitman developer IO Interactive is making a new James Bond game.
Watch Out, GoldenEye 007 Hitman Studio IOI Is Working On A James Bond Game.
This so epic. I've played at least a hundred hours of hitman 1 and 2. I'm so excited.
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Idk how Hoseok and bang pd get along coz hitman bang's main personality trait is weeb meanwhile Hoseok's vehemently refuses to acknowledge the existence of anime.
Hitman is already like 90% of the way to a Bond game.
What would be the point? When Hitman 2 allowed you to play updated Hitman 1 levels, assuming Hitman 3 will do the same.
New James Bond game is in development from Hitman creators IO Interactive It will be the very first 007 origin story.
Now playing My Boo - Hitman's Club Mix.wav by !
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They left Square Enix when they dropped Hitman after Hitman 2016, but they still develop AAA games. Same case as Bungie and Activision.
The team behind the Hitman games are making a James Bond game. This should be incredible.
Sweeeet, IOI branching out; they could slap the Bond name on their new Hitman games and nobody would even complain tbh.
I hope this forces calvindyson to play lots of Hitman!
The HITMAN devs are the *exact* people who should be making a james bond game, this is perfect, very exciting.
Welcome to Kingsman agency for the secret Service. Represent hitman bang group. Call us Bang An San Jue .
Appearantly there's gonna be a James Bond game by the same devs from Hitman, so that's pretty cool.
I should play hitman games .
Didn't manage to get one today total shitshow on orders today.
I always thought hitman was a small hop skip and a jump away from being a bond game. Glad to see a hopefully original game based on a kickass franchise.
The company that made Hitman games is making an new 007 game.
Io Interactive, the creators of Hitman, are planning to make a new James Bond video game entitled Project 007.
If ever there was a match made in heaven, this is it! Hitman has always had some Bondian influences, so I can't wait to see what they do with the man himself.
Ive never been a fan of the films really but i do enjoy the games lol soo im actually looking forward to this game, plus ioi interactive are very good at these type of games just look how they are with hitman.

Me about to tag the person and tell them the gift just to annoy you.
The Hitman games were two of my favourite games of the last console generation. Stupidly excited for this.
This was a fantastic article! Hitman Bang gives inspiration to many. You cant deny the respect he has, and receives, for helping to create such a phenomenon as BTS, catapulting Kpop music into a different dimension entirely! Respect!!

I just don't want a bond game to be more about stealth than action. bond only uses stealth when he needs to. if he has to go guns blaen he will. hitman is all about stealth and you get punished if you go guns blazing.

Same! Hitman was great from IOI and that was TPP so I'd be happy either way.
Hitman 2 is probably the best Hitman game, which makes me feel like 2020 IO Interactive are exactly who I want to make a Bond game right now.
Serial killer have a form of killing, professional killer (hitman) have a unique way of killing.
Hitman developer IO Interactive is working on Project 007, a James Bond game.
What would be the point in that when Hitman 2 included the Hitman 1 levels with upgrades and presuming number 3 will do the same.
If this project shares any traits with IOIs latest Hitman games, I am SOLD!!!
A Bond game from the Hitman studio??? GIMMIE!!!
Beautiful shot VV.
Only that the hitman devs are making it so it should be good.
No clue what dn means but say deez nuts and im going to hire a hitman.
Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns was the first fight I ever saw. I wanted to write about an aspect of it that I feel goes overlooked and how good a fighter Hagler really was. Huge thanks for dmarty77 for his editing.

Just pulled myself away from the PS5 to see were getting a 007 GAME FROM THE HITMAN STUDIO?
They are the perfect developers for a Bond game, with all their Hitman experience. I finally have a new game to be hyped for!
IO Interactive, the Hitman series developer, is working on a new, unique James Bond title. Project007 PS5 XboxSeriesX Details and teaser.

What You Really Think

I hope you can pick your own Bond!?

So excited.

All I want is a next gen splinter cell on unreal engine 5 with extremely advanced a.i non of that ubisoft average ai in most games.

I haven't played a James bond game since golden eye.


Agent 47007.

Congrats on IOI, this seems like it's right up their alley.

Make online available like Quantum of solace.

Their mistake is thinking people care about james bond in 2020.

The quantum of solace game was pretty ok, forever ago...can't remember who did that. most people, i'm guessing, will assume this is in the hitman vein. i hope it's more like earlier hitman games, focused on infiltration and completing the job rather than achievement hunting.


About damn time.

Thats so cool, havent played a James Bond game in years.

This is very interesting, 007 in a similar style as Hitman? I mean it doesn't necessarily have to be...but if it is.

No Oddjob.


Project 007 how original.

There will never be a better thing than this, this is the best thing.

Epic store exclusive...

Meesa horny Mr. Bond.

Would be nice to get a whole new 007 story. Still waiting on splinter cell to make a comeback.

Just give us current gen Goldeneye. No need to fix what ain't broke.

Finna be awesome 4sho.

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